Prepositions after "get"

get to, into, in, out or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases get to is used

Those boxes did not get tossed.

More on this when we get to it.

Which I will get to in Part II.

That way you'll stick with it when you get to that place where the rubber meets the road.

Once they get to the campsite the husband goes fishing so his wife can cook their dinner.

I guess on flights with whiny flight attendants, passengers who snore don't get to sleep.

Getting to the Volunteer Accommodation Janaka's house is a short bus or tuk-tuk ride from the bus station in Galle.

Baseball players get to the major leagues through merit, but then some take enhancement drugs to preserve their status.

I think you get to a point in your life where you're comfortable enough with who you are and you can just be authentic.

I'd going to decide arbitrarily, we need to add an average of 10 hours per week to get ready, and get to and from work.

In 17% of cases get into is used

Myriam took longer to get into.

They themselves got into the car.

We got into a little bit of debt.

Of course that's his cover, and he got into this because he was inspired by the comics.

He wasn't unlucky, he was trying to get something for free, and hence got into trouble.

Sometimes students do not know if they will get into a course until after classes begin.

Someone once said the likelihood of that happening was the same as an afro-american getting into the White House.

What time do you get into Heathrow? 2 to win an election The Republican candidate stands a good chance of getting in.

I'd studying Japanese and will try to get into a scholarship / bursary (I'd not sure which word I should use) program.

Is digital archaeology part of the digital humanities? This isn't to get into another who's in/who's out conversation.

In 12% of cases get in is used

Do not get in strangers ' cars.

You got in very late last night.

Get in touch with her on Google+.

If you need help with the Internet, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

Sometimes we didn't want to get involved, and then we were attacked for our isolationism.

Winners have until 7pm on Monday to get in contact with us or the prize will be re-drawn.

I'd constantly going into daze and remembering everything you did to me and how you got into my head and controlled me.

One thing to monitor will be whether Telfair will get enough playing time to get in the flow of the game behind Dragic.

With Federer playing a bit more like himself, Ferrer didn't get the opportunities that he'd gotten in the first set.

But it's also very important to find your own leads because you get in first and show the employer you have initiative.

In 10% of cases get out is used

Get out of there while you can.

Neo starts to get out of the car.

It's what you get out of the ATM.

If I had been able to get out of that relationship, I would not be here like this today.

The rise he gets out of getting a rise is at times palpable, and he's admitted as much.

If they get out of that 4-1 then I'll give them a solid chance to get the last wildcard.

Repentance maeans a ' turning away from sin ' not some sort of ' get out of jail free card ' which some seem to think.

I should know, having lost my reelection as an Alderman by 1 vote! And with that, I'll get out of your hair for today.

The vast majority of mentoring programmes fail because businesses don? t know what they want to get out of the effort.

Having bathed his limbs and gotten out of the springs, he stood wearing only his lower robe, letting his limbs dry.

In 6% of cases get on is used

We get on one another's nerves.

He got on a horse, and was gone.

Many of us have got on the ladder.

I understand that some people who do not deserve a break will get one with this strategy.

Why on earth would we touch this guy? He'd be a total waste here, he doesn't get on base.

Before I got on the last boulder, I knew Dmiitri had won, but I thought Rustam had already secured his victory over me.

The latest example of this is from Vienna where a lady got on an underground train with nothing on but a pair of boots.

His ' sin ' was to be too keen on democracy, and so he was out Silvio Berlusconi, too, got on the wrong side of the EU.

And that's a good thing, because if we've managed to get on the radars of millions in those last 15 years, I'd hopeful.

In 5% of cases get from is used

I'd supposed to get from the closet.

This is the cash it gets from trading.

See how much sympathy you get from him.

It was the response I got from them that further motivated me to complete this article.

Often times, the fastest way to get from point A to point B is through a shopping mall.

What good are you going to get from Mahama having been part of all these economic woes.

I could go and on, e books may be convenient but the pleasure got from holding a beautifully bound book in your hand.

Your registration number can be taken, and what is known as an NIP sent to you, like what you would get from a GATSO.

The responses we've gotten from the villages have been encouraging; we're expecting a good turnout on testing day.

Pollen can't get from the anthers to the ovules on its own, so pollination relies on other things to move the pollen.

In 3% of cases get through is used

How can you get through the storm?

It is hard to get through the day.

We will get through this together.

I try to get through the day with no confrontation with passengers as I need my job.

The first few days are always the hardest! Try to get through them before giving up.

You got through the whole thing without mentioning Two and Half Men or Mike &; Molly.

