Prepositions after "defensive"

"defensive about" or "defensive in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases defensive about is used

Don't get so defensive about it.

And don't feel defensive about it.

You seem very defensive about this.

India is no more defensive about the human-rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Many men feel blamed and defensive about the issue of men's violence against women.

To deny or get defensive about it would not be fair and would not solve the problem.

People have taken the time to answer your question, and you are getting angry and defensive about their answers.

It made me laugh to read the comments from Americans who got defensive about turkey and flags and pronunciation.

You need to be extra defensive about breaking away, or you may be much longer trying to make a comfortable life.

But for most people, you may already feel a little defensive about your space and want to focus on you right now.

In 16% of cases defensive in is used

No getting defensive in comments.

I hope you aren't this defensive in court.

Both these key leaflets were defensive in tone.

Yes, she was extremely defensive in her support of Obama and his Rose Garden speech.

Much of Israel's posturing, on the other hand, appears to be defensive in character.

In the 1980s, the army returned to the LAC, but remained entirely defensive in outlook.

Now, Duncan can be very defensive in these gatherings and can say very little but I found him very interesting today.

Even if only defensive in nature, its very goal is to hold a usurped territory and will thus be perceived offensively.

We might just be seeing a reasonable batsman getting understandably defensive in the light of less stellar performances.

Adults with ADD are so used to being criticized, they are often unnecessarily defensive in putting their own case forward.

In 10% of cases defensive of is used

Maybe we're a little sensitive and defensive of our local hockey.

Why are people so defensive of this guy? He wins face-offs; great.

I think this is also why commenters are so defensive of the word game.

No wonder an average BNP supporter would be very defensive of Jamaati war criminals.

So it appears that Sammy is too defensive of the boundary, and leaves too many singles.

July 2011, 12:54 Yes mainstream science can be very defensive of its incorrect theories.

Kofana was the slightly more defensive of the two, while Owona Zoa tried to make decisive passes to the attackers.

Back foot: (UK) If you are on your back foot, you are at a disadvantage and forced to be defensive of your position.

The only time I have felt JG to be strangely defensive of Apple has been the coverage of the iphone leak/theft case.

Ramires is the more defensive of the two, with Paulinho looking to break forward, although the roles can be reversed.

In 6% of cases defensive for is used

I got a little defensive for some.

Put THEM on the defensive for a change.

French capital has been on the defensive for some time.

TsarBomba: Conservatives are constantly on the defensive for their failed ideology.

The disclaimer on the poster is obviously defensive for the film still remains rather.

In contrast to Republican activism, the Democrats were on the defensive for most of 2011.

It has organised several yatras and agitations putting the ruling BJP defensive for the first time in the state.

At the very least it will tie up the courts for so long, it will put Apple on the defensive for the next 5 years.

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been on the defensive for his government's role in deforesting the Amazon.

Already on the defensive for not mentioning Afghanistan in his convention speech and losing some ground in recent polls, Mr.

In 5% of cases defensive on is used

Amis is defensive on this issue.

Murtaza Haider is quite defensive on some issues.

I wish I didn't get defensive on a regular basis, but I do.

And it would be least of all likely to find itself on the defensive on its own soil.

When men start becoming defensive on a simple basic truth, be careful something is wrong.

Thats why we have had to find ourselves on the defensive on clear favorable national issues.

But our message still remains the same that stay defensive on India because the growth outlook still remains cloudy.

I feel they have been put on defensive on one side, and they in terrible pain on the other, must be maddening situation.

Obama et all had other priorities and, in case you missed it, were hyper cowardly and defensive on the subject of defense.

The resistance was on the defensive on the West Bank and on the East Bank, but it escalated suddenly in Gaza in a remarkable way.

In 5% of cases defensive over is used

So, I don't why anyone would get defensive over it.

Don't be defensive over something that's only an issue for you.

Until these attacks, Romney was on the defensive over his tax returns.

Pakistanis on the other hand were unnecessarily excited and defensive over Indian vituperations.

I may be being defensive over Mr Cech, but on the whole he actually quite a solid game yesterday.

I said he made it look like a mixed message and the man was incredibly defensive over what he wrote.

National BJP spokesperson, Rajiv Pratap Rudy too was evasive and defensive over the issue of Gadkari, when quizzed by the media.

Romney is also on the defensive over remarks he made about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in a Republican debate.

The coalition is weak and on the defensive over the economy and several Conservative and Lib Dem MPs are fuming over these tax revelations.

Why get so defensive over everything? It's getting scary how people think they're responsible to protect some guy they don't know personally.

In 4% of cases defensive to is used

Bashir: That sounded positively defensive to me.

