Prepositions after "expend"

"expend in" or "expend on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases expend in is used

Be non-judgmental A lot of energy gets expended in envy, jealousy and judgment of others.

Imagine what you could do with the energy you expend in anger if you channeled it into something else.

It has been stated elsewhere that 1 watt of power is equal to 1 joule of energy expended in 1 second.

So, what is the nett outcome? $1 of taxpayers ' money is expended in bureaucracy in order to determine how to spend $1.

I presume that he will not allow the public revenue to be expended in rebuilding temples, adorning idols, and hiring courtesans.

The point is, business takes a lot of energy to be successful -- and that energy is best expended in directions where it will meet the least resistance.

To me, this is a waste of time, money, effort and smarts that could be expended in a far more useful way to give help to people struggling to stop smoking.

At Inchon some measure of isolation of the battlefield was indeed possible, as a result of command of the sea and air and of the effort previously expended in the knocking down of bridges.

In 17% of cases expend on is used

The money you expend on this endeavor will pay off in the end.

The hate expended on brothers VP Kalonzo, Ruto, Balala, Mudavadi is unprecedented.

There remains the question of how the other $3-4m expended on film-production was distributed.

The total expended on consulting fees in 2007 was 913,889 -- so 0ver 48% was spent at firms connected to the Executive Board.

In 13% of cases expend by is used

Nies's Law: The effort expended by the bureaucracy in defending any error is in direct proportion to the size of the error.

In 7% of cases expend for is used

Beyond ratios, you need to keep metrics on total labor hours expended for various functions.

In 4% of cases expend against is used

Targets were plentiful, and the 297 rounds of 8-inch HC expended against three railroad bridges and several hundred freight cars were considered to have been profitably invested.

In 4% of cases expend at is used

The cost of my income is the energy I expend at work and the loss of leisure time.

When we look out into space now, we see the universe as a projection of what happened 13 billion years ago being projected at the speed of light at space expending at the speed of light.

In 4% of cases expend over is used

Budgets on the other hand are expended over a twelve month period and the body's accountability for this spend, or revenue earned is more direct.

Budgets on the other hand are expended over a twelve month period and the Board's accountability for this spend, or revenue earned is more direct.

In 4% of cases expend with is used

Intended for adult men, denim might be restful typically an important expend with complete and relaxed drowsy.

In 2% of cases expend through is used

As a general guide, here is the kilojoule content of common foods*: Kilojoules burnt in activity The other side of the energy equation is energy expended through physical activity.

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