Prepositions after "enjoy"

enjoy by, in, with, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases enjoy by is used

This was a really nice meal enjoyed by all.

This is a type of music enjoyed by young Americans.

Freedom too is not something you can enjoy by yourself.

Kabobs and fajitas can also be enjoyed by people on the dialysis diet in a restaurant.

The Shaykh replied: It seems you are not aware of the high status enjoyed by a mother.

Victims ' groups have reacted with outrage at the fun and games being enjoyed by prisoners.

However, a lot of the changes come as a result of multinational and bilateral agreements enjoyed by these countries.

Thursday, March 1, 2012 THE BENEFITS OF THE USE OF ONION Onions have been enjoyed by most cultures throughout history.

Winning this trophy would buy Arsene Wenger six years in the job as opposed to the six months enjoyed by Roberto Di Matteo.

The electoral support enjoyed by the JEI in BD is more than that of its counterpart in Pakistan, but still not substantial.

In 15% of cases enjoy in is used

What we are enjoying in this office now is electricity from the national grid not generator.

However, take it for what it is -- entertaining trivia -- and there's much to enjoy in this book.

Today it is difficult to appreciate the enormous prestige which the Soviet Union enjoyed in Spain.

Instead of admitting defeat I came up with a few activities that as a family we could all enjoy in the dark.

Here an intention that the houses and furniture should be enjoyed in specie appears clearly, and B should not sell them.

That inconsistency highlights a structural advantage he enjoys in the way electoral votes are dispersed across the nation.

Beneath the peace and quiet that they enjoy in a single day is undercut by the fear and trembling that tomorrow may not be as lucky.

Deane wants to recover the fame he enjoyed in 1981, when his single The Bridge became the first te reo Maori song to top the pop charts.

In 10% of cases enjoy with is used

Sit back and enjoy with the water nearby.

Enjoy with jam, marmalade, yeast extract (e.

Enjoy with a warming cup of Earl Grey Russian!!!

There are a lot of places and activities to enjoy with your friends or the whole family.

Serve With any desired sauce or simply enjoy with ketchup and a cup of Masala Chai or Espresso Coffee.

Each and every campaign with us is a truly unique experience that every customer enjoys with passion.

You will see 7 more years of Christmas, Diwali, Eid, New Years, and Birthdays and enjoy with your friends and family.

The house is not a show home but is there to be enjoyed with most things to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Groceries and laundry are done, so I plan on reading, planting some new flowers and making a carrot cake to enjoy with my family.

Merdeka day is the only day where we are all recognised as Malaysians, so enjoy with the 24 hours that you have to be a Malaysian.

In 6% of cases enjoy for is used

PhotoJoy you can enjoy for free.

I hate people that is not real and do nt enjoy for what they have.

My goal is to do big installations that people can enjoy for years.

In fact, there are plenty of events and attractions to enjoy for free on Atlantic City vacations.

Basically the study questions whether the pace of innovation we've enjoyed for more than 250 years can continue.

Bush - that citizens have enjoyed for several years will expire on December 31 unless politicians in Washington, D.

The law that created Zuccotti Park required that it be open for the public to enjoy for passive recreation 24 hours a day.

Visit Ireland's National Parks Ireland's National Parks are free to enjoy for everybody, entrance fees only apply to special attractions.

On April 5, 2009 at 5:51pm Jim Richardson wrote: Look, listen, learn, see, say, do and enjoy for: Criticism cauterises Aalysis agonises Education galvanises.

As I have pointed it out earlier, some Sunnis, who are 20 percent of the population, fear a loss of the dominance and privilege they enjoyed for decades under Baathist regimes.

In 5% of cases enjoy about is used

So that's the things I witnessed and the things I enjoyed about that team.

The ONLY thing I enjoyed about this film was Michael Fassbender's performance as David.

One of the things I enjoyed about Osho was his acceptance of who I was as a unique being.

What do you enjoy about working at Pier 24? I really enjoy working with the people here and the team atmosphere is great.

I want to find out what you like and enjoy about the machine you use, what you dislike and what really annoys you when using it.

He realized all of the things he had enjoyed about previous jobs -- working with people, helping others, counseling -- were key aspects of the priesthood.

But one thing is for certain, there is a lot more to enjoy about the supposed ' greatest film ever made ' beyond its story and the usual tourist-stops of artistic appreciation and interpretation.

In 4% of cases enjoy at is used

Anyone is allowed to try the new feature, which can also be enjoyed at night.

A delicious vegan lunch meal is enjoyed at 1 pm and then there is the midday break.

One recent export from France that we are really enjoying at the moment is The Penelopes.

One day Piella delivers a large box containing a cake for Wallace to enjoy at his four o'clock tea.

While all varieties of desserts are enjoyed at Dinner on the Ground, the traditional offering is a stack cake.

His brother decided to make the trip anyway, to touch and feel a few of the dramas Randy might have enjoyed at these Games.

It also allows public spaces to be enjoyed at night, altering our landscapes to allow for new and unique evening experiences.

And finally, I would try to do things that I enjoy at the same time, things that I was good at and that made me feel good about myself.

Join the ideal game today for some of the most interesting storylines and astonishing challenges millions of other ranchers are presently enjoying at no charge.

In 4% of cases enjoy from is used

And there were MANY things to enjoy from this game.

He taught History, a subject I enjoyed, or at least enjoyed from any teacher but him.

