Prepositions after "deadly"

deadly to, in, for, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases deadly to is used

And very deadly to the animals.

Deadly to almost any living thing.

That is deadly to proficient copying.

We do this type of work all over the country with pathogens that are deadly to people.

While capable of biting, they only do so when threat-ened, and aren't deadly to humans.

Moreover, it is deadly to our entire society because we are truly all in this together.

Also known as the Turkey Fish or Dragon Fish, it has long poisonous spines that are deadly to many marine creatures.

The snares are simple, easy to construct and set, but effective and deadly to any wildlife that comes across its path.

This is unusual since influenza is normally most deadly to the very young (under age 2) and the very old (over age 70).

Any mono ethnic Tamil enclaves is deadly to the Sinhalese, as these areas become safe heavens for potential terrorists.

In 21% of cases deadly in is used

The guy is deadly in front of goal.

Then he will be deadly in his later career.

A team that would be deadly in all aspects.

AH, the perils of routine - so wonderful in the nursery, but so deadly in the bedroom.

Worse case scenario is that if one of these security people carried out a deadly in D.

More than 50 people were injured in the shooting, one of the deadliest in recent U.

Hurricane Gordon --One of the most erratic moving hurricanes, and still one of the most deadly in the last 20 years.

He was handling a Taipan snake, one of the most deadly in the world, when it became uncooperative and bit his thumb.

Children find an African snake, one of the most deadly in the world, and play with it, hanging it around their necks.

Cogito on February 3, 2012 at 4:32 am I rate Gomez very highly, but I'd not sure if he's really that deadly in the air.

In 15% of cases deadly for is used

Sitting is more deadly for women.

Hero changes can be deadly for item builds.

That could be deadly for power company workers.

Also one of the main reasons why Torres became so deadly for us was because of Gerrard.

From my experience, I was seeking very deadly for part time jobs and I never found one.

Every week was a new dance, deadly for people like me with two left feet and a tin ear.

A) The first one is challenge of global warming, the most deadly for the human community---- finishing it for ever.

The flu can be serious or even deadly for elderly people, newborn babies and people with certain chronic illnesses.

Many have low pathogenicity and are relatively harmless, and only some have proven to be deadly for birds and humans.

Three raids were conducted by IAF on Sargodha air base and the second one was one of the deadliest for the Indian jets.

In 12% of cases deadly of is used

Predator: Deadliest of the Species.

Most deadly of all, it leads you nowhere.

This deadliest of all sins is kibr, or arrogance.

She is one of the most devious and deadly of the family and Grainger plays it perfectly.

Move on to check out the deadliest of all the dreadful horror chart-busters till date.

Liver cancer is one of the deadliest of all cancers because it is often diagnosed late.

The deadliest of weapons, and perhaps being the staff's biggest line of defense and aggression towards an intern.

At least eight members of the family were killed in a single strike on Sunday, the deadliest of the conflict so far.

The deadliest of all Australian Animals, responsible for an average of 10 deaths per year, is the European Honey Bee.

But perhaps I might be allowed to point out that of these 6 states of mind, anxiety is by far the most deadly of the lot.

In 5% of cases deadly with is used

Deadly with a light saber aka mosquito zapper.

He'll just be affable and deadly with the math.

Bajji and now Ojha are deadly with their fingers.

Safee has the knack to take a crack at goal like the late Mokhtar Dahari and is quite deadly with both legs.

Despite having only 1 Warp Charge I can see the Wraith Seer being even deadlier with some of the BRB powers.

It was a curious combination? a man who desired to be a poet who was deadly with a rifle, machine gun and pistol.

It's not for everyone as I know someone who grew up beside a seaside par 3 course and was deadly with a short iron.

This strain of E Coli was especially deadly with symptoms including diarrhea, kidney failure, anemia and often death.

Especially with the addition of the commando perk in MW2, players would become annoyingly deadly with a knife attack.

It turns out you can make anything seem pretty deadly with a bit of pseudo-scientific language and plenty of acronyms.

In 4% of cases deadly on is used

Maynooth were just as deadly on the counter attack.

An unbelievable left foot that has proven deadly on every level.

The attacks are the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

FLAPPING FLUTTER FART This one's an earth shaker, but not too deadly on the odor side.

This was called the Samba style and was slow in its build up but deadly on the finish.

Drugs when consumed together can have unintended effects that are deadly on the human body.

The police arrested a 32-year-old Norwegian man in connection with both attacks, the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

In third world countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia the problems with terrorism and border control can be deadly on a daily basis.

They played a lot of the game without the ball but remained deadly on the counter and proficient at nailing chances whenever they came along.

In 3% of cases deadly against is used

It's the most deadly against U.

Terrible stuff it was, it's deadly against the infantry.

They are deadly against capitalism, communalism, religion etc.

Her education minister was Ghulam Mustafa Shah who was deadly against Urdu language and Iqbal.

We are deadly against co-education and secular education system, and shariah orders us to be against it.

We are deadly against co-education and secular education syestem, and shriah orders us to be against it.

Player to Watch: Inter: Samuel Eto'o -- Still one of the world's best strikers, he is deadly against any defence.

