Prepositions after "instruct"

"instruct by" or "instruct in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases instruct by is used

All boats must cross the start when instructed by the starter.

They then went to Muireadhach, having been instructed by a druid.

Muslims are instructed by the Koran to be true to their religion.

But that is the only authentic truth, unassailable, in which we are instructed by the Son of God.

The sales persons job, as instructed by HN is to switch sell to HNX product that makes them money.

This Faith is expressed by way of vigilance in daily spiritual practice as instructed by the Master.

Attorney Vivian Blake (later appointed Queen's Counsel) instructed by Noel N Nethersole, solicitor, appeared for Hylton.

If ye find something immoral?, scraping the barrel there! If paddy the pleb insists on voting for his democratic rights, as instructed by you and the govt.

In 21% of cases instruct in is used

They were rebuked, instructed in the rules of AA, and offered help to be victorious one day at a time.

It allows for students to be instructed in one religion rather than giving them a broader perspective, ' ' he said.

The patient was instructed in care and use of the appliance and a series of bimonthly review appointments arranged.

Perhaps, at no time before had so many been instructed in unarmed combat or had such a massive laboratory for life or death situations been undertaken.

But let not those who understand, but are less instructed in ecclesiastical literature, suppose that we set forth these things from our own intellect rather than what are in those Books.

The pious Gregory felt so much interested, that he had some Saxon youths instructed in Christianity and sent them back to England with Augustine over them, towards the close of the sixth century &c.

In 10% of cases instruct on is used

If your resident visa is subject to conditions, you will have been instructed on how to meet the conditions in your residence approval letter.

You may have to have a few days to recuperate-just to be on the safe side-and you'll b instructed on what you can eat or drink-or can not eat or drink.

During these workshops, which are offered throughout the West Bank, participants are also instructed on Fair Trade practices and BFTA's Fair Trade initiatives.

She was recently instructed on the biggest employment claim in the UK to date, which received significant global media attention as one of the most important commercial cases of recent times.

In 3% of cases instruct for is used

Do the same as I instructed for base station installations, except this time cut your RG-8X to 20 feet minimum.

In 3% of cases instruct to is used

None of the editors changed jokes unless we were instructed to.

In 1% of cases instruct about is used

My family has already been instructed about this for christmas presents.

In 1% of cases instruct concerning is used

Being conscious of that it is optionally available sometimes have provided the shopper directly to not settle for is, still commonly, they may be definitely not instructed concerning this.

In 1% of cases instruct towards is used

The tone of your listings needs to be instructed towards personal level for maximum success.

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