Prepositions after "intelligent"

intelligent in, of, with, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases intelligent in is used

But more intelligent in other ways.

It has to be intelligent in a context.

Both are intelligent in their own ways.

Finally he was neither very enterprising nor very intelligent in business matters.

He was very intelligent in the way he answered the questions and conducted himself.

Looks a very consistent player and very intelligent in when to push forward or not.

He quickly earned a reputation for being intelligent in his village, and graduated high school in only 3 years.

His preaching was intelligent in a straightforward way, orthodox and I never detected any errors in its content.

Jewish liberals like Noam Chomsky can be intelligent in one part of life and abysmally ignorant in another part.

I've just tried to stay respectful and intelligent in my arguments, even in the face of flaming and belligerence.

In 11% of cases intelligent of is used

Deer are not the most intelligent of animals.

Don't insult the intelligent of your audience.

Crows are accounted the most intelligent of all birds.

I mean yes, the most intelligent of women can fall in love and forget themselves.

It is a question and doubt that will arise even in the most intelligent of persons.

GLUE is a monster, burying even the most intelligent of minds into feeling slightly stupid.

For conceptualize professionals get by the game act and if you are intelligent of which offers cunning bonuses.

M agpies are among the most intelligent of birds, so are quick to make use of new food supplies, such as car kills.

They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.

CherryBombpop Oh how intelligent of you to call me a derogatory name, I'd sure that makes you look so much better than me.

In 9% of cases intelligent with is used

She's intelligent with an enviable work ethic.

He is so intelligent with and without the ball.

We need to be more intelligent with agriculture production.

You guys are smart and intelligent with the exception of Chidi's tribal comments.

Normally Forest are confident in possession, intelligent with their use of the ball.

She is uneducated but intelligent with a well developed sense of self deprecating humour.

You always come across as being a lot more articulate and intelligent with lucid, well-thought out arguments.

The particular season will be bright as well as intelligent with all the iphone 5 offering at a discounted price.

It wasn't very hard since the word limit is so little, but the difficult part is sounding intelligent with so little words.

Yesil is a little more intelligent with his play from what I've seen so in the right system you can always use two up front.

In 8% of cases intelligent for is used

He was too intelligent for that.

He's way too intelligent for that.

You are too intelligent for your age.

Apologies, Anglo Amerikan if this fairly simple logic is too intelligent for you.

He enjoys ' the chase ' and I presume part of the reason is he's really intelligent for a cat.

Bring on Aberdeen next week That post is far too sensible and intelligent for a football forum.

If you up rise crossways any warnings, you may want to stop and start intelligent for added software curriculum.

Excellent shows like Arrested Development and Better of Ted (as two examples) were too intelligent for this broad audience.

When you are constantly being looked down upon, and not given any credit for being intelligent for coming to any conclusions.

In 7% of cases intelligent about is used

There's nothing intelligent about it.

And they were very, very intelligent about this.

There is nothing intelligent about their methods.

Palin is actually quite intelligent about the issues that she is familiar with.

If you plan to partake in Black Friday shopping this year, be intelligent about it.

Be intelligent about how you take criticism and how you react to people's opinions on you.

There are just too many intangibles when it comes to performance to say anything intelligent about one of them.

Lets just say the right wing has not been too intelligent about pursuing the Benghazi thing from the right angle.

If you get better at what you do then you will eventually get more intelligent about what you contribute on social.

Nothing intelligent about Win 8, if I was using a smart phone it's ok, but for a laptop or desktop it is a bit too much.

In 6% of cases intelligent as is used

If the electors are so intelligent as the hon.

But are just as able and intelligent as a person that does.

Until we are intelligent as to its laws and varieties, the.

On the other hand, the Rajput man is not half as intelligent as the Rajput woman.

It's frustrating; we're relatively intelligent as a nation, we don't need nannying.

He was exceptionally intelligent as a child, with a highly developed sense of humour.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a medium-sized breed with a short, thick coat and is very intelligent as well as independent.

It suggested that people here, yourself among them, were as friendly, honest and intelligent as a virtual community could be expected to be.

Pointing out just where and how Fox has lied, leaving feelings out of course, would serve to make your posts intelligent as opposed to juvenile rants.

