Prepositions after "emigrate"

"emigrate to" or "emigrate from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases emigrate to is used

My family emigrated to Canada in 1989.

They can emigrate to other Muslim countries.

After emigrating to England at at a very young age, he attended Copland High School.

Latin Americans who emigrated to the United States are also victims of discrimination.

Fifty years ago my grandparents had to decide whether to emigrate to Australia or Canada.

But anyone who emigrates to gain something of this world or to marry a woman, his emigration is to that to which he emigrated.

Many of those cottages were crumbling in ruins and abandoned by their tenants, who had emigrated to some more hospitable shore.

The vote is not extended to ex-pats of this generation and those that emigrated to England and who want come back are not allowed.

In 22% of cases emigrate from is used

No one emigrates from Ireland any more.

Before emigrating from Greece, he had become a religious mystic.

Robert Hamilton emigrated from Scotland to North Carolina in 1807 and then moved on to Texas.

Women whose fiances emigrated from Afghanistan line up to seek separation from absent partners.

Another respondent (71) associated it as the reason his parents emigrated from Mexico to the US.

The colonists emigrated from their homelands to get away from religious persecution and ' religious slavery '.

My one word of advice is this - My paternal grandparents emigrated from Belfast to Australia, where my da was born.

Just to keep the diaspora ticking over, my brother emigrated from Dublin to Guildford where my two nieces were born.

Most of the Muslims who had emigrated from Makkah had stayed at Quba and many of them were there when the Prophet (s.

Two years ago my family and I emigrated from Cambridge UK to Assen in the Netherlands specifically because of the fantastic cycling infrastructure here.

In 4% of cases emigrate in is used

It wasn't easy for them to emigrate in the 1980s.

In the 1930 's, unemployment meant that many men emigrated in search of work.

You are right about the foul language, I worked in the civil service before emigrating in the 80's and my office mates had a swear box and charged me 5p for every off color word.

In 4% of cases emigrate with is used

Wang came to Canada two years ago, emigrating with her parents from China.

In 1967, riots hit Hong Kong, many pupils quit the school to emigrate with their families.

In 1849, Mary Ann PAVITT (1826-1912) from Theydon Garnon visited friends in Baldock for a farewell, as she was to emigrate with her family to New Zealand.

In 2% of cases emigrate for is used

I think a lot of people emigrate for the wrong reasons, and do not think it through thoroughly enough.

In 2% of cases emigrate towards is used

The Prophet emigrated towards Medina at the same night accompanied by Abu-Bakr.

Now the heathens ' harshness got to that extent that many Muslims, by the permission of the Prophet, determined on emigrating towards Abyssinia to live in safety under the care of the king Negus.

In 1% of cases emigrate after is used

Brigadier (later Lt General) Prem Bhagat passed away in 1975 and Lt General Brooks in June 1999 in Australia to where he had emigrated after his retirement from the army.

In 1% of cases emigrate around is used

But they were protestant aristocrats who emigrated around the world &; ended up in NZ to produce me.

In 1% of cases emigrate at is used

Many Jews emigrated at this time to seek better conditions and greater wealth, and so many Jewish communities were establised abroad and flourished.

In 1% of cases emigrate during is used

EMIGRATION It is estimated that at least one million people died from starvation and its attendant diseases, whilst a further 1 million emigrated during the famine years.

In 1% of cases emigrate including is used

Two million people died and two million emigrated including 23 000 to Australia.

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