Prepositions after "coordinate"

"coordinate by" or "coordinate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases coordinate by is used

She also participated in various outreach activities coordinated by her local church.

Any unit of work that is coordinated by the queue manager is backed out automatically.

It is written by Sue Lukes and Sam Lister (CIH) and co-ordinated by John Perry (CIH).

The campaign and this website are coordinated by the National Office for Suicide Prevention.

University and college services are political and should be organized and coordinated by students.

Process The process involving administrative action is co-ordinated by CASA Legal Services Division.

This special issue of CD was planned by CD's Qubec collective members and coordinated by Andrea Levy.

As a result, only changes to MQ resources can be coordinated by the queue manager in the unit of work.

As a result, changes to those resources can not be coordinated by the queue manager in the unit of work.

It is the National Headquarters of the Rebuild Nigeria Initiative, a Political Advocacy group, co-ordinated by Chief Hope Rex-Lawson.

In 35% of cases coordinate with is used

Coordinating with other members of the team 19.

Manchester Airport's efforts are coordinated with a wide range of.

Keep web log articles or reviews gained coordinated with sparkling.

Let's be clear -- the timing was an accident and not coordinated with us Google.

Teacher education programs are usually coordinated with state requirements for certification.

I haven't done anything with them yet - but intend on decorating them to co-ordinate with my bedroom.

In his letter, Siapno said the DENR is closely coordinating with concerned agencies to address the issue in MKNP.

The tutorial linked above is for a raw finish though you can stain logs (without bark) to coordinate with your dcor.

The New Testament Church of God will be one of the organizations that will be coordinating with WDI in this project.

Dealing independently with the litigation of Company including but not limited to co coordinating with external counsel.

In 4% of cases coordinate between is used

It is coordinating between local, state and federal officials and the White House.

Even the current military intervention was not well coordinated between the alliances from the beginning.

The Director of IB, Nehchal Sandhu, was a key official who coordinated between the Centre and state government officials to hang Kasab.

All of the rickshaws are fitted with microphones, as the network will soon set up a call centre to coordinate between drivers and customers.

I bought myself an artblock today and am writing down everything in a handmade spreadsheet, to track every assignment that is to be coordinated between the 7 of us (Su Ming, me and 5 POs).

In 4% of cases coordinate through is used

Drop me a note here, and we can co-ordinate through this blog? (I'd - anil commented on Singapore Hi Ken, Thank you for this lovely comparison.

The actual process for developing this strategy was initiated in 2010, with much of the work coordinated through a national climate change preparation committee under VPO coordination.

In 2% of cases coordinate to is used

Dialogue of G-7 and Asian central banks and governments can help coordinate to such an outcome rather than to one of panic dollar selling.

Muscles You can find really a person coordinate to your muscles of your placed, and it's really a Respectable Eating plan Pauldrons, which have been your goal encourage out of Terokkarantula.

In 2% of cases coordinate for is used

Hips May coordinate for any belt in this Horde unvarying is definitely, strangely enough, a Girdle with Uther.

In 2% of cases coordinate from is used

They think the SOPA protests were all coordinated from some central source.

In 2% of cases coordinate in is used

Activities are coordinated in such a way that I can do anything I plan.

Call me cynical, but I suspect it was all coordinated in advance anyway.

You can use them in some pretty great ways but it will be important to make sure that the thumbnails associated with them are coordinated in colors and look.

In 2% of cases coordinate on is used

I think, now, we have to be more coordinated on a European level to stop these measures.

Not an API at all, but it is structured data that provides some of the lighter benefits of an API, and shows the engines co-ordinating on a standard.

The regulations include procedures to be followed during an emergency and state that search and rescue activities should be co-ordinated on scene for the most effective results.

In 1% of cases coordinate without is used

To get one scene perfect the whole team has to co-ordinate without bothering about the time or location.

In 1% of cases coordinate under is used

I am confident that Garda efforts co-ordinated under Operation Fiacla are making the desired impact and this should be reflected in forthcoming crime statistics.

A number of views have been offered to explain how the actions of independent economic players can be co-ordinated under complex, uncertain conditions where the potential for market failure is high.

In 1% of cases coordinate as is used

Attacks were coordinated as a response to drone attacks and the killing of the number 2 in AQ.

In 1% of cases coordinate around is used

It holds the lesser systems of atomic and molecular matter circulating around a center in the planet, and that of the subtle bodies co-ordinated around their microcosmic center.

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