If he is calling Parky intelligent as a compliment over other managers, he may be commenting on his experience and the way he is setting up his stall.

In 5% of cases intelligent on is used

Took some brilliant scores and was intelligent on the ball.

Ezra was extremely intelligent on the subjects he really knew.

He's quick, intelligent on the pitch, an extremely hard worker and a winner.

He is very athletic and intelligent on the court and continues to get better every day.

It is about being intelligent on how we make decisions where to spend our hard earned money.

I'd a Native American lady and you were about the only person that posted something intelligent on here.

Ignore these people who keep clicking the red comment marks every time somebody says something intelligent on here.

But that growth needs to become far more intelligent on a planet of around seven billion people, rising to nine or ten billion in 2050.

It is now survival of the least fit, with the poor, uneducated and, for the lack of a better term, stupid people outbreeding the intelligent ones.

No real person could be as widely read and intelligent on such a vast amount topics as this ' Dan Trombly ' person, especially at only 21 years old.

In 4% of cases intelligent to is used

Do I think it's intelligent to.

Do I think it's intelligent to have a lot of options? Indeed.

They had presence of mind and were intelligent to a degree of perfection.

They are intelligent to the point that some trainers don't like to work with them.

I have faith that the people of Missouri are too intelligent to every elect such a buffoon.

Somehow somewhere, someone is providing the logistics and intelligent to this group to is operate.

Don't call anyone a retard unless you have educated yourself and can contribute something intelligent to a conversation.

Work on the comprehension, then work on contributing something intelligent to the conversation; as opposed to speculation.

I don't even know why you would ask the question? You are intelligent to enough to figure that out without writing this article.

The grantsonline system will play an important role in reducing application completion errors because the system is intelligent to the information being input.

In 4% of cases intelligent by is used

It's all about becoming intelligent by becoming non compliant.

FF are starting to make SF look intelligent by way of comparison.

The participants in the test are intelligent by virtue of their ability to take part in the test.

You Conservatives are frightening, totally mindless, you make your queen seem intelligent by comparison.

Cheers! People claiming to be intelligent by refuting numbers with anecdotal evidence need to take some stats classes.

Overall, Danielle Smith is seen as outgoing, friendly, attractive, and intelligent by a large majority of respondents.

An ignorant person becomes intelligent by constant practice just as a stone becomes worn down by being rubbed by a rope.

As the years go by, it seems more intelligent by the millisecond to exchange all of these potentially-weighty supplies with smartphone apps.

But you've achieved what ought to have been impossible -- you've made the idiots who made those bad decisions look intelligent by comparison.

Therefore it is easier, wiser and intelligent by going as a separate unit outside these two major parties and we can obtain all the Tamil votes.

In 3% of cases intelligent among is used

Home schooling is the best approach, for the intelligent among us.

The intelligent among them have recognized the truth, while the ignorant are furbishing them.

Unfortunately it is the less intelligent among them who have the biggest opinions of themselves.

Consider the following facts: One, Tamilians are some of the finest and most intelligent among Indians.

They must believe that these people are among the most intelligent among us, certainly the most devious.

Thankfully today the intelligent among us no longer look upon priests and their ilk as an authority group.

She is the most intelligent among the four although she is also the one very prone to losing her glasses in almost every episode.

One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.

As a matter of fact, the more ambitious and intelligent among the Gelung continue their studies in the universities of the great convents where is taught the tsanit (bjanit M.

In time I succeeded in training some of the more intelligent among them in the Arabic language, and in the essentials necessary for the proper observance of the Muslim religion.

In 3% of cases intelligent at is used

You can be confused and intelligent at the same time.

Intelligent people can watch TV and be intelligent at the same time.

They where very poor but very intelligent at the Awisa boarding school.

That's a great offer though, and very intelligent at hooking youngsters in.

I've often pondered at the paradox of modern society getting both more and less intelligent at the same time.

And they, the Bassets, were, apparently, far more intelligent at the same age, so there might be something in it - lol.

The meaning of this is in 2011 we will all become more intelligent at some extent even if it's only a little just like how 2010 we all lived our soul urges, at some extent for all of us.

In 2% of cases intelligent like is used

He was not well behaved like us or not even intelligent like us.

