Prepositions after "fade"

"fade into", "fade to" or "fade from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases fade into is used

You'll just fade into this lovely balled.

The expression on his lips fades into a scowl.

Let her fade into the obscurity she so richly deserves.

If Enda thinks we are going to fade into the background again, he is in for a rude awakening.

I'd sort of fade into the background as he held court, on those rare occasions that he held court.

Had I not had the video this would simply have faded into the background until I got back to Kalyam Sharif.

He has been in America for all of 200 years, and he has not faded into a pure American by any means -- and he will not.

No reasonable or responnsible person can condone his excess misrepresentations, and I think he is will fade into oblvion.

Already the difficulty of our three very physical challenges is beginning to fade into memory, in a glow of African gold.

Posted by: andrew Nov 8, 2012 7:39:44 PM Like his tan, Queen Tangerine is mellowing and fading into the background of history.

In 16% of cases fade from is used

Compassionate conservatism increasingly faded from view after 9/11.

Gradually the mystery is fading from media attention, that is until someone says something.

All of them, however, have faded from my treacherous memory except one, which I will endeavor to relate.

Your smirk, your different smiles, the only thing that hasn't faded from my memory and is still as clear as day is your eyes.

It has actually taken being extendedly in Texas for the last bit of Brit-bred gun-scepticism to fade from my lower cerebellum.

Disasters like Hurricane Sandy bring out the best in us, but somehow the urgency and elemental needs fade from memory with time.

What had begun as a year of crisis was ending as an election year, and the complications overseas were fading from the public mind.

Unfortunately, many of us don't watch the sun set to black every night, and may not necessarily notice the light fading from the sky.

It was as if she'd walked right back into the Garden of Eden when it came to her food choices! Something else began to fade from her life.

Not even broken motorcycles, one with brake fade from overuse, another which keeps jumping out of gear, prevent the operation working seamlessly.

In 15% of cases fade to is used

Gradually, that means the image fades to nothing.

His kingdom ceased, and in the ceasing, his genius faded to foolishness.

Revitol has helped them fade to the point where I can hardly tell they're there.

Lambert faded to 3 rd (21:13 ), behind Ohio Northern's Alison Steinbrunner who took 2 nd (21:08).

Thomas O'Connor is a Montreal-based amateur film critic who can be seen every week on CUTV's Fade to Black.

As the light faded to darkness around them, eclipse watchers removed their eye protection to see a big event.

As the screen fades to black, the audience exits the darkened theater, liberated from their own position as spectators.

Fade to black and we hear Shi Won's narration for an open ending to the drama along with each of the characters ' narrations.

That its purveyors have long since faded to obscurity, playing only to the die-hard not in amphitheaters, but in small clubs.

In 7% of cases fade in is used

The fighting and turmoil of the past has faded in the capital.

The attack worked well until the final bend where the field swamped me up and I faded in the home straight.

But once Chav2 starts to fade in a few years will Roman have the stomach, let alone the funds, for an expensive 3rd rebuild? Arsenal are well placed to challenge on all fronts.

In 5% of cases fade with is used

Otherwise it will begin to fade with time.

Optimism is beginning to fade with each passing day.

It's a long time ago, and my memory has faded with time, but I'd pretty sure we didn't need special security passes.

In Asia, optimism has faded with growth in its biggest economies slowing considerably this year, likely compelling central banks to keep policy accommodative for longer.

I was very busy having a heart attack mid last year and in recovery and some memories do fuse and fade with the distraction and health worries I had (and which I don't want to remember).

In 5% of cases fade over is used

It may fade over time, depending on the condition of your hair and how your care for it.

This gradually fades over the course of a few seconds, and a growing fireball rises into a mushroom cloud.

Diffractive scales give off brilliant metallic and iridescent colours, and do not fade over time because they have no pigment chemicals to break down.

Apart from the loud-mouthed Cuban-American right in Florida - whose threat of return and a CIA-fuelled menace of civil war has faded over time - there exists a less bellicose opposition within Cuba.

In 3% of cases fade as is used

The best thing is to ignore them, especially because they tend to fade as the years go by.

The 2008 rhetoric of flexibility has also faded as the Commonwealth has reverted to old habits.

I think the fad among young people for tattooing will fade as the current crop of tattooed youth get older.

But in the light of time's perspective, the deceptive prominence of these emotions will fade as perspective and wisdom emerge.

The hope is that talk of budget overruns, undesirable sponsors and ticket allocation will fade as a celebratory mood takes hold.

In 2% of cases fade after is used

The effects of LSD are felt about half an hour after consuming the drug and peaks after two to six hours, fading after 12 hours, depending upon the amount consumed.

In 2% of cases fade by is used

Of course, the effect had faded by the following summer.

The hope of finding anymore survivors, according to him is fading by the minute.

In 2% of cases fade on is used

The orange glow mixes with the lingering mists as the Daylight fades on Paris for another day.

In 1% of cases fade without is used

Thus, this buffer is viewed as a coordinate space with limited spatial extent, more clarity toward the center, and the image fading without regeneration effort.

In 1% of cases fade within is used

When cocaine is ' snorted ' the effects peak and fade within 15-30 minutes, so the drug would need to be taken every 20 minutes or so to maintain the desired effect.

In 1% of cases fade towards is used

Some of our rivals on two-stop strategies faded towards the end but the drop-off was not sufficient for our drivers to be able to take advantage on fresher tyres.

In 1% of cases fade through is used

If they stopped pumping for any length of time the fat lamps in the tunnel started to fade through lack of oxygen.

In 1% of cases fade since is used

And although my athletic abil- ity has faded since playing high school football, I still feel the rush I'd feel from stepping onto the field in front of my fam- ily and friends.

In 1% of cases fade out is used

A second concern is: ' How does one remain relevant at retirement? ' It is very sad that most Anglican ministers retire and fade out of circulation.

In 1% of cases fade off is used

Under the ' Asomdwehen ', JJ was fast fading off the political scene, whether you agree or not.

JJ was fast fading off the scene under the Asomdwehen and that was not only good for Ghana but crucial for our progress and development as a people.

In 1% of cases fade for is used

Thoughts of getting it done started to fade for like a week or two but now it's all up on my mind again.

In 1% of cases fade behind is used

For weeks I woke up with a start most mornings, in a cold sweat of fear, with images fading behind my eyes of planes crashing from the sky into buildings.

In 1% of cases fade away is used

If Castiel let go of him, even for an instant, Dean's last second would pass and he would fade away from the world.

In 1% of cases fade at is used

Support the volunteers: I would love it if someone brought us volunteers coffee and donuts when we are fading at 2am.

In 1% of cases fade against is used

A commanding presence in the first four matches but faded against Spain, although, much due to the fact that the Germans were completely found out.

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