Prepositions after "drain"

drain from, into, of, by or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases drain from is used

Comments All the color has drained from his face.

She could see the energy and the will draining from Nina.

Any remaining traces of credibility will drain from FibDems.

Water will drain from your gutters when they are unobstructed by leaves and debris.

The exact same voice! The blood drained from my face and I just sat there stunned.

I will slowly kill myself because my life force is already draining from my body.

For the soaking syrup: 1/2C sugar 1/4C water (About 1/4C syrup drained from peaches) 1/2C Sex on the Beach 1.

Lakes such as Tekapo and P? kaki are still fed by rivers draining from glaciers, and the rock flour turns them a striking milky turquoise.

Did SAF not see how Berb's confidence drained from the moment he missed those opportunities and how his anonymity became more obvious in the 2nd half.

And I'll be proud to stand along side you, knowing we stood strong and protected our children It must be draining from so far out of your depth, Cherie.

In 14% of cases drain into is used

It takes a long time for changes to show More than 30 streams and rivers drain into Lake Taupo from the catchment.

Drain into a glass and top up with Hardcore IPA to taste (some bitterness should come through ), around half a bottle.

The Park forms part of the Volta River catchment and numerous rivers cross or originate in it to drain into the White Volta River.

Ground water contributes much of the water to many of the streams that drain into the Waikato River, so its quality affects the river.

Rainfall in Beijing China will enter the Yangtze River, and drain into the East China Sea, to the Pacific, and within days, that same water will circulate around the world.

In 11% of cases drain of is used

His face was permanently drained of all colour.

Those outside of it, however, have been severely drained of their resources.

The end stages of pg are so draining of your energy, the littlest problems can seem insurmountable.

I'd often drained of all energy after being with people for extended periods of time, but being with a book can set me on fire with creativity and energy.

Jinnah has thus been often reduced to a cardboard cut out, and whether cast as a nationalist hero or demonised villain his personality has been drained of humanity.

These majestic animals had been drained of all hope, their lives lived in the absence of all decency I watched as the bear workers poured their grief and horror into their physical labour.

In 10% of cases drain by is used

I felt emotionally drained by the last day and a half of my life.

Japan is anxious to recover the clout drained by 20-plus years of economic stagnation.

The region lying in the north of Ganga is drained by Ghaghra, Gandak, Burhi Gandak and Mahananda.

South of the Han basin and west of the coastal range the country is drained by two important rivers.

The article ought to be required reading for at least the one-third of the country drained by the Mississippi.

Financially drained by two months of feeding 198 people and staffing a sizeable security force, the Sampang government said it could do no more.

In 8% of cases drain out is used

Lately, the energy seems to have drained out of DDR.

I shudder to think how confidence must be draining out of the squad.

Out on deck the crime was clear; the water had decided to drain out of our creek.

And then this great puddle of blood began to drain out of him -- I threw up right there, on the floor.

In 6% of cases drain in is used

Then drain in a colander, wash the pan and repeat 5 times.

Both high volume training (Option One) and high load training (Option Two) are draining in different ways, and will necessitate different recovery times.

In the war between USA and Saddam Hussein the spectators are the poor people of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the region whose money is being drained in the pockets of Saddam Hussein and the USA.

In 6% of cases drain to is used

The valve located at the bottom of a tank that opens when the button lever is actuated and closes when the tank has drained to the desired level.

In 4% of cases drain away is used

The loose box floor must be constructed of a non-slip surface with sufficient fall to allow liquid effluent to drain away from the animal accommodation.

In 3% of cases drain before is used

Soak cut fruit in a solution of water and a bit of lemon juice and drain before freezing.

Ideally, you should always wait for the battery to drain before recharging to maintain good health, but the occasional slip won't matter much.

In 2% of cases drain off is used

Seed bed should be levelled and make the centre slightly higher than the edges to permit water to drain off the surface.

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