Prepositions after "determine"

determine by, in, at, for or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases determine by is used

Any person determined by NYAKPO.

Such a plea is determined by a judge alone.

The severity is determined by the individual.

The chances are the probabilities that are determined by these probabilistic laws.

The outcome is determined by an Electoral College, which has a total of 538 votes.

How large this jump would be could be determined by performing hourly measurements.

The **28;12783;TOOLONG of the region-viewport-area is determined by the precedence trait on the fo:region-after.

How to Make Money from Your Television Shows Advert Rate Advertising rates are determined by program popularity.

It is determined by the nature of the music, the dexterity of the player, and the complexity of the instruments.

Market interest rates are determined by two variables - policy interest rate level and the liquidity conditions.

In 7% of cases determine in is used

Usefulness was determined in four ways.

That can only be determined in a court of law.

Just like first, second, third positions is determined in class.

A contested election shall be determined in such manner as shall be directed by law.

If no matching font is found, a fallback selection is determined in a system-dependent manner.

Departments of State and Education determined in 1983 that there is no statutory requirement for U.

Classical probabilities are ascertainable, assuming that the space of possibilities can be determined in principle.

This goes against the principle that the punishment of offenders should be determined in relation to their culpability.

We expect that if the accused person is found guilty, their fate will also be determined in a court by a judge or magistrate.

Yes, we are saying the period of liability for deployment will be determined in advance and will be of broadly fixed duration.

In 3% of cases determine at is used

As far as the rise, it will be hard to determine at this point.

The procedures for handling vehicles are determined at the state level.

These Processes are likely to be determined at system initialization time.

The lack of an independent board means these salaries are not being determined at arms length.

That fact has to be determined at the trial when it is sought to prove the confession in evidence.

Lifetime smoking history was determined at each follow up in two items adapted from previous research.

A defined benefit scheme is a superannuation scheme in which the benefit payable is determined at the outset of the scheme.

A defined contribution scheme is a superannuation scheme in which the contribution is determined at the outset of the scheme.

Pay conditions Pay and conditions are determined at the individual agency level and will therefore vary from one agency to the next.

However, after setting off to the capital gain, as net computation under the head business was a loss, the total income determined at Rs.

In 3% of cases determine for is used

Moreover, many comets also move along in the orbits determined for them.

The passengers are not in chain, neither are their activities determined for them by decree.

So what does the Holy Qur'an say? It teaches us that religion is a personal matter for each individual to determine for himself.

On OS/390, to determine for which object you are not authorized, you can use the violation messages issued by the External Security Manager.

Before talking about human rights, we have to define the extension of rights determined for human, whether it is impinged upon body or soul.

How the computed values are determined for a given formatting object is dependent on which of the corresponding properties are specified on the object.

This does not detract from the finding that his retirement in the absence of a normal retirement age being determined for him was unfairly discriminatory.

This particular usually brings about an unsatisfied home owner expecting they had determined for that skillfulness regarding painters and also interior designers in London.

A different system needs to be put in place, one where each individual is able to determine for himself which services he wants to pay for from the pool of money he has earned with his labor.

In 3% of cases determine from is used

Counts of merozoites are more accurate when determined from thin films.

The unique property is determined from the speciality in aesthetic activity.

It is the symbol of what you stand for and the test of one's brand is something that is always determined from the outside-in.

It will also help the mission team determine from afar whether or not they want to send the rover over to investigate a particular landform.

However, on direct or through flights with one or more intermediate stops, JPMiles will be determined from the place of origin to destination of travel.

Then it occurred to me that it'd make sense to have the type shown on the object to be determined from a key labelled ' stereotype ' within each object.

Since v1 has been determined, as described above and g, h and d may be regarded as known the radius r of the drop could be determined from the above equation.

All of the trade goods from that period are represented in the sites and we now have skeletons that can be dated and ethnic origin determined from bone samples.

In 3% of cases determine to is used

Golden Eagle International Group is determined to build an international brand of Chinese business.

A lot of people are determined to not let that happen again, and don't mind breaking a few eggs in the process.

And everyone he met socially was determined to practice their English on him, so he stayed at a basic tourist level.

The success of the Games will be determined to an extent on how many British medals are won - 19 golds from Beijing is the yardstick.

Burberry back packs are only about normal along with the reason stands out because elements all of us determine to type one of the complete favorites.

Though RDM was the one who won Champion league for chelsea but i believe he got nothing but lucky last season and also the player are determined to won it.

In keeping with All Hallows Eve the familiar array of pirates, nurses, pumpkins -- and even two Fraggles -were dressed to the nines and determined to party.

Determined to both enjoy life and save money, Neradine devised a plan to find a way back to conscious, healthy spending - without forgoing a busy social life.

A broker should take time to understand what it is a business actually wants and needs; among other things these wishes will determine to whom a business is introduced.

I didn't manage to have one done 2 years ago when we were there cos he was so so booked up so I was determined to this time! He is such a lovley man and full of interesting stories.

In 2% of cases determine on is used

Success and failure are determined on an individual basis (Bellah et al.

The success of any conference is ultimately determined on the strength of the follow-up.

In such societies, the majority and minority would be determined on the basis of ethnicity.

There should be rules that should be incorporated in order to determine on how their goals are to be achieved.

To Mars, when they have determined on a decisive battle, they dedicate as a rule whatever spoil they may take.

The Prophet, after consultation with his companions, determined on digging a ditch around Medina to hold back the enemy.

This ranking of Canada was determined on the basis of the total percentage of GNI contributed in the form of overall development assistances.

If the 10th day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the CDC must be determined on the following day, unless otherwise agreed by the certifying authority and the applicant.

Now the heathens ' harshness got to that extent that many Muslims, by the permission of the Prophet, determined on emigrating towards Abyssinia to live in safety under the care of the king Negus.

In 2% of cases determine with is used

Vikings would have been able to determine with precision the direction of the hidden Sun.

Timing would be possible to determine with greater accuracy by refinement in ability to see beyond the Earth's crust.

Owusu Martin, I have explained in this site that the grades are not fixed but is determined with overall performance.

Best Interest of the Child Child custody issues are always determined with one primary goal in mind -- to do what is in the best interest of the child.

All celestial bodies including planets, satellites of these planets, stars, and even galaxies have their own orbits that have been determined with very delicate computations.

In 1% of cases determine according is used

Your membership points will be determined according to your final situation.

The annual value of the Property is determined according to Basis B as agreed between the parties.

This is what Krugman means also, about the US Federal reserve's policies being determined according to ACTIONS, rather than RESULTS.

In 1% of cases determine as is used

In the valid standards EN ISO 13849-1/IEC 6 the required risk reduction of the safety related control system has tobe determined as the result of the risk assessment.

In 1% of cases determine through is used

Toxin levels in specific foods were determined through the Total Diet Study and other databases.

This can be achieved by determining through carrying out a survey if that particular software has the capacity to attract customer to your side.

These otherworldly influences were strongest at Samain when the tribes fortunes for the forthcoming year would be determined through the renewal of Spring and Summer.

In 1% of cases determine under is used

After that date membership will be determined under the Indian Act rules.

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