Prepositions after "forgive"

forgive for, by, in, of or because?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases forgive for is used

Yet you could easily be forgiven for having never heard of him.

This is entertainment? They could almost be forgiven for being satirical.

One may forgiven for wondering why this hasn't made headlines in the world's media.

He could, therefore, probably be forgiven for experiencing a brief moment of tension.

There is absolutely no excuse for what happened to her, that Osho can be forgiven for.

Whoever says that in one day will be forgiven for his sins even if they are like the foam of the sea.

And today one might be forgiven for thinking that V-Day is mainly about love for chocolate and lingerie.

With all of these tines to its stalk, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Fork has no difficulties.

Upon logging in, you'd be forgiven for thinking the social network a Twitter clone -- but it certainly isn't.

It's such a distinctive part of the design that, at first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking it wasn't real.

In 11% of cases forgive by is used

To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.

He has long since been forgiven by those he hurt.

However, backbiting is not forgiven until forgiven by its victim.

If she's not a believer, she still has the opportunity to live forever, forgiven by God.

Sweet deal! I have many friends who had parts of their loans forgiven by their governments, too.

To learn that it is not always enough that they be forgiven by others, but that they have to forgive themselves.

The risks of such a loan were too great, since the chances of it being forgiven by the king sometime over its tenure were high.

The lesson to learn from this story is that such sins may be forgiven by good works followed by feelings of remorse and penitence.

For this act of disobedience to God, they were consequently banished from the garden; however, later both repented and were forgiven by God.

Is there any way adultery can be forgiven by Allah? I am repenting and crying for forgiveness for having been misled into adultery by someone whom I thought I loved and would leave my husband for.

In 6% of cases forgive in is used

And there is nothing to be forgiven in your questions; I'd happy to address them.

This leads to brand preference, sales, and the likelihood of being forgiven in the case of a breakdown or occasional failures.

Simply assuming that loans to a trust should be forgiven in one large amount once the law changes in October without taking specific advice would be dangerous.

Those students who were least ready to forgive in response to a detailed questionnaire showed higher blood pressure rates and more tension than softer-hearted buddies.

I haven't read Sand yet, but I really disliked the one Zola novel I've read so far; as for Henry James, everything and anything is forgiven in someone who could write like that.

In 4% of cases forgive of is used

They were not forgiven of their sins before baptism.

Saul was not forgiven of his sins until he was baptized.

When they were baptized, they were forgiven of their sins.

Whether Newt Gingrich has been forgiven of his past sins of adultery is between him and God.

I believe to be forgiven of our sins, we need to confess and apologize to those we have wronged.

In 3% of cases forgive because is used

She was forgiven because of this deed.

In 3% of cases forgive to is used

Hence, those who are forgiving to others for the sake of Allah, Allah willing, may look forward to Allah treating them in the same way.

In 1% of cases forgive without is used

He has Himself made it easy for His servants to repent for a moment and the sins of a lifetime are forgiven without any delay.

In 1% of cases forgive under is used

There are some debts that are not forgiven under bankruptcy, for example credit card purchases which occurred in the 90 days before filing happened.

In 1% of cases forgive through is used

The book expresses that all sinful behaviors are forgiven through Jesus ' sacrifice on the cross and encourages children to go to God in prayer any time they feel tempted or troubled.

In 1% of cases forgive over is used

I forgave over 10 years ago and I would not have had any children if I didn't forgive.

In 1% of cases forgive like is used

Others have more difficult things to forgive like betrayl, abuse or the taking of a loved ones life.

In 1% of cases forgive during is used

So according to Buddhism we can be free from our kamma while according to Christianity our sins will only be forgiven during an extremely limited period of time.

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