He is intelligent like myself and he is caring and understanding.

A dharma kid always smart and intelligent like Jutike and Pavara is a good example.

One thing is clear one can not be born intelligent like one can not be corn perfect.

What is interesting to me is that an author as highly qualified and clearly intelligent like Dr.

This worked very well for those players who are mobile and intelligent like Henry, Van Persie and Anelka.

I rememba her telling me i couldn't amount to anything good in life bcos i'd not intelligent like her children.

Perhaps I am also stupid like my son, but hey, I rather prefer he was stuid, rather that be intelligent like you.

We have so many intelligent concepts to stay intelligent like home automation, home leisure, dwelling networking and safety methods.

If you are startlingly intelligent like you are, and like I am, then there is not a chance that Sir Andrew Witty will last the course.

In 1% of cases intelligent without is used

Hence intelligent children can be intelligent without fear of bullying.

He is intelligent without being academic, psychologically astute without being trendy, spiritually profound without being pious.

Besides if you are going to be critical of the person's idea show them the respect in saying something intelligent without resorting to ad hominem remarks.

How to appear intelligent without speaking If you want to appear more intelligent when you? rst meet someone (say in a job interview) remember to smile naturally.

He got an honorary degree instead, complete with diploma, making him a person everyone regards as intelligent without necessarily possessing the required intelligence.

In 1% of cases intelligent rather is used

We have inherited the British tradition of being intelligent rather than intellectual.

Therefore, people have to make their own guess by using their intelligent rather than relying on his message.

Maybe you'll even recognize that I went out of my way to come across as respectful and intelligent rather than calling you names and insulting you, as you did to me.

Thus, it is more or less a rule that to become a successful leader and hold the affection of his or her followers, one need to be intelligent rather than being literate only.

Meanwhile where were you raised in a barn? If you set forth something intelligent rather than insulting people maybe they would listen rather than rolling their eyes and deleting you.

In 1% of cases intelligent over is used

It can be very difficult working with intelligent over achieving people.

There is somehow this impetus for some matter, for life forms to become more intelligent over time, when the natural tendency of most matter is to decay.

In 1% of cases intelligent from is used

It is said that Rodaki was quite intelligent from childhood.

All you people seem (for the most part) nice and intelligent from my time here so far.

The model adopted by the Chinese Stalinists was much more intelligent from this point of view.

What separates intelligent from mechanically stupid action is wrapped up in this mysterious process.

Par for the course when it comes to your diatribes though, so it is not like I expected anything intelligent from you.

Yes I could ignore all the trailers and advertising but then doesn't that make it all pointless if we're trying to avoid it? I don't expect anything intelligent from the folks at Fox anyway.

In 1% of cases intelligent beyond is used

She is considered a child prodigy, intelligent beyond her years and athletically gifted.

He's a wallflower--shy and introspective, and intelligent beyond his years, if not very savvy in the social arts.

Heloise is quite clever, is self- educated, (intelligent beyond her formal education) knows the ropes, and can read people very well.

Shy, introspective, intelligent beyond his years yet socially awkward, he is a wallflower, caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it.

Animals are wise beyond the systems of language we impse upon them, intelligent beyond our training regimens, creative beyond the behavioural tricks we watch them preform.

Animals are wise beyond the systems of language we impose upon them, intelligent beyond our training regimens, creative beyond the behavioral tricks we watch them perform.

In 1% of cases intelligent around is used

In Manchester United, you have good players around him, and Robin is very intelligent around the box.

At Manchester United you have good players around him, and Robin is very intelligent around the box - his runs are fantastic and his technique is absolutely amazing.

In Manchester United, you have good players around him, and Robin is very intelligent around the box, his runs are fantastic and his technique is absolutely amazing.

In 1% of cases intelligent amongst is used

Posing themselves as intelligent amongst the.

But then the intelligent amongst you already knew that.

The most intelligent amongst you is he who fears ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala the most.

Romney has gone with the same tactic, but with someone who is seen as credible, competent and intelligent amongst Republicans.

When the Holy Prophet (saw) made his claim and invited the Arabs towards the One and only God, the intelligent amongst them, some of whom were his relatives, poor people and slaves, embraced Islam.

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