Prepositions after "disinterested"

disinterested in, with, at, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases disinterested in is used

He's disinterested in his children.

He acts disinterested in the job he has.

You are merely disinterested in the spirit.

The plod they send to pick you up are totally disinterested in the case matter.

One is left to conclude that HP is totally disinterested in those who visit it.

It's because I'd joyously happy and completely disinterested in their opinions.

If you write about just the same old thing, your readers will become disinterested in a short amount of time.

Who could forget it? Even those completely disinterested in technology seemed to come down with iPhone fever.

The few TSO's I've dealt with were mostly pleasant but disinterested in my situation, problems or discomforts.

If you have been low, upset or listless in the past two weeks, disinterested in things, you could be a victim.

In 2% of cases disinterested at is used

Carlos Vela had been guilty of missing the best chances, but his movement and work rate made him far better than Nik who looked lazy and disinterested at times.

The only problem is that our chief executive has been very good at taking liberties with the privileges but seem completely disinterested at discharging the responsibilities.

Flippant and disinterested at even an early age, he nevertheless can charm the witless Franklin into believing he's a golden child, all while wreaking havoc on Eva anytime he is alone with her.

In 2% of cases disinterested with is used

At times he even appeared disinterested with the fight.

He looks completely disinterested with and without the puck.

Just continue to be careless or extra disinterested with what is heading on about you.

Unfortunately, most believers are ignorant of or disinterested with the intellectual and philosophical aspect and implication of religions.

Nick is disinterested with her attempts to provide the right school snack, write the perfect application for private school, and is becoming distant.

Still sporting a compression wrap on his right calf and knee as he dribbles up and down the floor, Laroche appears to be somewhat disinterested with the drill.

In 1% of cases disinterested about is used

There are many things we do not like about Africa and yet we remain disinterested about the things that matter.

In 1% of cases disinterested after is used

They looked completely disinterested after Robin Van Persie scored the opening goal.

But the shops close very early, and the shop assistants start to become very disinterested after five.

In 1% of cases disinterested as is used

Perhaps it is time Andrew Stauss's leadership was questioned, at times he seems quite disinterested as to whats going on around him.

The freeholder did not insure the place (and was completely disinterested as the lease was vague ), each of us had our own insurance and the guy above (Mr H) wouldnt claim on his insurance.

In 1% of cases disinterested by is used

They may be accused of being cold or disinterested by their partners.

So become disinterested by our own clarifying of the alleged facts or position.

Throw in travel demands and perhaps a stern AV quote or two and he could look worn down or disinterested by December.

In 1% of cases disinterested during is used

It would definitely be a new challenge for a personality that has often looked jaded and nearly disinterested during recent years.

Jess, 40, is mum to twelve year-old Beth and stepped in when she detected a problem: ' Beth seemed so disinterested during her last year of primary.

A former neuroscience graduate student at the University of Colorado, 24-year-old Holmes appeared alert but disinterested during his pre-trial hearing.

The Republican candidate showed poise, energy and focus during the debate, while the usually unflappable Obama seemed unfocused and somewhat disinterested during the debate.

In 1% of cases disinterested for is used

Disinterested for the nonce, when after reading the develop, I fantasy communicate those.

In 1% of cases disinterested from is used

It was, by Flintoff's admission, a sluggish affair but he started the fight well, pawing out jabs while Dawson looked disinterested from the off.

It is the largest shake up in 50 years of policing, but the progress has been dogged with criticism of political interference and general disinterested from the public.

In 1% of cases disinterested on is used

His performance had been petulant and disinterested on the night.

So teammates want become disinterested on D because their not getting the ball on the other end.

In 1% of cases disinterested to is used

And in no clip does the actor seem bored or disinterested to audiences.

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