Prepositions after "diminish"

"diminish in" or "diminish by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases diminish in is used

It is no accident that literary reading has diminished in recent years.

The press kiosks in Paris diminished in numbers from 370 to 310 between 1999 and 2002.

Those with certain characteristics live, and those without them diminish in number or die.

Therefore their ability to experience sensations such as pain would be diminished in comparison to higher vertebrates.

The relationship between the child and absent parent might diminish in meaning and attachment relationships may not be maintained or developed.

The general lived like a rich man in Philadelphia, which was curious since he had only a modest army salary, greatly diminished in value by rampant inflation.

As the nation-state has diminished in importance since the end of the Cold War, Western economies have opened up, not only to capital from abroad but also to labor.

Based on the reality on ground, the clan loyalty is significantly diminishing in Somalia and the Somali community at large is now ready for peace, unity and development.

In 21% of cases diminish by is used

In that case they are diminished by costs release in different standard databases.

This role is, by implication, diminished by policies that encourage people into paid employment.

However, their impact is often diminished by a lack of skill or knowledge on the part of the participants.

Attempting to do without these extras would immediately cause the car's performance to diminish by fifty percent or more.

This has brought into question Cameron's judgement and the prime minister has been diminished by the scandal and his handling of it.

One important factor in funding is that one years funding for a provider can be severely diminished by poor performance in a previous year.

Nor is my satisfaction diminished by even the smallest degree who link to my articles as evidence that I am mad, bad and dangerous to know.

The value of training was, however, diminished by the fact that the training environment provided to Trusts differed from the live system they were deploying.

The date that this entrance marks is crucial for it is AD 1914 the start of World War 1, indeed the spiritual horizons of the whole world were severely diminished by this event.

In 12% of cases diminish with is used

Notice also that the importance of these Gods diminishes with time.

This is a problem that will diminish with time but is relevant to today's devices.

The usefulness of this fighter diminishes with the maturity of chinese aviation industry.

Likewise, the number of people from rooming houses who partake has diminished with gentrification.

As that group diminished with successive surges, Makau dropped off the back several times, only to fight back into contention.

In 7% of cases diminish from is used

But it can not diminish from the overall picture.

The expansion of European Football has diminished from this.

The pasta aisle diminished from De Cecchi to Dolmio, from oricchiette to short-cut macaroni.

As the years have past by the community has diminished from a lively origo into an almost slum-like area.

He diminished from the scene, at the beginning of 90s with the appearance of Mushtaq Ahmed and he played his last ODI in 1993.

In 7% of cases diminish over is used

Once regarded as the leader in mobile technology it has seen its popularity and user base diminish over time.

This logistics issue is in the process of being rectified, however, and we think that the excessive discount of Nymex WTI relative to Brent is likely to diminish over the coming months.

In 6% of cases diminish to is used

Spain's growth has diminished to one per-cent annually.

Our attention span is diminishing to that of a mere 140 characters after all.

In 3% of cases diminish as is used

I am diminished as a creative person.

These feelings will slowly diminish as the drugs wear down.

In 3% of cases diminish during is used

If QPR as a club was rapidly taking on the trappings of a soap opera, such a reputation didn't diminish during the stewardships of Ecclestone and Briatore.

In 3% of cases diminish for is used

Once again excitement diminished for a time, but on the 31st PC 702 sank two large motorboats and damaged another near Chindo.

In 2% of cases diminish despite is used

The capital has experienced more than a week of protests that show no signs of diminishing despite being repeatedly broken up by police using tear gas and batons.

In 2% of cases diminish rather is used

It is well and good if suspicions between Asian nations are diminishing rather than rising.

But what is truly remarkable is that suspicion between Asian nations is diminishing rather than rising, seen especially through the more open relations between China and Japan, and China and India.

In 1% of cases diminish of is used

Let's hope so, people I think have finally wised up to what privatision means, job cuts, low wages, diminishing of staff quality and care, and lots of lovely bonuses for the few.

In 1% of cases diminish within is used

There is the risk that as the Australian government removes customary law from the Australian legal system, it will be diminished within communities and an internal system of governance will be lost.

In 1% of cases diminish since is used

It is true that the absolute dominance of the dollar has gradually diminished since World War II, given the rise of Asia and Europe.

In 1% of cases diminish on is used

If there isn't a singoff, Union J's chances of making the final diminish on a number of levels.

In 1% of cases diminish according is used

Media coverage about climate change is down almost 40 percent since 2009 and public attention has diminished according to any number of polls.

In 1% of cases diminish after is used

However, supply risks diminished after Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement agreed on Wednesday to an Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire to halt the eight-day conflict around Gaza.

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