Refusing to respond seems a little wierd and defensive to me.

Fight? That means responding with a defensive to the offensive.

You can change her stance from defensive to aggressive, but the difference is minimal.

She's also defensive to the point of bitchiness, very set in her ways, and judgmental.

Louise was being quite defensive to their criticism, which of course got the judge's backs up.

In fact I find that most of Trevor Phillips ideas are very backward looking and defensive to the point of paranoia.

The FSA battalions switched from defensive to offensive manoeuvres - targeting military bases and specific officials.

It's provably false that there exists no morality outside of religion, therefore the statement sounds defensive to me.

The adoption of Plan Dalet marked the second stage of the war, in which Haganah passed from the defensive to the offensive.

In 3% of cases defensive with is used

Put them on the defensive with more revelations.

Do not get aggressive or defensive with your examiners.

But did they meet ultra-defensive with ultra-attacking? No.

Even governments are on the defensive with the publication of sensitive information (e.

And then Obumbles gets all defensive with the media for questioning Rice's credibility.

I really think jose caught wind of the lineup and sacrificed him to go defensive with chivu.

However, he was being very defensive with these comments about his transfer policy and will probably refuse to budge on it.

We need to come up with a long-term strategy that avoid us being continually on the defensive with regards to voting rights.

Prevost's concept relied upon an operational defensive with tactical offensives as necessary, and this was not to Brock's liking.

Posted by: IdahoKid Sep 29, 2004 11:25:43 AM I find it funny how quickly the right-wingers have gone on the defensive with this one.

In 3% of cases defensive against is used

It is on the defensive against itself.

They are often defensive against other patents.

You want Lampard to play defensive against the Danish minnows, get real.

Gayle always attacks so we couldn't be defensive against him to get him out.

This will immediately put some priests on the defensive against the changes.

Are they being arrogant because its a defensive against criticism or maybe they were neglected in the past.

After reaching last year's All-Ireland semi-finals, they got lambasted for being overly defensive against Dublin.

There is no need to be so defensive against another person's beliefs, and your anger hints at your many insecurities.

If you play defensive against a small team with some decent forwards (Case in point: Macedonia ), you will come unstuck.

It was a fine confused cheery gathering with one clear decision - the townlands would go on the defensive against the bailiff.

In 3% of cases defensive at is used

Do not be defensive at challenges.

Perry was certainly on the defensive at times.

U need to cool down and not be too defensive at all.

You don't believe it either, do you? Obama is clearly on the defensive at his convention.

This was done by kicking high to him when he was on defensive at the back, out of the front line.

They refused to re-focus and re-group defensive at 1-0 and 2-0 down and conceded the killer third goal.

Ideally we'd just start with a 3 of Carrick-Scholes-Anderson but I can't see Fergie being that defensive at home.

Adobe were a little self aware post Steve Jobs anti Flash rant but not defensive at this year's webDU conference.

Most of the time they stand in this position as well, unless they are alert or defensive at which time they hold themselves upright.

In 3% of cases defensive by is used

Audiences are made defensive by their earnestness.

The dutch were defensive by kicking their opposition.

Problem is these defenders have an attack mind and are not defensive by nature.

But Napolitano was put on the defensive by Republican Lindsey Graham and other senators.

If he gets sketchy and defensive by this question, you can pretty much assume it's shady.

There is no sense IMO for that individual to be defensive by attacking multilevel selection theory.

He has been put on the defensive by OFA, nearly continually, and does NOT respond well to either criticism OR argument.

The media immediately works keeping him on the defensive by painting what ever he does in as negative light as possible.

You would get interesting subjects to interview and they would be grilled and put on the defensive by the so-called hard questions.

The latest exchanges battered an administration repeatedly thrown onto the defensive by the political reverberations of the attack on Sept.

In 2% of cases defensive as is used

Your M-16 is your all around defensive as well as offensive weapon which does just fine.

This was meant to be a signal that Leicester should be defensive as opposed to offensive.

Second quarter, 2:58, 76ers 48-37: Now the problem has become defensive as the 76ers are now shooting 51.

The university system has become very defensive as the neo-liberal dominance and values have been imposed on it.

You may have been on a defensive as a pattern of behaviour that makes it very difficult for other people to understand you.

The Tamils are on the defensive as a besieged people and their reactions are that of a people who have been pushed to the wall.

Setting a solid defensive as well as attacking platform for the team and executing their set plays with efficiency and clinical effectiveness.

I don't think many of the Libertarians around here are phonies but are possibly hyper- defensive as a result of getting pounded on frequently.

Been here 7 years and have become more patient and tolerant, my driving has become defensive as against driving in the UK where the majority abide by the traffic rules.

