Prepositions after "illuminate"

illuminate by, with, at, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases illuminate by is used

Although only a small part of the Moon may be illuminated by the Sun.

What a wonderful world illuminated by science, with no Gods necessary.

Phase 6 - Waxing Gibbous The moon is not totally illuminated by sunlight.

Swan wears the garb of the dark magician, illuminated by a false moon of his own design.

Phase 2 - Waxing Crescent Less than one half of the Moon is illuminated by direct sunlight.

We can see Sayyid off in the distance illuminated by the light of the soldiers who are holding him.

Just off the Common's north edge is the exclusive Beacon Hill, a beautiful neo-Georgian neighbourhood still illuminated by gas lamps.

The camera had been set to auto white balance, but the image had been partially illuminated by a speedlight and partially illuminated by a torch.

The sun carves a shallow transit against the cirrus formations: silvery, aeriform scars illuminated by a hovering pale orb in the withering light.

Screwdriver Syndrome: Sometimes, where a complex problem can be illuminated by many tools, one can be forgiven for applying the one he knows best.

In 13% of cases illuminate with is used

As you do this, your Spirit become illuminated with The Light of the Gospel.

At around 32000 miles the dashboard began to illuminate with a whole host of problems.

My path is illuminated with the word of God which is light and every one is seeing me shine.

The city center and its buildings will be illuminated with light sculptures by contemporary international artists.

In 9% of cases illuminate at is used

Both the lighthouse and the buoy were illuminated at night.

Off If you want to shoot sunset and other low light images, including shots of buildings illuminated at night you'll need to make sure the flash won't fire.

In 9% of cases illuminate for is used

Hope you manage to overcome this, latest, health challenge and continue to challenge, educate and illuminate for another 18 years.

Hahnemann's insights illuminated for him several things about what disease actually is, and how to correctly diagnose and treat it.

The temporal setting of Just Henry allowed Magorian to illuminate for young readers the seismic changes that have taken place in British society since the war.

In 6% of cases illuminate in is used

His films as well as his writings illuminate in interesting ways some of the important issues that we have focused on.

In other words, our own culture is illuminated in the things that make us feel repelled by, or attracted to, ' otherness '.

But, most projection environments are blacked-out rooms, while room setups with monitors tend to be illuminated in some way, so that tends to negate the actual screen brightness issues.

In 4% of cases illuminate about is used

Below, five key TED Talks, and what they illuminate about the most successful lecture series ever given.

Still, this division alone is big enough to establish that talking in simple national terms hides more than it illuminates about the US experience.

In 3% of cases illuminate from is used

This is specially represented with the help of onyx marble that is illuminated from underneath.

In 3% of cases illuminate without is used

Thanks for your post though, it was illuminating without being hugely hostile, like this one: http: **35;2151;TOOLONG.

Thanks for your post though, it was illuminating without being hugely hostile, like this one: http: **35;2188;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases illuminate of is used

The story of how is a bit illuminating of the many forces that go into scheduling telescope time.

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