Prepositions after "desirable"

"desirable for" or "desirable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases desirable for is used

This is desirable for three reasons.

NZ is seen as desirable for a number of reasons.

That's not desirable for the individual or the team.

Both more desirable for her then being trapped in the purgatory of half-existence.

Centrifugal compressors are desirable for their simple design and few moving parts.

Attention is desirable for most women wearing skimpy, tight clothes, harassment is not.

In video games for instance, it is desirable for a player to operate different control buttons at the same time.

Depending on the complexity of the society? s finances, it may be desirable for a society to appoint an auditor.

Since then, I have learned that what's important is the UVB narrow band and the most desirable for our purposes.

Peace is always desirable for its own sake, and every other desirable state comes after peace, not along with it.

In 23% of cases desirable in is used

This was desirable in this wave image.

It also seems undesirable in policy terms.

Humor is always desirable in a chic space.

And in fact there's no discussion about what's desirable in relation to that at all.

I like to think of G-0-D as All that IS: Good, 0rderly and Desirable in the universe.

It is desirable in the public interest that industrial techniques should be improved.

By her own admission the writer says that men what young women because they are more desirable in their twenties.

If you are an old-fashioned nationalist, the change of ownership, from white to black, may be desirable in itself.

Sunlight passing through a window adds heat to a room - desirable in winter, but generally unwanted in the summer.

It is considered desirable in the public interest that Judges should be transferred from one High Court to another.

In 15% of cases desirable to is used

This is not always desirable to owners.

This may or may not be desirable to you.

It's just not desirable to me right now.

Maybe the appearance of your site is less desirable to you than what it used to be.

Also painting a number on the rear of the cover makes it less desirable to thieves.

Is that a realistic scenario? It will certainly make it less desirable to short sell.

Hell yes, I want to be sexually desirable to my submissive, to me that's a no-brainer AND it's a source of power.

If possible, look into developing a USP that differentiates you and makes your brand more desirable to consumers.

Marmol is the only guy I see with enough value to be desirable to other teams, therefore most likely to be traded.

It all begins with a thought that is generated in your mind -- a thought about something that is desirable to you.

In 4% of cases desirable by is used

Both are considered desirable by some guitarists.

Omar replied we will act as deemed desirable by us.

One more thing, deaths on hajj are desirable by many muslims but not on basant.

It is this secrecy that makes the use of blackberry service desirable by corporates.

In respect of its reality this scientific thinking is a revolution desirable by Islam Itself.

An MBA from the AGSM rates as one of the most desirable by employers seeking high-level executives.

They're not desirable by any means as the walls are paper thin, can be drafty and poorly maintained in some cases.

They could be made even more desirable by have pedestrianised streets (easily done since there are no through routes).

In 3% of cases desirable as is used

This is desirable as an induction agent.

It shows you're desirable as a media interview.

Nokia want to make their phone desirable as an object, not as a phone.

These chemicals make you feel more desirable as well as minimize your anxiety degrees.

I think it'll only make you more desirable as an employee/freelancer, and easier to work with.

It is therefore not desirable as a pure bred but used in cross bred synthetic terminal sire line.

Quite simply, a woman who engaged in sex was much less desirable as a marriage partner, than one who was a virgin.

While it may not be as outright desirable as the VW, the GTC is a sleek looker and offers plenty of driving thrills.

In order to be desirable as a proper boyfriend or even a husband, men have to possess some aspects of a ' safe choice '.

Some political clarity about the genesis of its structure seems desirable as a starting-point for considering its future.

In 3% of cases desirable from is used

This can be desirable from a security standpoint.

But it is more likely the action seemed desirable from the U.

Only aircraft would have been more desirable from his client's point of view.

So, the final outcomes may not be as desirable from the perspective of the employee.

Not only is it not desirable from a free speech perspective, it is also not necessary.

Some configurations are desirable from a human perspective, and others are undesirable.

A truly effective software solution to the categorization problem would also be most desirable from a legal standpoint.

Maybe that's right legally and desirable from a policy perspective and maybe it's not right and desirable on either score.

They are obviously more risky, but with a bit of time and thought, you can easily weed out the less desirable from the lot.

A vertical list of schools, all of which are desirable from the student's perspective, is critical to a good final decision.

In 2% of cases desirable of is used

Smoking and drinking are not desirable of children.

The most desirable of which is less polygons being used.

Endomorphs: It is considered to be the least desirable of all body types.

To be praised and idealized is also an occupational hazard and much the less desirable of the two.

The supervision, where desirable of individuals including foreigners, leaving or entering the colony.

It certainly is the most desirable of outcomes, but it is something that has to happen organically, as opposed to by design.

Slow trains are slow, and fill up at all the stations in the northern suburbs - among the less desirable of Paris suburban areas.

