Prepositions after "infected"

infected with, by, in, from or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases infected with is used

Pregnant women who become infected with T.

Given that echidnas become infected with E.

Try not to get too infected with each other.

The mucus can sit in the tubes for a long time, and become infected with bacteria.

Ellen worried that she may be infected with this parasite because she is pregnant.

Then in the US alone, approximately 2,200 new people are infected with hsv2 daily.

An HIV-negative person infected with syphilis is between two and five times more likely to be infected with HIV.

It is also estimated that every day, 6,000 young people become infected with HIV -- more than five every minute.

Good luck! Urban Swat In this game you have to help a maid to protect the house from getting infected with flies.

Lets play! Urban Swat In this game you have to help a maid to protect the house from getting infected with flies.

In 9% of cases infected by is used

The donated cells were not able to be infected by the virus.

The egg becomes infected by germs and thus becomes diseased.

Humans become infected by ingestion of contaminated food or water.

Recently i have performed sex with an woman and now feeling stress of infected by HIV.

Blood may be seen oozing from the mouth, nose and anus of dead animals infected by anthrax.

NG: Ms Lazo says in Cambodia, for example, seven monogomous housewives are being infected by their husbands everyday.

Even those few who enter politics with the best of intentions end up becoming infected by the system and the process.

Humans become infected by coming in contact with animals or animal products that are contaminated with these bacteria.

The transfer is facilitated by a supercomputer which gets infected by a computer virus, stripping charlie of his infinite lives.

In 5% of cases infected in is used

HOWEVER the Infected in 28 Days later are not Zombies.

The Spitter The Spitter is a high damage, low mercy Infected individual.

But if a woman becomes infected in early pregnancy, it can cause birth defects.

There were all forms of scriptures to buttress this claims and the need to avoid the infected in the society.

To make the skin textures for the Infected in Left 4 Dead, the Valve team compiled a book of gruesome skin disorders.

After not playing it for a few months, I went back and had a lovely night slaying the infected in Left 4 Dead yesterday.

There is a need for greater education and awareness of HIV and AIDS, to prevent people becoming infected in the first place.

Since it's impossible to examine everybody and sort out the infected in time, the commanders opt to drop nerve gas on the lot of them.

At low, the environmental transmission rate is relatively high and increases with as more infected individuals shed more virus in the environment.

According to de Groulard, the number of new infections had also increased in some cases, with an estimated 18,000 persons becoming infected in 2009.

In 2% of cases infected from is used

Having your pen drive getting infected from worms is quite easy, and getting rid of them is quite difficult.

Yes, too, the DIVA test -- differentiation of infected from vaccinated animals -- is well on the way to being perfected.

Breaking Point You are a tank that gets deployed into hostile situation were you must stop the infected from spreading the virus.

We have to get international validation of the test to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals -- the so-called DIVA test.

The victims of the infection in Quarantine are still-living humans, much in the vein of the Infected from the 28 Days Later series.

If a horde approaches, make use of surroundings if possible to funnel the Infected from less open spots, such as a closet or room or doorway.

Alternatively the baby gets infected from the hands of the midwife who has in turn been infected by another woman giving birth, or perhaps even before that.

Migrant men are 26 times more likely to be infected from outside the relationship than from inside the relationship; women whose partners are migrants are 2.

Men and women are both more likely to be infected from outside the relationship than to be infected by their partner or spouse, whether or not the man is a migrant.

As the gun is loaded to its maximum capacity, it can serve as a backup weapon for dealing with Special Infected from a distance, or for killing Witches by cr0wning them.

In 1% of cases infected at is used

Your goal is to hold the infected at bar and not to let them spread.

Then C3 would be infected at time 8 by a sequence of three steps: first C2 becomes infected at time 4, then c4 gets the virus from C2 at time 8, and then C4 gets the virus from C4 at time 8.

In 1% of cases infected during is used

If a woman becomes infected during her pregnancy it can have devastating affects on the unborn fetus.

Since the 1920s, doctors have recognized that a woman who becomes infected during pregnancy can transmit the disease to the fetus, in some cases resulting in severe brain damage or death.

Since the 1920s, doctors have recognised that a woman who becomes infected during pregnancy can transmit the disease to the foetus, resulting in severe brain damage in the baby - or even death.

In 1% of cases infected for is used

Holloway didn't get infected for breathing the air.

These cells remain infected for the rest of their life.

Their blood remains infected for months, years, sometimes for life.

AMR reduces the effectiveness of treatment as patients remain infected for longer periods of time, potentially spreading resistant microorganisms to others.

They're zombie hunters with a mission to either capture the infected for research or blow them to smithereens, depending on who of the two some you speak to.

In 1% of cases infected of is used

Am i infected of HIV? I never did sex with women.

As from this forum, I noted that the risk of infected of hiv is increase for STD people.

The Living Dead series from the 80s created it's own rules, and it's zombies were less zombies than the infected of 28.

In 1% of cases infected through is used

There is always a chance of you getting infected through the use of unsterilized tools.

The risks of transmission World-wide, there are approximately 100 reported cases of health care workers becoming infected through accidental exposure to HIV.

To avoid getting infected through drive-by downloads, make sure your software is up to date -- for Java specifically, we talked about that in a previous post.

Scientists don't know the natural reservoir of the virus, but they suspect the first victim in an Ebola outbreak gets infected through contact with an infected animal, such as a monkey.

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