They also contribute to the services and benefits we all enjoy from parks and reserves to health and education.

I simply couldn't accept mild to moderate performance decreases regardless of the benefits enjoyed from new features.

Burthis was surprised when told about the discounts he could enjoy from public transport companies, as a senior citizen.

Golfers who walk significantly increase their physical exertion and, therefore, the health benefits they enjoy from golfing.

These amazing views will be enjoyed from the pleasant woodland lakeside sections and the beautiful moorlands high in the Ox Mountains.

While First Solar has yet to recapture the momentum it enjoyed from its IPO up until 2010, we can safely say that at least it isn't Trina Solar (TSL).

Will I Appreciate Playing Poker On-line? Certainly! There are so several wonderful factors that you can enjoy from playing poker on the internet that its tough to enumerate all of them.

In 4% of cases enjoy on is used

I bet they would enjoy On the Same Day for the same reason.

But they can all be enjoyed on a morning meal of pancakes and eggs.

Be sure to take all of your favorite music along to enjoy on your road trip.

He had announced Tristan as a monument to the love which could not be enjoyed on earth.

The residents ' quality of life will be determined by the facilities they enjoy on the site.

All of the differing instrumentation within makes Night Sky an enthralling experience that can be enjoyed on multiple levels.

The fact that I can now travel to distant parts, doesn't quite thrill me as much as the jouneys I enjoyed on my first bicycle.

Photo courtesy of Paul Morrison 2 -- Peak to Peak &; Whistler Chair I don't ski very well, but if I did I can only imagine the rush people enjoy on the slopes of Blackcomb and Whistler.

In 3% of cases enjoy as is used

There is much to enjoy as the story unfolds.

Life is a process, and must be enjoyed as such.

That's also not to say it can't be enjoyed as a casual party game, as it still fulfills those criteria.

If a marriage is annulled, it also means that both people lose any rights they enjoyed as a married person.

The first time I did the Cormet de Roselend was about 10 years ago which I didn't enjoy as the road was totally knackered.

For example, it maybe true that civilizations other than our own have enjoyed as part of their normal equipment the faculty of second sight or the power of seeing ghosts.

In 2% of cases enjoy during is used

It's something both of my daughters will enjoy during the holidays too.

Guests will also receive a complimentary Fairmont Beach bag with beach towels and fan to enjoy during their day by the water.

On a physical level, it is the counterpoint to many of the other physical activities I enjoy during a week, improving my flexibility and strengthening my body.

In 2% of cases enjoy to is used

We are all indebted him for peace we are enjoying to day.

Reactionary slaves to external hormonal stimulation that you enjoy to much to stop drinking the kool aid.

The design, layout and magnificent views that it still enjoys to this day, suggest Sigiriya would have been more of a royal palace of pleasure than a fortress.

This is best made for a bunch of people as it does not freeze well that I know and, frankly, it's one of the few dishes I feel can not be enjoyed to its full potential on your own.

Faith Mwondha As Inspector General of Government the seas rose and fell upon her word and she straddled the land like a legal colossus, thanks to the direct access she enjoyed to the President.

In 1% of cases enjoy like is used

They lose their freedom as they are bound to their responsibility as a mother and later they will go back to their own life which they didn't manage to enjoy like what their friends experinced.

In 1% of cases enjoy without is used

Arrested activists believe that the right to life is absolute right and other rights can not be enjoyed without.

And obviously you'll want to do your own research, but how about these lavish surroundings that you could enjoy without stress next month with $20,000 tucked away in your bank account.

In this scenario you have successfully achieved financial independence and now you are free to do things that you enjoy without having to worry about your next meal or a roof over your head.

In 1% of cases enjoy within is used

Education their own credit history and ways in which the stock option keep enjoyed within the past several.

In 1% of cases enjoy throughout is used

Rightly or wrongly, many Welsh people wish to assert the same primacy or at least primus inter pares status for Welsh and Welsh traditions within Wales as English enjoys throughout the UK.

In 1% of cases enjoy through is used

It is fully a wireless broadband which is technically called high-speed packet access (HSPA ), and it can be enjoyed through 3G- enabled handsets, smartphones and modems.

In 1% of cases enjoy over is used

The margin of advantage that Americans enjoyed over the rest of the world had already worn thin.

He must speak as someone who understands the command he enjoys over the entire executive branch, over the Democratic party, as head of state of the American people.

As per some industry pundits, this could be a killer move on part of Amazon that could kill one of the biggest advantages traditional retailers enjoyed over Amazon, that of instant gratification.

In 1% of cases enjoy of is used

You'll find a show on there you'll enjoy of the station is varied enough.

The stunning accommodation is just as breathtaking as the panoramic views it enjoys of the Black Mountains.

They enjoy of a magnificent health and however they have inflicted themselves through years of exercises, they could not have supported if they hadn't respected physiological activity laws.

In 1% of cases enjoy before is used

Leno has hardly returned to the level of dominance he enjoyed before being ripped from the only job he ever wanted.

And for those who decide to stay and fight, I'll fight because it's within my rights to return my city to a normalcy and peace it enjoyed before these rabble rousers came to town.

In 1% of cases enjoy among is used

In the recent past, three different media incursions have undermined the good will the Church enjoys among the public.

At any rate I picked out a few images to post as desktops so I hope everyone finds something they can enjoy among the selection here.

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