Prepositions after "identify"

identify with, by, in, as or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases identify with is used

I identified with the underdog.

People identify with the aggression.

I can identify with Job to a degree.

I could completely identify with her and recognise myself in what he was relaying.

If you have and love both, you can see the difference but identify with both sides.

And because we are so identified with our minds, we are therefore always in misery.

He also stayed clear of the Democratic National Convention to avoid being identified with the national ticket.

These same three stars are also identified with an important figure in Desana mythology-the Master of Animals.

Smaller percentages identify with the Hare Krishna tradition (3 percent) or with Vedanta philosophy (2 percent).

He believes Obama was able to identify with young people because he addressed issues specific to their age group.

In 21% of cases identify by is used

Problem was identified by DD and given to MSD.

However, participants were identified by sight.

Last variable identified by studies is the age.

First, with his written permission, I write about a man whom I will identify by name.

Search outcome One systematic review was identified by the Cochrane Library search.

The dead person at Tayabo was identified by Fernando to be his missing brother Miguel.

Featured Projects, identified by a label, attract more bids from accomplished Freelancers than regular projects.

Well if you have learned the java basics, you should know that in java, a method is identified by its signature.

The next oldest tree, called Methuselah, was identified by Edward Schulman in the 1950s and is still alive today.

In 17% of cases identify in is used

The true creditor must be identified in POC.

Four skill level categories are identified in the NOC.

Africa's first cases of HIV/AIDS were identified in 1983.

The postcard identified in the local newspaper, the Dunmow Broadcast in August 1978.

The priest, who was ordained in 1986, is identified in the lawsuit only as Father X.

As a small profession we are often confused with other health professionals and not identified in our own right.

Out of 9,048 slums identified in six cities, 75 percent are in Dhaka and accommodate around 63 percent slum people.

Consequently, the diplomatic and national security harms identified in the Fried Declaration are no longer as acute.

As correctly identified in the consultation, the risks involved in such a large-scale IT project would be significant.

In 15% of cases identify as is used

Smoking has been identified as a risk.

I have a lot of things I self identify as.

Many of whom would NOT identify as a feminist.

The fish, identified as the legendary Loch Leer, has been kept in the Peru Aquarium.

AND a weakening of Tony Abbott's standing (being so strongly identified as a Catholic).

Finally, pediatric Tui Na was identified as a promising treatment of infantile diarrhea.

It is the signature of what President Eisenhower identified as the military-industrial complex of our government.

The event organizer that brings developers and filmmakers together at a hackjam self identifies as a Facilitator.

Oops! We found the pool Servicing Agreement and the Trustee is identified as US Bank with an address in Boston MA.

In other words, Controllers are implicitly identified as a result of the fact that they are responding to a Message.

In 3% of cases identify for is used

Neither boy can be identified for legal reasons.

Every producer has its private identify for each piece in the.

Noble Rot is actually an elusive character to identify for a wine student.

It is important that the keyword(s) you have identified for each page are used in these header tags.

Finally on the basis of derived Index score, the users ' choice was identified for each brand category.

I am seeking your help answering the question: What is your greatest weakness? Here are three I've identified for myself: 1.

Other children who may have had autism were given other diagnostic labels and therefore were not identified for follow-up studies.

Retaining Key Staff You should speak on a one-to-one basis with all staff and not just those whom you have identified for redundancy.

In 2% of cases identify from is used

He was identified from UK fingerprints and photographic records.

While it's unmistakably a Star, the 4700 has its own unique DNA and is easy to identify from other models within the family.

Of course, the human capital levels of the entrepreneurs can not be identified from the TEA variable, which hampers interpretation.

Third, national drivers of lending standards, by definition, can not be separately identified from the general economic condition in the country.

This paper outlines the major issues identified from the consultation submissions and provides details of the next steps to address these concerns.

Extensive empirical testing revealed that rates of change of the NDVI provide a means by which the beginning and end of growing periods can be identified from the AVHRR.

The organism may be readily identified from samples of nasal discharge and rapid treatment during the early stages may prevent development of abscesses and minimise spread.

In 2% of cases identify on is used

Write down the call number of the book that you have identified on one of your loose sheets.

Secondly, as identified on their website, Children with Disability Australia are a parent organisation.

Three main magma types, and resulting volcanic rocks, are identified on the basis of their chemical composition.

Three potential sites with a depth of 2-3km have been identified on the southern slopes of the Karisimbi volcano.

Geological Evidence There are currently around 150 impact craters that have been positively identified on the Earth (10).

In one incident a tumour was identified on a scan and not followed up, leading to a review of how outpatient clinic appointments were made.

Wellcome Images would like to hear from any copyright owners who are not properly identified on this site so that we may make the necessary corrections.

Place each issue you have identified on a table, showing how likely the issue is to occur and if it did occur, what the consequences would be to your plan.

It is anticipated that the leads and prospects identified on this newly captured acreage will be matured during 2013, with drilling planned in 2014 and beyond.

No demons were identified on the Supreme Court or in Parliament in those days, but a conclusion was made that appropriate debate was (and is) due on an issue of national importance.

In 2% of cases identify through is used

The good sites can be identified through the above said points.

According to the most vocal of proposals applicable to other oil rich countries, eligible citizens or households could be identified through biometric identification.

They needed their seating capacities altered to better fit classroom utilization needs as identified through our Curriculum and Timetable staff and Facilities Management, Space Management staff.

In 1% of cases identify at is used

The GDP-maximizing length was identified at around 13.

Most of the international players are identified at a very young age in school cricket.

The selection of items started at 286 expressions identified at interviews with 17 patients with AF.

You should also identify at the beginning of the journal what your goals are for the year, and by when.

In their longitudinal cohort study of speech and language impaired children identified at age five, Brownlie et al.

What makes the remote decision to mine depressing is the fact that the bauxite identified at Atewa is classified as low grade.

She was identified at a very young age as a talented artist, securing a scholarship, and was encouraged by her mother to develop her skills.

Such patients should be identified at the early preoperative stage and there should be proper communication of this decision to the recovery staff.

Read NRC incident reports and you'll find a litany of sloth and complacency, the same sliding habituation to compromised behavior Feynman identified at NASA.

If a mood shift can be identified at an early stage, these complications can be prevented and treatment undertaken without the need for admission to hospital.

In 1% of cases identify during is used

None of the shoppers were identified during the interviews.

Safe routes and locations were identified during this process.

These were exhibits in the case and were opened in the court room for the witness to identify during the proceedings on Tuesday.

Foreign Accent Syndrome was first identified during the Second World War when a Norwegian woman was hit by shrapnel during an air raid.

These results take account of some corrections to the original 2011 data that were identified during the validation of the results for 2012, as well as late returns.

This work, supported by CEPF, is a refinement of the broad-scale priorities identified during the 2000 Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Priority-Setting Process.

When opportunities for improving management control, governance, or resource stewardship are identified during audits, they will be communicated to the appropriate level of management.

In 1% of cases identify to is used

Fields that are required - how would you like them identified to the end user.

The fine lattice of conductive threads woven into the fabric enables the place where it was cut to be identified to the nearest centimeter.

If the real perpetrators of 9/11 were identified to indignant Americans, righteous tears of bereavement would morph into tears of uncontainable rage.

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