Prepositions after "decorate"

decorate with, in, by, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases decorate with is used

The borders are decorated with some designed lines.

The room was spacious and decorated with simple charm.

This city can be decorated with numerous winter flowers.

The parang taking a bite on a piece of tree trunk decorated with porcupine quills.

Actually the whole of Beijing downtown was heavily decorated with Olympic designs.

JF Lazaro was decorated with the PVSM for his exceptional services in the 1971 war.

The wooden handles of these carving knives are richly decorated with armorial devices, mottoes and floral motifs.

The walls of the main prayer hall are decorated with 15,743 pieces of tiles with the image of Buddha on each piece.

The plastic menus contain all the Italian standards and the whitewashed walls are decorated with Chelsea memorabilia.

It was placed in a limousine hearse decorated with flowers to the sound of the last post sounded by military buglers.

In 14% of cases decorate in is used

The sixth storey has a terrace decorated in baroque style.

The master bedroom should be the first room decorated in the house.

Work or study areas should ideally be decorated in more muted colours.

The room was excellent, clean and tastefully decorated in blue-and-white ceramic tile style.

It is then decorated in one of many possible ways -- families tend to each have their favourite.

The caravan was beautifully decorated in the traditional style with bright colours and dark wood furnishings.

It is decorated in similar design to all the hotels in the Nusa Dua area, in a Balinese, almost false Balinese way.

In the colonial town of Chiapa de Corzo, the cemetery is decorated in a lively manner with colorful ribbons, flowers and candles.

The rooms have been decorated in the traditional safari style and feature net-draped beds, soft lamps, intricately carved furniture and pastel-patterned drapes.

The basic reason for owning a home is that these people would like to live in homes that will be decorated in their own taste and style with decks and furniture of their own choice.

In 7% of cases decorate by is used

Some of them were decorated by awards, mentioned in despatches or just commended.

Subsidiary seconds feature around the subdial, carefully decorated by getting an alternate pattern, intersecting the main dial.

I would also like to bring to your attention the disproportionate number of people decorated by the Queen, who have had their awards revoked after being convicted of sex offences.

The land is decorated by wide open steppe, towering mountains, small streams, pristine alpine forest and is dotted with nomad gers and large herds of horses, sheep, goats and yaks.

The stage was beautifully decorated by Naila Ahmed and Susan Teggatz with candles, flowers, sarees as a backdrop, and a hand painted mural courtesy of a Chicago performing arts group, Udashi Bangali.

In 6% of cases decorate for is used

Judy Gibson loved decorating for Christmas.

The base chapel had been decorated for Advent.

Your Hometown -- Every town and city decorates for the holidays.

Drogba wants two more years at a club he has decorated for seven.

The Vanderbilt's mansion was so beautifully decorated for the holidays.

In 2% of cases decorate to is used

The place is superb and laidback, each of the rooms decorated to perfection.

The calendar can be decorated to each individual's taste with colours, scrapbook papers and embellishments.

It's a visual delight sure to have everyone's mouths watering, and the overall effect feels like a multilayered cake decorated to perfection.

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