Prepositions after "erode"

erode by, in, into, over or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases erode by is used

In fact, its value has been eroded by the euro-zone crisis itself! But, even a drop in the ocean never did any harm.

All around us the pedestals of value, pride and good will have been eroded by the divisive views that come through at Fox.

This point needs emphasizing: the Chaggas ' traditional way of life has been eroded by the depredations of Western culture.

My generation has been the generation that has allowed the importance of seasonal eating to be eroded by the mechanics of supermarket retailing.

Of course you may think it is still safer to keep your money in the bank even though its value is being eroded by inflation and they pay no interest.

It can be damaged, sometimes fatally, by a single catastrophic failure but can also be just as fatally undermined by being constantly eroded by cynicism and a focus on the negative.

In 10% of cases erode in is used

The sediments were deposited in valleys eroded in the delta when stream base level was lowered with lowered sea stand during the last glacial advance.

In 8% of cases erode over is used

But this has been considerably eroded over the years.

Powerful emotional connections are bound to erode over time because of everything that life and biology throw at us.

It's a shame that we have vets coming home that will have their benefits eroded over time while Congressmen and Senators have some of the best benefit and retirement packages in the world.

In 7% of cases erode on is used

They were eroded on the rapidly rising mountains, or were overrun and destroyed by later glaciers.

Before I say anything, let's revisit that point earlier about none of us having eroded on an open source project before.

Other problems include; bubbling paintwork at the back of the car, paintwork peeled off the exterior runners and the vinyl eroded on both doors.

In 7% of cases erode to is used

Once the mountains were eroded to a peneplain (i.

Their previously held five-point lead at the top has been gradually eroded to two now from Girona, who won on Saturday and were temporary leaders.

Impossible as it is for us to fathom, all these colossal mountains will one day erode to the sea -- every boulder, outcrop, saddle, spire, and canyon wall.

In 5% of cases erode at is used

As mountains are pushed together, rock layers that were once horizontal become vertical and erode at different rates.

In 3% of cases erode because is used

Unemployment continues to rise and workers purchasing power has been eroded because of harsh economic environment in the country.

In 3% of cases erode through is used

Since the early ' 90s the involvement of lawyers in civil litigation has been seriously eroded through the legal services acts.

In 2% of cases erode from is used

Styles always change in football, just look at how all physicality is being eroded from the game.

In 2% of cases erode with is used

Coping with illiteracy by 2015 is a goal that will erode with time if these conditions continue as deplorable as they are.

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