Prepositions after "convincing"

"convincing in" or "convincing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases convincing in is used

They are not convincing in any way.

I find him very convincing in this.

Quite substandard yet convincing in a sense.

They were not convincing in defense and their attack consists of only Luis Suarez.

I did read the quote that you presented and I did not find it convincing in the least.

Now, more than ever, they are truly convincing in their portrayal of their characters.

The raison d'etre of the CAP is unfortunately less clear-cut than these facts, but still convincing in my opinion.

It was very well made and, while not entirely convincing in its authenticity, definitely qualified as entertaining.

Lucy Greenstreet was very convincing in the role of Dorothy and was consistent with her brilliant singing throughout.

Have you guys no shame? And you still want to try to look like hero 's? You won't look so convincing in prison garbs.

In 20% of cases convincing to is used

Mary Anne sounds convincing to me.

That sounds pretty convincing to me.

They are also convincing to a reader.

Manchester United does not look convincing to me both defensively and in midfield.

The evidence is more than convincing to anyone who will honestly consider its claims.

This doesn't seem all that convincing to me, but that is what the dictionary suggests.

The reply does seems to be convincing to me, as earlier also, I used the stoploss orders with both the prices i.

But is this always the case? I am not yet convinced! And I dare say I don't need any convincing to the contrary.

Nominull, that argument would basically be a version of Pascal's mugging and not very convincing to me, at least.

The footage they were playing that night was very convincing to me so I decided to look into the subject further.

In 11% of cases convincing as is used

Pitt is utterly convincing as the Mr.

LisaRaye is convincing as an ex-wife.

Katie Hall was a convincing as Cosette.

The youngster who, at ages 18 and 19, was so convincing as part of our first team.

It didn't seem very convincing as the said tournament is still some distance away.

She's less convincing as a neuromuscular disease patient, but overall she is fine.

Swinton is utterly convincing as the emotionally-drained mother; she kept me on the edge of my seat every second.

Anna Leblanc said Cunningham is very convincing as a woman and is known for telling people he's 19 or 20 years old.

But Smith has managed to hold this characterisation together and still make it convincing as a portrayal of a hero.

Washington is convincing as a man lying to himself about his problems and alienating others around him in the process.

In 9% of cases convincing for is used

It didn't take much convincing for me to agree.

I don't find this very convincing for various reasons.

The justification put forward by the Government is not convincing for several reasons.

Perhaps this isn't true, but it will take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise.

His performance was reportedly not convincing for Keshi, and that may have led to the latest development.

The romance aspect of this story wasn't as convincing for me, at least in the beginning, but by the end I totally bought it.

However, the merger was never entirely convincing for the user and it soon dissolved when Jim Collas left a few months later.

We are just setting out a potential concern about the way things have to be if they are going to be convincing for inward investors.

In 8% of cases convincing of is used

Look there is no convincing of these people.

It was he who did the convincing of the President.

He didn't have to do much convincing of the player.

It contains 300 proofs -- strong, conclusive and convincing of the truth of Islam.

Not the most convincing of arguments, but he was quite convincing at the Legon Congress.

Few need convincing of the opportunities that flow from the cross- fertilisation of people and ideas.

Martin Lipton of the Daily Mirror believes the Chelsea players will take the most convincing of his credentials.

It hasn't been the most convincing of wins for AVB's men, but they won't care, given the significance of the result.

These races are, in comparison with white races -- I think no one wants convincing of this fact -- unequal and inferior.

Danny McBride (of Eastbound and Down) is probably the most convincing of the actors as the childish and jealous Thadeous.

In 7% of cases convincing on is used

McGrath's reasoning is convincing on this.

I don't need a whole lot of convincing on which way to go.

I find Keen a bit more convincing on the immediate causes.

The concept of two different types of loft pavilions is convincing on several levels.

It may be too late for Minister Hanna to be totally convincing on her non-partisanship.

Most are through word-of-mouth, requiring very little convincing on the companies part.