Kerosene: This is the dirtiest and least desirable of the slow fuels though in some third world countries, it's all that's available.

In 2% of cases desirable on is used

It might even be desirable on the basis of equity as they earn more and have better pensions.

Growth in the emerging economies, while desirable on many levels, has created a new set of problems.

Many pro-poor initiatives in this field are desirable on many grounds over and above their benefits for the poor.

Maybe that's right legally and desirable from a policy perspective and maybe it's not right and desirable on either score.

Something must be desirable on its own account, and because of its immediate accord or agreement with human sentiment and affection.

Perry was a good candidate who made rookie mistakes in debate, otherwise his skills in office are quite desirable on a national level.

As to leaving the euro, while this may (or may not) be desirable on other grounds, it does not necessarily follow logically from default.

Whether or not this change would be desirable on a practical level or indeed such persons would be properly independent is up for discussion.

That? s a shame, too? a Sheridan commentary would have been highly desirable on this, one of his best-known and most respected movies to date.

But apart from the utilitarian question of public safety, it is desirable on other principles too that non-trivial offenders should go to jail.

In 2% of cases desirable with is used

Rubies are desirable with color red.

A closer spacing would be desirable with M.

The remaining lots are desirable with flat, partial and full walk-out lots still available.

I love the actual environment right here, more Kobe 6 Shoes desirable with regard to my personal improvement.

Africa, the cradle of civilization, has become more desirable with its shifts to independence of all her nation states.

A second adult officer would be desirable with a view to providing for the absence of the President, and for the possibilities of expansion.

Any additional qualification such as a Degree/Diploma in Clothing and Technology is desirable with a minimum of 3 years experience in Pattern Making.

If the city is so desirable with as bright a future as its proponents claim to justify higher prices, we should be seeing rents going up to reflect this.

The Bristol and Avonmouth area are highly desirable with distribution and manufacturing premises playing an important role as growth and expansion continue.

In 1% of cases desirable about is used

I don't think I understand what would be desirable about that.

What is NOT desirable about that? Oh, profit for the megacorps, I forgot.

There is very little that's desirable about a Daewoo, though I admit to appreciating the Winstorm SUV's styling.

Why do women always go for bad boys? EW: There is something desirable about them because they represent a fantasy.

Sure, there's nothing desirable about using military force to pursue national interests - or any interests, if we're being frank.

The sexism is in the idea that there's something romantic and desirable about near-coercive (or sometimes even coercive) manipulation.

Yet more substantially, there is nothing desirable about a return to the days when only a golden circle of people had access to home loans.

Pain itself has nothing desirable about it; the individual dislikes it as society does crime, and yet it is a function of normal physiology.

Others felt that there is something not so desirable about a certain kind of exclusivity or preciousness applied to sushi of a particular type.

Put another way, the smoke itself is not what's desirable about smoking meat, and volumes of smoke poured through the smokehouse can overpower the product and even turn it bitter.

In 1% of cases desirable at is used

Hugs and kisses makes a woman feel desirable at all times.

The web-site must be desirable at the same time as the offers for the goods as well.

This is most desirable at Barchester; it is this that makes our good bishop so anxious about it.

Night Walker Night Walkers at lower levels are horrible, but they become much more desirable at levels 29-30.

Lower level Arans migh Thieves Dagger thieves at lower levels are horrible, but they become much more desirable at levels 29-30.

Modern, desirable at the same time towards shows the indicate designer removed from the designer designate Gucci Handbags Outlet.

Skippen has been Acting Chairman of the Board and we believe that it is appropriate and desirable at this time to make the position permanent.

So here we sit at the base of the huge step which we all seem to agree is necessary or desirable at some point but we mustn't lift our foot at this point.

The difference is that Occupiers are already consciously aware of this natural human solidarity and are prepared to act on it in whatever way seems necessary and desirable at the time.

In 1% of cases desirable because is used

This has come to be desirable because of its association with traditional denim.

The participation would still be desirable because of the benefits that we have seen through experience.

Obviously, the non-inverting amplifier is more desirable because of its freedom from loading the input voltage source.

It was true that many regarded the Irish as less desirable because of their Catholicism and their reputation as drunken and disorderly.

While feather-filled pillows are desirable because of their coziness and flexibility, not many people use them because of allergy concerns.

Antique An antique is an old item, desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, or some other unique features.

However if it was felt desirable because of social considerations or in order to continue a family name, which was in danger of becoming extinct, the order could be reversed.

This is desirable because of the risks of the contracting business, and is more than recompense for the additional burden of taxes that those taking part in corporate ownership must bear.

In the economic sphere, globalization may be desirable because of the widening and deepening of the international flow of trade, finance and information in a single, integrated global market.

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