Minutes later, however, Ritz was on the defensive as the opposition began to hammer the government in Question Period over the tainted beef for the fourth day in a row.

In 2% of cases defensive rather is used

It is largely a defensive rather than offensive force.

Emerging economies are often defensive rather than offensive.

It was defensive rather than aggressive, and all the more dangerous for that.

However, the thrust of the US approach is defensive rather than developmentalist.

Insurance companies are by their very nature defensive rather than aggressive agencies.

To the extent Nato is relevant, it should be a strictly defensive rather than offensive pact.

I think of Athena as defensive rather than war-like -- her Viginity being symbolic of Athen's city walls etc.

This suggests that advertising by the industry is more defensive rather than increasing the number of consumers.

Picture stars such as Tom Cruise, always smiling from ear to ear, and you begin to read the smile as defensive rather than friendly.

Any militaristic endeavor is usually better painted as defensive rather than offensive, for its better image, depending on the source.

In 1% of cases defensive from is used

Obama was defensive from the beg.

Cranky and defensive from the git go.

Di Matteo went very defensive from the start.

In the FA Cup, we weren't defensive from the off.

Mary's were on the defensive from the start and never progressed past the half way line until the 20th minute.

By doing so, we were able to put England on the defensive from the word go and minimise their chances of staging a run chase.

Meg usually gets the blame for being defensive from the outset, but Parky doesn't help the discomfort by commenting on her body language and dismissing her opinions throughout.

Tsunki -- The changes in formation had been irrespective the full squad being available to him or otherwise! Pards has started this season surprisingly defensive from the onset.

Is that the message you would be communicating at today's UBS conference -- Sell India? Gautam Chhaocharia: Not really sell India, but yes be defensive from the Indian portfolio context.

In 1% of cases defensive towards is used

He became defensive towards my needs.

They may also be a bit defensive towards the other person and put up barriers.

Chateaux love them when they give high scores but are very defensive towards negative reviews.

He became defensive towards any criticism towards the South, talked about the money Hank Williams Jr.

Despite having just about every known work related friend die around him, he stills remains somewhat loyal and defensive towards his former employer.

Slow Most cancers Regular exercise is also been shown to lessen cancer malignancy chance and also to actually end up being defensive towards various types of cancer.

For example, you were very firm on all of your bedroom choices in the comments and very defensive towards naysayers right up until the point where you made all of the recent changes.

You yourself must be from this culture--having first hand knowledge the way you do--or closely affiliated with it causing you to become defensive towards her letter and her situation.

Both parents present self-righteously in their position and both parents are remarkably defensive towards any insinuation that their behaviour may be contributory to the child's distress.

In 1% of cases defensive throughout is used

From January 1943, the Japanese were on the defensive throughout their island empire.

It is useless to try to deny the fact that today finds the Christian faith on the defensive throughout the world.

Evans and Odom, however, did nothing to protect my rights, ensuring that I was on the defensive throughout the proceeding.

In 1% of cases defensive during is used

It won't want it to be an election issue in 2011 because it doesn't want to be on the defensive during a campaign.

Imperialism which had been defensive during the nationalist period tried to rehabilitate itself morally and ideologically.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, another Cain rival for the Republican presidential nomination, was forced on the defensive during a Sept.

It is common for long-always firms to delude themselves and their clients into believing that dividend paying stocks are defensive during cyclical bears within secular bears.

March cocoa is likely to stay on the defensive during the balance of today's trading, but it would likely need to see fresh negative supply/demand news to drop below yesterday's lows.

In 1% of cases defensive because is used

By 1999, the government found itself on the defensive because of the increasingly vocal public concerns.

Not only is Apple defensive because of its brand domination but it is innovative, exciting and changing the world for the better.

Lauren, Great post! Just recently on Twitter I completely missed someone's joke and was put on the defensive because of how I interpreted the message.

I think many people here, no doubt defensive because of the history of animosity between India and Pakistan, are misunderstanding the author's argument.

Public sector unions are on the defensive because of the ideological wanderings of Harper and the deficit hysteria he has drummed up, (and McGuinty fell right into it as well).

In 1% of cases defensive after is used

It just appears that Loui is on the defensive after last night polling.

Japan? s navy never recovered from its mauling at Midway and it was on the defensive after this battle.

He could have been a little more defensive after the first 20 overs b/c our bowlers were getting hammered.

At a news conference in neighboring Thailand on Sunday, he sounded defensive after being attacked by human-rights activists.

His government was put on the defensive after Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Ashok Khemka cancelled the mutation of a Rs.

Earlier, Clarkson was on the defensive after being banned on Wednesday night for a verbal altercation with a 19-year-old official on Sunday.

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