At one time Imran Khan was deadly against MQM and it leader Altaf Hussain; and held him responsible for nearly all the ills ofKarachi.

In 1909, he and his team discovered salvarsan, which was deadly against bacteria that caused syphilis, but was yet relatively safe for human use.

In 3% of cases deadly at is used

This is especially deadly at meetings.

He's not poor, just not deadly at the moment.

Both eerily quiet, and deadly at the same time.

He is not the best or deadly at one particular attribute, but is very good at most things.

Using a cheap scope, Chechen snipers were very deadly at ranges of less than a hundred meters.

The Sunni-Shia sectarian divide is built on centuries of tension which has been deadly at times.

Gordon has been deadly at fullback and actually has the Sharks poised to be a premiership big dog for years to come.

They are deadly at both ends of the gun, and, in my experience, way more shell than is necessary to kill a pheasant.

This is the weapon of choice for these latter day assassins because it is easily concealable and deadly at close range.

Dunphy is the only Eamon among his siblings, which is just as well for health and safety reasons, and he is deadly at the tracing.

In 2% of cases deadly as is used

He was clinical, classy and deadly as a striker.

Sut was deadly as the drought; Horus was ' right as rain.

The routine mission quickly becomes deadly as the small crew pilots their Raptor into Cylon territory.

The region had undergone previous epidemics of yellow fever, but none was as extensive or deadly as the 1878 outbreak.

On Sunday, the rage became deadly as a crowd killed two security guards by setting their car ablaze, authorities said.

Rattlesnake Rattlesnake is basically twice as deadly as the Saw Scaled Viper, capable of killing 20 % of the people it bites.

The next morning I wake in the mental hospital with the sunlight shooting and splintering through the windows, as evil and deadly as a nuke.

They are 18 seasons of being the face of the Indiana Pacers -- the jughandle ears and snaggle-toothed grin -- on top of that body as thin and deadly as a switchblade.

Israelis have also been under fire although not as intense and deadly as the Palestinians in Gaza face under the might of one of the world's most technologically advanced armies.

In 2% of cases deadly from is used

Suarez is very deadly from the wide.

He's also been deadly from behind the arc.

It is deadly from both a time and money perspective.

The team was especially deadly from beyond the arch, shooting 7-12 from 3-point land.

The Sixers were absolutely deadly from 3 point range Friday night shooting at an impressive 55.

Description: While relatively weak in close ranged combat, the Sniper can be deadly from a distance.

Great in the air, predatory from close range and deadly from distance, Shearer was at one time the complete striker.

It is said to be deadly from the emission of a toxic chemical from it's razor sharp mouth that acts on the flesh as an acid.

He was also deadly from distance and has the ability to create his own chances with little space from outside the 18-yard box.

Deadly from a number of distances, and vulnerable if caught off guard, Nevermore's positioning in battle is of utmost importance.

In 1% of cases deadly about is used

What is deadly about superbugs? They are deadly because they are resistant to antibiotics.

It was a good point from deadly about how this thread is just the same thing being said again and again.

About half of the Brotherhood quest chain of Saints Row 2 is an escalating prank war that turns deadly about halfway through.

What is so potentially deadly about this video is the timing, because it comes as the Romney campaign was already viewed to be behind and in crisis.

In 1% of cases deadly among is used

But bear in mind, keep in mind that really mean it could actually be very effective in a easy deadly among them your business.

A king cobra bit Ronaldo there and that fact led me to cower in fear to realize that this deadliest among the snakes, after all, inhabits in our island.

In 1% of cases deadly because is used

They're just more deadly because of training.

Pyroclastic flows can be extremely destructive and deadly because of their high temperature and mobility.

Using gas ovens or charcoal grills as a source of emergency heating can be deadly because of the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

In fact, their terror is deadlier because of their assumed legitimacy, gigantic infrastructure, lethal weapons and sheer reach state terror has.

Though he didn't see why, since the rota virus is usually only deadly because of dehydration - and in our country we have ways to take care of that.

The Chesil beach is deadly because of the rip tides and the undercliff all along the Jurassic coast is extremely dangerous at all times and especially after the recent rains.

In 1% of cases deadly by is used

The insurrection in the North is actually following the Somalian pattern; getting deadlier by the day.

Intertribal warfare, made infinitely more deadly by the possession of firearms, was a perennial scourge of the Maori people.

Her short fiction has appeared in numerous print and online venues and in anthologies Tasty Little Tales and Deadly by the Dozen.

And the situation is made more complex and deadly by a series of bombings -- some of which are indicative of the presence of a third actor.

In 1% of cases deadly like is used

Obama is smart like a fox and yet deadly like a cobra.

In confronting those who had a demoniac mentality, he was deadly like a thunderbolt.

But we can look at the inevitable course of bureaucracy, stately and deadly like the black plague.

The country has a sensitive history of attacks on majalis and processions, some very deadly like the 2009 Ashura blast in Karachi, and incidents in Quetta, Parachinar, Gilgit etc.

I have this fear that the boy is going to grab a candy out of his bag, somehow get it open and eat something delicious and equally deadly like a peanut butter cup before an adult can stop him.

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