Prepositions after "fit"

"fit into", "fit in" or "fit with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases fit into is used

I knew I couldn't fit into that.

He fits into my plans and ideas.

Well I don't fit into that category.

It just so happens that 90% of the players that fit into this category are fairly pricy.

Broadwell and Kelley fit into this web just perfectly as mirrors of those they escorted.

If ever there was a player who would fit into Rodgers ' football philosophy, it's Alonso.

All that's required is that you participate in some tasks, but these tasks would fit into your coverage so you agree.

Aromatherapy can easily fit into your routine while it will enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

You will make an impression with your knowledge of what they can offer and how you could fit into their organisation.

I know some younger mums think I'd missing out by not making my child fit into an adult schedule but it suits me fine.

In 21% of cases fit with is used

Your conclusions don't fit with mine.

The enemy is also fitted with mechs.

The USA Today piece fits with this agenda.

It doesn't seem like something which fits with distro-wide package management very well.

I listen to them recite the MSM garbage at me and dismiss anything that does not fit with it.

Although the Diamond Twinstar is fitted with a full anti-icing system, ice can be very dangerous for all aircraft.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites on medium speed until foamy.

The club house has been fitted with shelves and each boy has a personal storage box, cycling clothes and equipment.

Her father explained that she would eventually be fitted with prosthetics to help her get around and she nodded again.

In 20% of cases fit in is used

Presumably to fit in the package.

This was fitted in early March 2003.

I find myself trying to fit in with her.

So what's needed is a way to fit in our 3-5 keywords, while still producing good writing.

Try to only eat pieces of meat or poultry that weigh 3 ounces and can fit into your palm.

Bicycle rental is also a terrific way to see the small areas and fit in a bit of exercise.

Anderson played a neat cameo and Valencia, while still not 100% fit in my eyes, did what we've come to expect from him.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 There is nothing like finding a wine that fits in your everyday price range that you really enjoy.

If you want to wear head dress that looks like it is fit for a desert then move overseas where you will fit in no problem.

It fits in any sink you put it in, single or double, and it will save your back, not having to bend over your own bathtub.

In 5% of cases fit to is used

It can be fitted to many cars out there.

He really fits to our instrumentation and style.

To be naturally attracted or fitted to; thrive on.

A linear function was fitted to the period of 100 -- 500 msec of the return trajectory.

And I like to have some extra things fitted to my workbench too like a vice and an electric grinder.

The transition to the down state is slow and can be fitted to a single exponential function (see Results).

Brand new cork flooring was fitted to the lower deck and areas replaced upstairs following main flooring replacement.

So far the vehicle has required a new suspension mount structure, bluetooth box and heating compartment fitted to it.

Trim tabs are also hinged at the bottom of the transom, but are fitted to each side and can be deflected independently.

This procedure was carried out on 23 March 2004 and a healing collar (CB3) was fitted to the implant with a low profile screw.

In 3% of cases fit for is used

I had to be fitted for them properly.

His concluding words were fitting for the occasion.

We were also given clothing, which was fitted for each of us.

Check the laptop dimension and the compartment dimension to make sure it fits for your belongings properly.

Perfectly fitting for my Superhero teddy bear who had been my constant companion throughout my childhood.

The music was sublime as was only fitting for a man of such deep faith and such idiosyncratic musicality.

One of the stories that gets the most bang for it's length and is very enjoyable and relatively fitting for the universe.

I would only ask that they be born skunks, an animal most fitting for liberal wacko environmentalist since only skunks like skunks.

Re: Shoes fitted for Pittbos Originally Posted by Funbetter This was actually the first method I applied when I started playing Bac and it put me on tilt.

In 3% of cases fit on is used

No idea if it would fit on an iPhone though.

It fits on either of my pickups and I can lift it off in minutes completely full of tools.

A hand pavise was a smaller version of the pavise, fitted on the inside with the ENARMES.

I'd not sure where they fit on the spectrum of honours, but it's always nice for authors to be recognized.

At its most extreme, Lisp's minimal syntax means that a full interpreter written in Lisp can fit on one page.

Out of these 25123 HSRP have been fitted on the vehicles in Jammu Division, while as 16085 in Kashmir Division.

This is because the audio on DVDs has to be compressed to fit on the disc, while with Blu-ray the sound is rich, full-bodied and spacious.

If your entire balance is too large to fit on one low-interest card, pay at least the minimum amounts due on all of your cards except one.

Even one of those things that fit on the taps does well enough and with a four or five minute shower you use much less water than with a bath.

A few of them we actually tried to fit on the record and it just ticked it over to about 80 or 90 minutes and that was just too long for an album.

In 3% of cases fit within is used

Scale the image to size to fit within the feature area.

The Ultimate Skate project had to fit within a six week timeline.

