Prepositions after "dominate"

dominate by, in, for, at or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases dominate by is used

The climate is grim, dominated by winter.

And sex being dominated by Rajas generates karma.

Taxa in bold type are dominated by nodulating species.

The vegetation in semi-evergreen to tropical evergreen dominated by tall teak trees.

Cottons short-term price volatility has mostly been dominated by speculative traders.

I don't believe that the Rumanians consider themselves dominated by the Soviet Union.

Mole National Park represents a fairly undisturbed guinea Savannah ecosystem dominated by open savannah woodland.

Similar allegations were made by people of the localities dominated by Bengali Buddhists, locally known as Baruas.

The tablet arena, which was once solely dominated by the Apple's iPad, is now booming with a new entrant every day.

I work in a scientific field -- the study of language acquisition in children -- that is in fact dominated by women.

In 9% of cases dominate in is used

This shows that the agriculture sector dominate in terms of employment.

The long-term problem was what type of Islam would dominate in Malaysia.

Can't believe that we used to dominate in that sport about 30 years back.

It dominated the Olympic Games in the same way that sprinters dominate in a digital age.

Acacias tend to dominate in drier inland parts of Australia, while eucalypts dominate in wetter parts.

Economically, Australia dominates in this region which is characterised by diversity in levels of development.

However, in the face of the snow and lingering chill, warmth will dominate in most of the country as we head into December.

Having the 577RR or 577RX variant of the actinin 3 gene does not explain why Jamaicans dominate in international sprint events.

But he was dominated in the running game, constantly sealed off on the edge as Buffalo's two star backs Fred Jackson and (especially) C.

Refreshing basic Korean liner up painting Korean makeup with nude makeup, natural feeling dominated in recent years, sought after by many girls.

In 2% of cases dominate for is used

He said that's how he dominated for so long and that he had a one track mind for winning.

What helps is that QLD have dominated for long periods which almost makes them a straight forward selection.

Suddenly, after dominating for a half, Chelsea found itself trailing and on the cusp of its first league defeat of the season.

Edison lost and centralized power systems dominated for more than a century, despite regular attempts to promote more decentralization.

The Mustangs ' best player last week was Peter Scholtes, who dominated for the squad on the floor and currently leads his team in scoring (15.

But no one else wants to read this inane argument, Henry, &; I'd prefer to let other voices have a chance in this thread, which we've dominated for too long.

How will this team assimilate Durant into it after he dominated for USA 90 nike air max Basketball at the 2010 world championships in Turkey? Also, there's the LeBron factor.

Revealing swimwear, tropical sun dresses and gala gowns dominated for women while menswear veered from showy dancehall styles to more sedate suiting, casual denim and sportswear.

In 1% of cases dominate at is used

These trees gradually replace the dipterocarp trees that dominate at lower elevations.

In 1% of cases dominate from is used

Ethan, we dominated from 20th minute on.

The eastern branches of the Eoganacht, located at Cashel and Glanworth, began to dominate from about 700 A.

In 1% of cases dominate over is used

Globalism tends to dominate over the awareness of human values.

We can dominate over the world through outsourcing as well as make contribution to the economic progress of our country.

The technique of perspective also shifted the role of space in images, allowing space to dominate over the figures in the frame.

In 1% of cases dominate with is used

Gartner expects Apple's game-changing iPad to continue to dominate with a two-thirds share.

He uplifts the world around him through dominating with his spirit, which, if left undistorted,.

Instead, the second half continued where the first left off, Arsenal dominating with the hosts occasionally countering.

Not sure if you can relate - my years growing up as the fat kid was dominated with uncomfortable moments, but I knew I had something that burned inside me to impact other people.

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