Prepositions after "democratic"

democratic in, for, about, of or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases democratic in is used

It's very democratic in that way.

He was democratic in his meanness.

It's democratic in its purest form.

I too am a former Republican who has voted Democratic in 2008 and will again in 2012.

In a context dominated by corporates it sought to be democratic in its representations.

In that context parties that are seen to be democratic in their procedures will benefit.

Syria was not democratic in the western sense but it was home to a unique levantine form of religious tolerance.

Wisconsin is the only one of the nine battlegrounds that has voted Democratic in each of the past six elections.

Any process that has the affect of filtering candidature is not exactly democratic in the true sense of the word.

You may be quite confident about controlling a situation, but you may be less likely to be democratic in approach.

In 8% of cases democratic for is used

Democratic for social issues and foreign policy.

And India had to be democratic for a similar reason.

In 1919, Germany became democratic for the first time.

The United States is a republic which has been stable and democratic for centuries.

SIGNIFICANCE: Until 2010, the district had gone Democratic for nearly three decades.

The party didn't carry the name Democratic for nothing -- many members must have argued.

In any case, cities have been heavily Democratic for quite awhile now, and I'd always shocked to see the GOP carry any.

Dallas County has already gone Democratic in recent elections, and Austin and the Rio Grande Valley have been Democratic for a while.

Thus making Republicans who have an equal voice feel their voice isn't heard since California has voted Democratic for many elections.

President Barack Obama has won Wisconsin's ten electoral votes, the seventh time in a row the state has voted Democratic for president.

In 7% of cases democratic about is used

There's nothing democratic about them.

There is nothing democratic about that.

There is nothing democratic about this.

There not one thing democratic about the Democrat Political Party leaders &; followers.

However, what is democratic about transferring power to an unelected monarch? Answer: nothing.

You are beginning to see that there is nothing progressive about them (ACN) or democratic about them.

As there was nothing democratic about the suppression of European Jews ' immigration in the 30? s, 40? s and late 40? s.

Hence it was just a pathetic attempt to somehow show that hey their's nothing wrong or Anti democratic about the Royal secrecy.

There is nothing democratic about them, however, if you repeat something often enough, some people will think they are democratic.

There is nothing democratic about that! Even within the ' 48 borders, you still have Bedouin villages in the south being demolished.

In 7% of cases democratic of is used

Death is the most democratic of all happenings.

Ros is now for everyone -- the most democratic of wines.

Avoiding bed bugs, the most democratic of all pests, is a crap shoot.

However, domestic violence has been described as the ' most democratic of all crimes '.

Forces from the most democratic of the different Somali military factions created Somaliland.

Thus, disaster management is imbedded deeply into the democratic of governance of the Philippines.

He was revolutinoary Democratic of anti-Imperial struggle during Natioanl liberation war agianst of imperial york.

Britain used to pride itself on being the most democratic of aristocracies and the most aristocratic of democracies.

Francisco Xavier do Amaral was the first President of the short lived Democratic of the Republic of East Timor in 1975.

Per-vote subsidy is the most democratic of all the current subsidies, as it awards control of resources by the people in an even amount.

In 6% of cases democratic to is used

Doesn't sound very democratic to me.

It all sounds pretty democratic to me.

Democratic to Democratic Republican to NPP.

We are not liberal in the American or European sense, and we are democratic to the extreme.

If we want to live up to Tim Gordon's claim to be democratic to our core then the road to take is simple.

The vertical dimension shows the ratio of Democratic to Republican votes in the 2008 presidential election.

Krauthammer listed several results of the shift from democratic to republican mindsets during the 2010 election.

Union busting the teachers wrecking public education and Texas in charge of text books doesn't sound democratic to me.

What Monkey has described doesn't sound very democratic to me and places a lot of power in the hands of a very few people.

There is something very beautiful about the Irish electoral system -- very painful for many I know, but democratic to the heart.

In 5% of cases democratic by is used

Planning can be made democratic by measures such participatory budgeting.

Quite obviously, these political parties can not be democratic by any definition.

Democratic Peace Clock - With present trends, the entire world may be democratic by 2025.

It will be more democratic by requiring every elected MP to obtain more than 50% of the vote.

I don't know the exact number, but I suspect that places like DC voted Democratic by 70% or more.

The most autocratic and the worst caste systems could call themselves democratic by that definition.

Illinois went Democratic by 8,858 votes out of the 4,746,834 that were cast for the two major parties.

And white women, who leaned Democratic by a 49% to 42% margin in 2008, now tilt slightly toward the GOP by a 47% to 44% margin.

All articles emphasized the same point that it was absolutely necessary to make parliament more democratic by extending the franchise to women.

Horseracing had become more democratic by the turn of the century and Quebec had four tracks with a variety of programs, including harness racing.

In 3% of cases democratic as is used

It just wasn't so democratic as they'd hope.

By appealing to Democratic as well as Republican voters, Reagan had a great electoral victory.

Singapore is considered as a ' hybrid ' country, as it has democratic as well as authoritarian elements.

A great deal of reforms, both democratic as well as economic were undertaken following this important election.

