Prepositions after "estranged"

estranged from, for, by, to or till?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases estranged from is used

He was estranged from his body.

My daughters are estranged from me.

His son Jaidev remained estranged from him.

My wife is glad I did and we are estranged from our families today because of it.

It is made more in love with the world and more estranged from God and godliness.

For many years he had been estranged from the church after a deep disappointment.

He ministered to the sick and the poor, and actively sought out those who had become estranged from the Church.

However, the pastoral communities of Ethiopia continue to be estranged from the central government of Ethiopia.

Even Star Wars fans that became estranged from the franchise due to the prequels should be cheering about that.

As a young man in 90s America, Jude found himself immersed in yet estranged from the bustling world of finance.

In 4% of cases estranged for is used

Prior, they were estranged for seven long years.

The two of us had been estranged for several years.

I knew that we would become estranged for many years, thereafter.

Sadly, folks get estranged for years from their families all the time.

While they had been estranged for several years, they were reconciled prior to Elijah's death.

By the outbreak of the First World War, Murry and Mansfield had been estranged for a short time.

Jose Rizal, estranged for a time from our faith and religion, did contradict many of our Christian beliefs.

My mother had me when she was 24 -- and we were estranged for the last decade of her life until she died in 2007 at the age of 64.

He is estranged for a reason, yet there's this story going around claiming she was going to give everything up to move back to China and be with him.

He never got on with his temperamental father, whose work kept him away from home for long stretches, and from whom he was estranged for some years before the older man's death.

In 2% of cases estranged by is used

After 1949, the three sisters were never together again, estranged by history.

Furthermore they are estranged by the lack of economic success in Africa over the last 30 years.

As the Nigerian becomes more estranged by and from the system, there is bound to be consequences.

His parents, estranged by grief, are trying to put the tragedy behind them after a long, exhausting, and fruitless search.

The aim of forgiveness is that two persons or parties estranged by a wrong or trespass might be reconciled and brought together.

Or Marguerite, estranged by the tall ship, And the Englishman silent at the rail, Turning his face to the retreat of verse, Watching his dreams drop away in the wake.

On the other hand, there is an iPhone app called Pastebot with the intention of permits you to generate email groups as sequences of email addresses estranged by commas.

In 1% of cases estranged after is used

She would be estranged after doing that if she was mine.

Salbi's mother and father became estranged after years of enduring Saddam's torture, and eventually divorced.

Many brothers and sisters become estranged after marriage due to the stories carried by the wives to their husbands.

In 1% of cases estranged at is used

Perplexed at the moment of certainty, estranged at the moment of intimacy, these poems.

She will become estranged at night, when she used to spend listening to me reciting the Quran.

Similarly, the United States and India were badly estranged at different points during the Cold War, but U.

Perplexed at the moment of certainty, estranged at the moment of intimacy, these poems illuminate, amuse, and provoke.

In 1% of cases estranged because is used

Both father and son were estranged because of different moral values.

So too when someone who belongs with us is momentarily estranged because of a misunderstanding, he will return of his own accord if we leave matters to him.

In 1% of cases estranged ex is used

Hard drive with the list of secret agents? See NOC list from mission impossible, estranged ex agent out for revenge? See Alec from Goldeneye or 100 other villain characters.

In 1% of cases estranged in is used

All this vague feeling of restlessness points to the fact that man feels himself estranged in this world.

These three vignettes together adumbrate the story of Lady Dedlock and Captain Hawdon, estranged in their youth, and now presented in the novel in early middle age.

In 1% of cases estranged over is used

Pete Doherty and Carl Bar? t of The Libertines seem to have estranged over the years.

But reconciliation as a process entails the appreciation by two parties that had been estranged over a period of time of the need to let bye gone be bye gone.

In 1% of cases estranged till is used

His nephew, Raj, estranged till recently, spent many hours at the house.

His nephew, Raj, estranged till recently, also spent many hours at the house.

The politician's nephew, Raj Thackeray, estranged till recently from Bala Saheb and Uddhav, spent much of the night at Matoshree.

In 1% of cases estranged to is used

David and Douglas remain estranged to this day.

Becoming estranged to the same people that you have known all your living years.

In 1% of cases estranged with is used

Only Hakeem was not estranged with the leader at that time.

What is Tawheed but that Allah says on Judgment Day, Estranged with the world was this person for Me.

Angelina's career had nothing to do with Jon Voight, She was estranged with her father for over a decade.

It is not lawful fora Muslim that he should keep his relations estranged with his brother beyond three days.

A 32-year-old man from Robert Sinyoka area has been sentenced to seven years in prison for locking his estranged with in a room for three days and making her feast on his feaces for survival.

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