Anything that Obama can't get through this heavily Democratic Congress will be totally rammed through the next one.

One of the best things we can do to get through the experience is to be prepared and know what to do ahead of time.

On the same trip we managed to get through Froghall Tunnel by loading the boat down with as much water as possible.

In 3% of cases get over is used

I'll get over this in a minute.

And I just want to get over it.

It's high time you got over it.

They r chemicals in creams and guess what in food that goes in our stomach get over it.

Mike Homfray Its largely journalists who can't get over the fact their poster boy lost.

And Facebook may be able to soothe or distract members long enough to get over the hump.

Nearing the end of an illustrious career, Allen could not get over that, not even to the tune of $6 million per year.

Get over it! It is completely ridiculous to cater to the minority the way this nation has become so famous for doing.

In cases like this, you can hold some utter fabric coming from whatever over head protection you've got over the area.

Get over yourselves men, I seriously doubt that either one of you would have the courage to face what he is facing now.

In 2% of cases get at is used

Do any work you get at this age.

Is what he is getting at, I think.

WOLFSIE: Tell us what you're getting at.

I used the Avery two pocket folders I got at Walmart instead of hold punching everything.

In the rooms here, you will find just that bit more comfort than you get at other hostels.

He can get at the medicine cabinet, but the evidence suggests that he only wants bandaids.

Not only is he a good goalie, but the team wants to play for him because he gives you everything he's got at all points.

When buildings collapsed, knowledgeable neighbors knew where to tear off roof tiles to get at injured and trapped people.

In this era and day and age, people can not afford to blow a lot of cash on something they can get at a Wal-Mart or Target.

Because of its non-gaseous nature in the environment, there is no other way of getting at the phosphorus but through mining.

In 2% of cases get off is used

I had to get off the phone with him.

But it had never got off the ground.

That's getting off topic really.

Wafts of fragrance coming from a jasmine bush nearby surrounded me as I got off the jeep.

Getting off the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, layover in Florida, back to California.

Excuse me for getting off my subject, but I will read the verse again, the two verses.

However, Stratford Station had a woefully inadequate number of lifts resulting in long queues to get off the platform.

Thankfully, this callow attempt to manufacture a Clause 4 moment for the Conservative mods did not get off the ground.

Go Parra, you can do it! Geoff of Sydney Posted at 11:07 PM May 27, 2012 Parramatta got no way of getting off the.

The reality is that many great ideas require struggle to get off the ground as people just don't know how to take them.

In 2% of cases get away is used

Get away from me for a long while.

She deserves to get away from him.

They came to terms to get away from me.

There are also the can't get away from legal requirements such as risk assessments etc.

So yeah I think the pseudonym thing is a good idea just to get away from all that stuff.

I mean really, what more could you ask for in a relaxing, get away from it all, holiday.

Went for the smoke myself BUT there is no getting away from the fact there are some seriously fit pros out there.

Sheesh -- can't get away from her, can we? Lee Joon wants the three of them to go out for lunch, but Tae-ik declines.

If you do not make good cuts to get away from your opponents, basically you will not get any passes from the handler.

But the firms that lost out have won many other state road contracts and can't fathom how this one got away from them.

In 1% of cases get for is used

What can they get for each of these guys.

You need to have a budget for that, thus,.

That was as good as it got for Wach, sadly.

We buy into something until it becomes a commodity and we got for a cheaper alternative.

Gene Ryan Briones Well, that's what they get for getting an all expense paid gig in IFA.

What (= What presents) did you get for your birthday? He gets (= earns) about $40000 a year.

However, there is a theory that we tend to fancy people who are hard to get for everyone else, but easy for us to get.

So, when you quit getting for at least 2 several weeks, begin consuming an additional 250 calorie consumption a day.

They can't afford the enormous cheques I get for participating on CiF from Conservative Central Office, Mossad and Big Oil.

In 1% of cases get onto is used

So many people trying to get onto the metro.

That really prevents them from getting onto a career ladder.

The nurse immediately got onto her mobile phone and called the duty nurse.

There are times of the day when I can't physically get onto a bus or metro nearby to me.

That means when they first get onto your site the rollover pictures are already downloaded.

Our driver, helped by a few back-seat directions from the Governor, finally got onto Route No.

Have liked it since I was a kid when we'd get fish &; chips &; the lemon for the fish would also get onto some chips.

What qualifications do I need to get onto a psychology degree course? Psychology is a very popular subject at university.

The workshops were extremely helpful and aided in building a relationship between the three main characters before they got onto set.