U may recalled that when u r Captain of pak Crticket u r at that time also not democratic as to why no one crickter with u.

Both Houses of Parliament have the same franchise, as Quick and Garran admit, so the Senate is just as democratic as the House of Representatives.

It will only happen if we have a true democracy a la Switzerland in which only the people are sovereign with true legal democratic as the citizen has.

In his view, the state was necessarily harsh in its early decades due to the threat of invasion, but became progressively more democratic as the Soviet Union became stronger.

It is depressing that for political parties as supposedly democratic as the ANC and the DP, that the statement that their members on the Committee must vote against their better judgements.

In 3% of cases democratic with is used

My district is 85% Democratic with some indies and some greens.

Luckily, the European Commission has been a little more democratic with the truth.

In 2008, Rhode Island voted Democratic with 296,571 voters casting ballots for the Obama-Biden team.

Free in spirit, expansive of thought, democratic with knowledge, responsible, authentic and innovative.

It is extremely rich, modern, industrialised and democratic with excellent health care and a 100 per cent literacy rate.

It is REALLY ridiculous to call ourselves as democratic with first world status when we are trully behind even some third world nations.

At the initial stage the movement was peaceful and democratic with the slogan ' divide Assam fifty-fifty ', but later it turned violent.

By the time the Intermediate class came round, things were getting nicely democratic with each of the three clubs represented in the 4-way jump-off for honours.

In 2002, he defeated wealthy ophthalmologist Melissa Brown by less than expected; the 13th had been made somewhat more Democratic with the addition of part of Philadelphia.

The manifesto made no attempt to explain exactly how the chamber would be more representative and democratic with its hereditary element removed, and did not explore either concept.

In 3% of cases democratic at is used

Janet you are completely right that the process has to be democratic at some point.

From 2002 to 2009, voters ' partisan identification has moved from virtual parity -- 43 percent Republican and 43 percent Democratic at the height of George W.

Also noted is that British rule in Ireland was not properly democratic at this point, which meant that no serious state response to the famine could be demanded.

In 2016 the current 14-17 year-olds will be added to the group that will then be the 18-32 year old voting block consistently voting Democratic at a 60-70 percent level or higher.

In 2% of cases democratic on is used

Fortunately, other parties are more democratic on the issue of Europe.

We could not be democratic on one aspect and undemocratic on the other.

Again, the governor can not be democratic on one aspect and undemocratic on the other.

The freedom of making choice is democratic on this land, but the people itself choose the otherwise.

Like most American actors he was extremely democratic on set, making an effort to get to know everyone.

To ban such an important national issue is basically confirming our fears that this country is only democratic on the surface.

I think that those of you who believe in voting Democratic on the principle that Democrats are slightly less evil than Republicans need to read this.

If economic freedom can be established in a poor country, then growth would be encouraged, and the country would tend eventually to become more democratic on its own.

Iran may just collapsse like Syria and maybe, just maybe, the Middle East (like Russia) will become modern and democratic on it's own without further *major* conflict.

In 1% of cases democratic from is used

We have been entirely less democratic from the very beginning of our Dominion.

Latest news Our Projects The approach to Integral Village Development has been democratic from the start.

However I do agree with you that Nehru was a democratic from heart and was open to hear opinions against him and that given massive support he had, he could have been a dictator.

Since American governance was more or less democratic from the start, the people could choose not to cede to it the safeguarding of their personal safety but to keep it as their prerogative.

In 1% of cases democratic despite is used

Now I'd reading articles telling me it's democratic despite the lack of elections.

The people to whom this appeals are overwhelmingly either already voting Democratic despite differences with the party on drilling or are people whose votes are ungettable by Obama.

In 1% of cases democratic over is used

Jan Lokpal definitely looks more democratic over governement's Lokpal bill.

It is even falling over to be understanding of the problem of trying to be internally democratic over areas that require education or special knowledge.

In 1% of cases democratic rather is used

That's if the game owners were interested in making stuff democratic rather than simply laying down the law themselves.

Before communities around the world can become sustainable, business practices must become democratic rather than aristocratic.

But -- I take seriously the idea that each DHB is ' owned ' (in a democratic rather than legal sense) by the community it serves, and I think we need to be driven by the wishes of its people.

In 1% of cases democratic through is used

Conservative Populist -- generally a social/fiscal conservative, but more interested in making party/society more democratic through consultation, referendum, etc.

In 1% of cases democratic because is used

It is democratic because of its foundations of popular consent and majority rule.

In Orange County the Viets who are mostly Chinese too vote Democratic because of government programs.

An awful lot of voters vote Democratic because of who they are, because they have progressive values of one kind or another -- not just because they are union members or soccer moms.

In 1% of cases democratic under is used

Tanzania is democratic under multiparty political system.

That would be far too democratic under this regime, wouldn't it.

And I am bemused by the comment about the country being more democratic under a National government.

In 1% of cases democratic versus is used

Good versus poor governance is far more important than democratic versus autocratic governance.

In 1% of cases democratic without is used

Obviously, much could be done to make the Election/Nominating Committee more democratic without suggesting anything as radical as one-person-one-vote primary elections to select CE candidates.

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