A chef tastes the meals daily to ensure that they fit within the health criteria.

Please note that we will only support MSc projects that fit within STE's mission and research aims.

This information can be used to assess how well you would fit within certain work environments and teams.

In other words, they are not allowed to be pro-genocide, racist or whatever -- it has to fit within our standards.

Import an image that relates to the Sun product range and clip it to size with a layer mask to fit within the little content box.

It is not known when this was constructed but seems to fit within the period of the existing structures due to its rustic nature.

In 2% of cases fit inside is used

The solibox is designed to fit inside the Holdall Wallets front pocket.

In order to have the TARDIS fit inside my house I had to scale it somewhat.

Now projectors can be small enough to fit inside your phone, digital camera and more.

This has to fit inside the plastic pipe fitting above, and is tuned by moving the brass nut.

Using parts that will fit inside your appliance is important if you to get your machine running again.

In this case, a helical coil may be fitted inside the pan and steam admitted to the coil as shown in Fig.

Fitted inside the kit bag (which is made from water-resistant fabric) are four of Ursa Major's best selling products:.

Well, generalisations are of course always dangerous, but I am not quite sure how this horrific story from Canada quite fits inside the gun-control argument.

I cut the Raymarine cable at the point where it passes through the deck and then fitted connectors to plug it into the piece of cable fitted inside the boat.

In 1% of cases fit around is used

Secondly they often work late jobs that are fitted around their studies, which also leave them vulnerable.

I began to bring up the children with the help of my parents and changed my career job for a more suitable job to fit around the school hours.

He had so much respect for all of us women with family responsibilities that had to take priority and our acting dreams were fitted around those parameters.

Anticipated that would soon be able to fit around the micro-cameras, frame and micro computer which will reproduce the image in the brain and enable the blind to see.

In 1% of cases fit at is used

The splits are tightly fitted at the base and widen at the top.

These are fitted at the bottom to a batten screwed to the floor.

Smoke alarms were fitted at the property and the occupiers were able to get out unharmed.

The pilot can do this himself, albeit 90% of his customers have the dual controls in their aircraft fitted at all times.

How large a tree will fit at the site? Consider the scale of the yard, overhead or underground constraints, and the purpose of the tree.

Windows or ventilators should be fitted at a high level on opposite walls to provide cross ventilation, but must avoid directing draughts on to the animals.

Guige: A long buckled strap fitted at the inside top of a TARGE to suspend the shield from the shoulder, or, in the case of a horseman, from the bard while on the move.

In 1% of cases fit by is used

New full engine fitted by garage.

We've got an air conditioning unit in ours, was fitted by the previous owners.

Get GOOD shoes, like the kind that are professionally fitted by a running store (NOT foot locker).

This reason code does not occur if the string could be made to fit by discarding trailing blank characters.

All the products have been fabulous, good advice as to suitable style for my body shape, well fitted by experienced staff.

In 1% of cases fit like is used

No matter how tacky Rockette costumes are, they always fit like a glove.

They ran their fingers through the grooves in the tile work, all specially cut to fit like a colossal jigsaw.

Other than the Kengo coming back (even then it wasn't enough to make me have a bitch fit like ReaperWindrunner ), I liked this ending.

As the season continues, I believe his characterisation will develop even further, to fit like a hand in a black leather glove into this role.

March 28th, 2010 When we first start out on our spiritual path we have a choice of many paths but only one fits like a glove, and that is the pathway that includes self-love.

Many people want to share themselves with you, the ways they do things, their experiences, their know betters, sometimes it comes from love, sometimes control, but none of it will fit like a glove.

In 1% of cases fit over is used

But stick with them and these cans will loosen up for a far better fit over time and with extended wear.

You can then buy either white nylon fabric or white muslin (cheaper) from Jo Anne's and sew a slipcover that fits over the cube leaving one side open.

In 1% of cases fit through is used

The first lot came by royal mail, fit through my letter box and was delivered quickly with no problems.

If your unit filler alone can't physically fit through the gap between the forest and the swamp, why should I pretend that it can? Petty? Perhaps.

The TARDIS had to be built in such a way that it can be assembled and disassembled easily to allow it to be moved and so it can fit through doorways.

They can fit through a hole the size of a baseball (black/grey squirrels) or a golf ball (red squirrels ), but a smaller hole can easily be chewed open.

In 1% of cases fit under is used

Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes.

In the rest room we purchased a mattress, and the carpenter made for us a storage unit which fitted under the mattress.

Two of the SATA 6Gb/s ports are angled at 90 to the board to fit under any grapics card fitted into the second PCI-Express 2.

The turning circle is brilliant you can get it in the tightest of gaps it fits in a standard garage easily goes under multi-storey car parks and fits under the refuse tip.

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