Prepositions after "inquire"

"inquire into" or "inquire about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases inquire into is used

I inquire into any application, www.

Teachers systematically inquire into various aspects of their teaching.

The offence of causing A's death may be inquired into and tried in 211 Chittagong.

The offence of extortion committed on a may be inquired into or tried either by X or Y.

Hopefully there will be other committees set up in future to inquire into affairs of other sections too.

As i inquire into any installation, Windows 7 License Key, the slot and will include filter pictures if acceptable.

Obsession for numbers and research has always impressed Bill and he has usually thought about inquiring into the stock exchange.

Every offence shall ordinarily be inquired into and tried by a Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction it was committed.

In 35% of cases inquire about is used

He inquires about it with the owner.

I didn't inquire about the sound then.

He then inquires about Aarav and sets off.

For advertising information or to inquire about guest posting on The HockeyFanatic.

When he inquired about her complaint she replied that she suffered from a discharge.

You inquired about galvanised versus coloursteel roofing for your house a while ago.

This means that all people need to do is find a home they like and inquire about it through the selling realtor.

I believe in God as the great Engineer of the Universe, but I always inquire about what I believe are contradictions.

When choosing a legal representative for private a bankruptcy proceeding, do not be afraid to inquire about inquiries.

My mother on witnessing this shouted and inquired about BaBa, I am sure she collected what was all that; immediately.

In 5% of cases inquire after is used

Ziyad called on him to inquire after his health.

Khalid fell sick and we visited him to inquire after his health.

Yum! The wait staff was superlative, confidently serving each course, whisking away plates as I'd finished, and inquiring after my every need.

Busr reported: Zaid fell ill and we went to inquire after his health and (found) that there was hanging at his door a curtain with a picture on it.

Upon exiting with his cherished axe, King inquired after the name of the woman and thereafter always named his guitars after her to remind himself not to do something so stupid ever again.

In 5% of cases inquire from is used

He would then inquire from various people about the criminals and the godfathers of that area.

I decided to inquire from the other girl who was standing next to me about this beautiful quiet girl.

Inquire from your Basil A'do/AHRC in Hong Kong about the chinese constructions that take place there.

After all this, they have now - after the car had been fixed &; returned almost three weeks ago - not even bothered to inquire from the customer whether all was now going well.

Nayar said that after he inquired from the bank about it, it was revealed that the money was withdrawn between September 2000 and October 2000 and during that period, he was in USA.

The other day a three wheeler driver inquired from me whether it is true that the Government is now in search of incriminating evidence to prove Sarath Foneska's guilt after arresting him.

In 4% of cases inquire as is used

He inquires as to whether junk trips are still the best avenue to meet women.

Work processes continued as before, and my manager did not inquire as to what I needed to do my job.

Next think you know, he's going to be inquiring as to whether or not the NFL replacement officials can skate.

In 4% of cases inquire of is used

Afterward, the doctor inquired of this man.

The Egyptians looking for help inquired of their priests.

Jesus, he says, inquired of them what they had been disputing about.

The next morning he decided to inquire of the Lord about the happenings of the last two evenings.

They accordingly deputed four of the chiefs to proceed to Louis to see their great father, General Clark, to inquire of him the truth of this matter.

It is normal practice to re-assemble the court shortly before 4 pm in order to inquire of the jury whether they wish to continue to sit or to retire for the day and return the following morning.

In 3% of cases inquire for is used

When Brody accompanys it up, she inquires for the tattrition abender Walker, and Brody accords her a allotmential tattrition.

In 2% of cases inquire on is used

Inquired on this following your game what Mr.

If a brand doesn't respond to any inquires on Facebook or Twitter, then it's equivalent to not answering emails and not picking up the phone.

In 2% of cases inquire with is used

You can also inquire with your trusted dealer of access control systems for further information.

Jylan Wynne, a 15 years young and very talented web designer was kind enough to refer my services to this lady, after she inquired with him for a local writer.

In 1% of cases inquire at is used

If you wish to bring firearms into any country, inquire at the country's embassy or consulate about the permit required.

In 1% of cases inquire by is used

She not unreasonably inquired by letter in April 1996.

In 1% of cases inquire in is used

Requirements are subject to change, and it's essential that volunteers inquire in their home country before planning their trip.

This does not happen in ' real ' democracies, which have independent tribunals/officers to inquire in cases like yours and issue corrective measures to relevant authorities which are binding on them.

In 1% of cases inquire to is used

The Quebec back pain disability questionnaire inquires to what extent the LBP patients experience difficulties in performing 20 different activities.

The responsibility is yours to go through your statements and direct all inquires to the Customer Service Supervisor or the Customer Services Representative.

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