Prepositions after "influence"

influence by, in, on, at or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases influence by is used

He was profoundly influenced by him.

It is in no way influenced by anyone else.

Aquinas was heavily influenced by Aristotle.

Data before 1826 are heavily influenced by the ' corrected ' group sunspot numbers.

Gradually, Louis becomes influenced by Lestat and he also began feeding off humans.

I also can't help but be influenced by seeing everyone's finale collection already.

There are feelings that a lot of the hot air is either influenced by mischief or engineered for political gains.

Put simply, Smalltalk is a small, uniform object orientated language, heavily influenced by Lisp and Simula DN66.

These results show that the productivity of the grasslands is enormously influenced by the method of exploitation.

Paul Millar (Head of Global Credit for the Bomin Group) was one of those whose early career was influenced by Adam.

In 4% of cases influence in is used

They live in islands of affluence and influence in seas of effluence.

In contrast, Zionists have increased their influence in Brazil and Argentina.

You, as his wife, his woman and his lover have such a great role and influence in his life.

Pastoralists must be given appropriate forms of representation and influence in such decision making.

They had allowed the old ruling class of Imperial Germany to retain many positions of power and influence in the new Germany.

Maybe one of the big problems is power of vested interests via big business and influence in media dominating agenda and potentially undermining democratic process.

To me it's a bit like a cowboy contest! I'd also amazed by the level of animosity and tactics expressed by the right wing, and via their powerful influence in media outlets.

Blocking Iran? s influence in Bahrain entails guaranteeing the loyalty of a huge layer of the Bahraini people and this can only occur through tolerance and reinforcing national unity.

With Warning you could sense that the band were aware of their importance and influence in the world of guitar music but they also recognised that some sonic reinvention was in order.

In 3% of cases influence on is used

We're influenced on conscious and sub-conscious levels.

Oddly, though, Monbiot says nothing about the money and influence on the other side.

The three people who had the most influence on Godwin's spiritual development were the German monk Ven.

The communist party committee doesn't have any interaction with or influence on our business operations.

Influence on the medical profession The medical profession has largely abdicated its responsibility to educate medical students and doctors in the use of prescription drugs.

Use Magnetism to detect metal objects with strong magnetic fields behind walls, see your friends influence on the earths magnetic field and track the field influences in your home.

The pictograph shows that while point sources such as factories were once the main source of contaminants in rivers, today non-point sources have the most influence on water quality.

In 1% of cases influence at is used

However, it's the other co-founder, Ruge, who has the most influence at THT.

He was influenced at that time by the likes of Coltrane, Ayler, Rollins, Sanders so you're not getting any of that jazz-pop of his 1970s albums, like Caliente!

Median plays a useful role when we wish to characterize a population, by the ' middle ' guy, not an artificially fixed number where the median is not influenced at all by the bottom half.

In 1% of cases influence from is used

Gone were the days when people used to get influenced from emails.

Romanian, a Romance language, is essentially the same as Moldovan although the latter has undergone more influence from Russian.

Influence from abroad Innovative work from abroad, particularly playwrights such as Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekhov, was also influential in the shaping of this new drama.

In 1% of cases influence of is used

Thy brother hath felt the dark influence of his gloomy soul.

Early leaders of the Khmer Rouge studied in Paris, where they were influenced of the French Communist Party.

He writhed in vain; he withered - he gasped - beneath the influence of the blighting breath - he felt himself blasted to death.

In 1% of cases influence to is used

Mass media has the most influence to Bangkok people now.

But this not that, Sara's faith completely didn't influence to the Ni Er.

The organizational weapons and techniques utilized by the ZPC to maximize influence and deny voice and influence to critics of Israel and itself.

Without leaving the concept of simplicity, their music opens new realms of possibility by linking folk influence to traditional Indonesian culture.

In 1% of cases influence with is used

That's who Gillard wants to influence with Flannery and the CSIRO propaganda initiative (Energymark).

So as I got older I got, I guess, influenced with distinguished taste because of my adoptive parents.

If you lead, you'll build a following, maybe a fortune, you'll inspire and influence with your unique voice and if nothing else you'll be at peace.

Personally tell me one such instance where your life was influenced with any such belief or it was forced upon you (hard to come up with one, I am sure).

The ordinary Ghanaian who was one time influenced with salt,? kako?, enema syringe (Bentoa ), cutlass, Torchlight, and what have you, to win votes, now thinks beyond these? insults?

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