In 1% of cases get by is used

So in the end that kind of got by.

I took one more step towards getting by giving.

He gets by Sessions, as he should, but he's off-balanced.

She understands that whatever she can't get by way of her principles will never be her own.

E-mails can also be mailed as well as got by way of gmail along with your domain name target.

There was a time when getting by was difficult, but Lolo helped us in his own small ways.

I did enjoy watching the fishing boats and occasional dolphin but I still get by once in awhile and the sea is all around me.

The problem is of course that we live in difficult times and getting by these days is a lot more expensive than it used to be.

This is what private buyers will get by selling their car directly to a trader or dealership in a cash deal, with no part-exchange.

It's also this liberty that you really should try to get by remaining in a single within the a lot of cheap accommodations in Spain.

In 1% of cases get behind is used

I really wanted to get behind it.

Parts of the process get behind schedule.

A, im all for getting behind the team.

Give us that and the fans will get behind the side, even forgive weaknesses elsewhere.

If an organisation like FastCompany, linked to several of this group, got behind this.

I know many in the business community are ready to get behind real immigration reform.

If your kid loves ballet, it's time to suck up any personal reservations you might have and get behind your child! 2.

We still don't know whether you'll only be able to pilot planes as Trevor, or whether all characters can get behind the wheel.

Maybe that is why Jesus couldn't let Peter take him off that radical road, why he told him to get behind him, to follow in line.

Social media expert Ann Hawkins, founder of The Inspired Group, got behind the idea and the first event was held just days later.

In 1% of cases get past is used

If you love her, get past this.

I couldnt really get past that.

That's a limit we can't get past.

I couldn't even get past the agent gatepost, let alone forge on into the inner sanctum.

We're going to talk much more in detail about that when we get past this launch business.

Just a note, I'd a Quality Engineer (I work in statistics ), sorry, never got past PHIL101.

If I can get past the summary judgement then we can get on with the disclosure and then these liars will have to put up.

Once I got past the inherited propaganda stereotypes from a childhood of watching war movies, I liked them and the place.

Obama alsodoes not want this Benghazi thing to drag on so he will offer up a fall guy to get past this as fast as possible.

So the question that needs an answer is how do we get past that? Well I've got just the answer! One of the best ways to get.

In 1% of cases get around is used

Two ways to get around the problem.

There is no getting around that.

We found getting around Rome quite easy.

To get around the locks, kids just tapped out the numbers on the cradle buttons instead.

October 2012, 12:00 An excellent system that makes getting around Auckland very easy.

I find the Button Factory my personal favourite for a comfortable, easy to get around venue.

Pirates will come up with hacks to get around it, and in the meantime it just pisses off a lot of current customers.

This article provides some simple techniques to get around the performance and image quality limitations of StretchBlt.

Gilda gets around this limitation because griffins have this sort of traditional bipedal charge they use on the ground.

To get around the awkward lack of enthusiasm for their project, the Euro-elite of Brussels claim the people are being misled.

In 1% of cases get up is used

This dude knows what I get up to.

Just got up to your comment and it's 3am.

Synonym rise The class got up when the teacher came in.

He admitted he fell asleep during the coverage, but got up in time to see Romney concede.

And then finally he got up behind me and hollered my name and of course I hollered, ' Sir '.

The public don't know what they get up to -- Made in Chelsea taps into a totally new market.

I'd normally a bit rubbish at blogging but since my entire office get massive doses of what the little ' uns get up to, I.

You'll also get up to 8GB of cloud storage with Asus MyCloud and access the uploaded files from any device with Internet access.

Perhaps he was already on the alert for an opportunity to get away from Burton long enough to get up to Nyanza, the northern lake.

This one, I have found, is a great one, means you can be getting up to all sorts and the catch all opt out is ' I'd on the road '.

In 1% of cases get with is used

I need to get with the times!).

What you see is what you get with me.

I got with him when I was 23, im now 26.

The forums and support is tremendous -- something you don't get with any other web host.

I love the weighty, frosted glass jar -- something you don't tend to get with lip balms.

They are nice looking cars don ’ t get me wrong, but the problems you get with them.

The chocolate biscuit base is quite rich and is crunchy rather than the soft base that you get with some cheesecakes.

I think regardless as to how personal some people got with these posts, the author is trying to make a point about tact.

There are actually great advantages that you can get with online shopping for Korean fashion items and here are some of them.

We thought we knew what we were getting with the kid, but it's been better than our wildest dreams, wouldn't you say? Sonny.

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