Prepositions after "enhance"

"enhance by" or "enhance with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases enhance by is used

The dining experience was greatly enhanced by her presence.

The suit will probably be enhanced by CGI, even the color may change.

The fruit succulence is a feature, and this is enhanced by smooth textures.

In his own house his hospitality was enhanced by a graceful urbanity and a ready wit.

The words, poems, and stories are enhanced by Momaday's own line drawings and paintings.

This affection was enhanced by already existing ties of religion, education and language.

If you want someone to guide you through your reversal process, this is much enhanced by the fact that I was there.

The user experience is also enhanced by an image viewer that serves up crisp, high-quality images of the newspapers.

This connection is enhanced by the further use of the red panel designs, which reference to some of the content themes.

Scores of hotels, villas, inns and apartments are enhanced by attractions ranging from historic sites to soft adventure.

In 17% of cases enhance with is used

So, page rank additionally enhances with the number of unique individuals.

And, the size of breasts is enhanced with the help of herbs since ancient times.

These services are well enhanced with various advanced technologies and high tech features.

In August 1998 the basic leg-pull was further enhanced with Disney being thrown into the mix.

It just seemed to me that so many of these posts would be enhanced with accompanying cartoons.

Once PDI has been enhanced with a dedicated LucidDB loader step, this script will no longer be necessary.

The rear seat entertainment package has also been enhanced with the availability of WhiteFireTM wireless technology.

Its nutritional value is enhanced with the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and volatile acids.

The driving experience is further enhanced with easily accessible information on the Multi Information Display (MID).

Having said that, as online payday loans are repaid instantly credit history is often enhanced with hardly any input.

In 10% of cases enhance in is used

In whatever form it takes, greater creativity and artistic energy is enhanced in all that we do.

No where did they say we'd be happy to have our cultural capability enhanced in the Marae but we don't want to see ourselves in the city.

There are online schools that would provide you with different English courses and through which competent skills can be enhanced in easiest way.

Microsoft windows 7 operation features very much enhanced in excess of Vis, such as quicker startups as well as better electrical power administration.

While you provide them with the correct exercises to rebuild your imaginative and prescient, your eyes start to recover and your imaginative and prescient will enhance in time.

In these meetings, Jim Whittington and the representatives discussed how relations between World Deliverance International (WDI) and the UN could be enhanced in helping with their Global Agenda.

Although the purpose of performing in role is often to increase knowledge of a character, situation, or issue, students ' knowledge of oral, written, and visual language is enhanced in the process.

In 5% of cases enhance to is used

Other fun side effect? Alex's sense of smell is enhanced to the point where she can smell like dogs do.

Enhanced Earpods For Better Audio Support The iPhone 5's audio is enhanced to a great extent with its new Earpods.

Initially only Rs 150 per Gunta of land was paid as compensation and later it was enhanced to Rs 11,500 per gunta land.

In 4% of cases enhance through is used

It has been significantly enhanced through the committee process.

Learning to dialogue is seen as one of the core competencies to be enhanced through the course.

Some comes from differences in parenting skills, which may be enhanced through practice, effort or training.

In 3% of cases enhance of is used

It is our firm belief that an unhindered exchange of ideas and accomplishments is deeply humanistic and enhancing of the quality of our teaching.

In 2% of cases enhance for is used

This holiday application is enhanced for smartphone and tablet devices.

Yet freedom wasn't enhanced for everyone once the dictator had been removed.

This dispersion is enhanced for virtually any toddler that's just understanding the like through sights and sounds.

Commitment to sharing your dynamic process and its outcome with others so that learning is enhanced for all Panel 2010 members.

In 1% of cases enhance within is used

It falls under one particular from the newest and fastest categories of supplements -- these that lead to a enhance within your Nitric Oxide levels.

In 1% of cases enhance via is used

In this case, the NFC has been enhanced via Android Beam.

In 1% of cases enhance over is used

Glass windows 7 performance offers much enhanced over Windows vista, www.

In 1% of cases enhance out is used

Each and every consecutive edition is usually an enhance out of your future as well as you will find little shed attributes in one improve to another location, simply just additional functions.

In 1% of cases enhance on is used

The visor is enhanced on the inner side by a stylish motif composed by the La Martina logo.

In 1% of cases enhance according is used

The system, quality and advancement of education are not enhanced according to the needs of the citizens.

In 1% of cases enhance due is used

Imran Khan's image and stature has been enhanced due his principled stance during the recent civil society movement.

In 1% of cases enhance beyond is used

Ideally, you'll choose an online store back end package that provides security that's enhanced beyond the PCI standard, but that needs to be your starting point.

In 1% of cases enhance because is used

Untold numbers of the world's most deprived people had their lives enhanced because of actions he took, and Britain's withdrawal from Iraq was sensitively handled.

In 1% of cases enhance at is used

Production of respirable particles (aerodynamic diameter less than 10 micrometres) is also greatly enhanced at the lower temperature -- 1.

In 1% of cases enhance after is used

I hope that all of the participants will find this seminar useful and that their understanding, confidence and expertise will be somewhat enhanced after this.

To the author's knowledge, this is the first study which shows that immune responsiveness in female mice is enhanced after haemorrhagic shock, as opposed to decreased responsiveness in males.

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