Prepositions after "fulfil"

"fulfil in" or "fulfil by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases fulfil in is used

A career should be fulfilling in all senses of the word.

All the prophecies about the Messiah were fulfilled in Him.

Not all of these requirements have as yet been fulfilled in African states.

Definitely, such a man will be very happy and he will feel fulfilled in that aspect.

This means it was partially fulfilled in the past, and the rest will be fulfilled in the future.

Looks like a Biblical prophecy being fulfilled in old London town involving Pippa and the Rioters.

Before our departure, I did not anticipate that the tour might be gratifying or fulfilling in any particular way.

The writer of Hebrews demonstrates that the laws, worship forms and ceremonies of the Old Testament are fulfilled in Christ.

If you want to know God, then why not follow the religion God Himself established? Judaism's covenant was fulfilled in Christ.

These Christians contend that God's promises for the Church are mainly heavenly blessings which will be fulfilled in future in heaven.

In 26% of cases fulfil by is used

All domestic tasks will have to be fulfilled by her.

The same functions of the Mind are fulfilled by the Logos re.

In a sense, I am happy and fulfilled by the course that I havetaken.

As the Mayor promised in March, the reconstruction would be fulfilled by the end of 2012.

In the cycling world, this coordination function is fulfilled by the use of established hierarchies within the team.

Owning a house is a great achievement that can not be fulfilled by most of the individuals due to financial problems.

There are some per-requisites will have to be fulfilled by those students who want to be get admission in this course.

To be effective, magic spells must be fulfilled by special people and only apply to those who are confident in the effects.

If one person hold the crucifix, a number present may gain the indulgences provided the other conditions are fulfilled by all.

Some among them still believe that the temple that Ezekiel prophesied about in chapters 40-48 will be physically fulfilled by Israel.

In 7% of cases fulfil for is used

It is fulfilling for a man to work hard and succeed at whatever he does.

These arrangements/ agreements prescribe Rules of Origin that have to be fulfilled for exports to be eligible for tariff preference.

But why would God send Christ on a mission men can fulfil, and have been fulfilling for ages? Israel listens to its prophets and take their words very seriously.

But why would God send Christ on a mission men can fulfil, and have been fulfilling for ages? Israel listens to its prophets and takes their words very seriously.

I know that if given the choice today to meet the man I'd marry or have my career be booming and fulfilling for the next five years, I'd pick the career over and over.

In 4% of cases fulfil with is used

In short, her job is to ensure that TLP's mission, vision, and values be fulfilled with every library donation.

In 4% of cases fulfil to is used

My instructions were fulfilled to the letter.

The President stressed that people's aspirations should be fulfilled to the maximum.

But it is a fact that in spite of the existence of banks, hospitals and social welfare agencies, their objects are not being fulfilled to the extent required.

In 4% of cases fulfil through is used

Using only two white pieces of fabric as masking and a few brown crates, the actors randomly pick wishes to fulfil through improvisation.

These tasks are fulfilled through the preparation of strategies for further development of technical education, in cooperation with the above stated Ministry.

In 2006 Dilmah announced the launch of Dilmah Conservation which extended to the environment, the social justice obligations that is fulfilled through the MJF Foundation.

In 4% of cases fulfil on is used

She said different projects set will be fulfilled on time if citizens make the government accountable to them.

In 3% of cases fulfil within is used

All the revelations and prophecies, too, are fulfilled within this happening.

Their marriage and family life is flourishing because both of them are happy and fulfilled within themselves.

In 2% of cases fulfil without is used

I can boldly say I am fulfilled without deceiving myself.

In 2% of cases fulfil despite is used

However, those commitments are yet to be fulfilled despite the passage of over six decades.

In 2% of cases fulfil against is used

And the Word (of torment) will be fulfilled against them, because they have done wrong, and they will be unable to speak (in order to defend themselves).

In 1% of cases fulfil around is used

Consider how close the employee and the deceased were, if the employee is responsible for any aspect of the ceremonies, or if they have cultural responsibilities to fulfil around the death.

In 1% of cases fulfil along is used

You should get your specific requirement fulfilled along with timely delivery and after sale services.

In 1% of cases fulfil above is used

Due to the collective effort of the homemakers and the young volunteers, the Bangalore Division has fulfilled above 1400 wishes from the time of inception.

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