He's also emphasized his support for more oil and gas, and his first presidency was less than convincing on green issues.

Could you please point to where they has been articulate and convincing on the REAL effects this tax will have on the climate.

Saif is one of the most spontaneous actors I have worked with and I wouldn't have been as convincing on screen if not for him.

Rather than just talking about being authoritative, she's just gone ahead and been it, which tends to be more convincing on the whole.

In 5% of cases convincing about is used

Yet, he said nothing convincing about it.

As you can see we need no convincing about Cunard.

However, they need more convincing about telehealth.

Especially convincing about this finding is that the men who were independently rated by Dr.

I recognise that no person or group has come up with something convincing about a common goal.

The only thing he loved more than work was family, although Susan would need some convincing about this.

The former AMA president tried hard, but he was never convincing about his commitment to the non-Labor cause.

He even nearly had me down there he was that convincing about his idea of making money through OPTIONS in property.

Meanwhile, Australian captain Clarke didn't need any convincing about the bona fides of his side's attack on Wednesday.

A quick trip through Psalms is quite convincing about the range of emotions God is interested in hearing from us about.

In 3% of cases convincing at is used

He has already have a lot chances to show and still not convincing at all.

A very refreshing and efficient approach and she was very convincing at it.

This game play is more convincing at turning every Singaporean into a fish.

Not the most convincing of arguments, but he was quite convincing at the Legon Congress.

When it comes to the heavier stuff later on, you feel it with him - he is convincing at all time.

The book switches between pat academic phrases and street talk without being completely convincing at either.

Needless to say but city were not convincing at home against a newly promoted team; 3-2 ffs, neither was chelsea.

United were once again less than convincing at the back last weekend and their sack marking ultimately cost them the three points.

No Idea if it is legit or not though, seemed convincing at a glance, if no-one does before me and I find it again I will post it here.

Less politely, he's never really looked particularly convincing at doing anything much -- largely down to a never-ending cavalcade of injuries.

In 3% of cases convincing by is used

The fact he was even in uniform took some convincing by Tebow.

I get it's not convincing by itself - but it doesn't make me wrong.

Fake a broken connection; make it convincing by cutting yourself off.

Not convincing by any means but a win is a win and three points we badly needed.

The whole is not made any more convincing by the sprinkling of academic findings.

After a lot of convincing by Sidhu and the others, Sampat finally agrees to cheer up and join the rest for lunch.

After some convincing by Goodman, Scheller agreed to the purchase of a plot of land to build a small and simple basic hotel.

Southern accents, folksy costumes, and all, most of the interpretations are uncommonly clear and convincing by any Shakespearian standard.

Reason behind that was not any convincing by the Bhatts but the fact that she feared audience backlash, considering the fact her co-star was Emraan Hashmi.

You should try to provide reasons for this claim that might be found convincing by someone who didn't already think that the two views were equally balanced.

In 3% of cases convincing with is used

I think we def look more convincing with our 4 best defenders.

Do try to be a little more subtle convincing with your distortions.

He was very convincing with his vision of what he wanted the band to be.

Vijay was able to make some bumpy transitions look convincing with his acting abilities.

Do your convincing with real action, not empty rhetoric which so many lawyers are fond of.

Vaadin looked very convincing with its component library, ease of use and programming model.

The experimental results were very convincing with retrieval being reliable even if only 2-4 case features were used out of 14-15.

Tommy Oar confirmed the decent impression he has made in the past and Nikita Rukavytsya finally looked convincing with a really well-taken goal.

Protestations within the Jewish establishment against indefensible Israeli policies have become weaker and less convincing with each passing year.

Organize your thoughts If you want to be confident or convincing with what you have to communicate, you need to gather your ideas before speaking out.

In 2% of cases convincing from is used

Had other stuff set up, but it only looked convincing from her angle.

A proclamation of a mission never sounds convincing from his lips and it didn't.

Did it take any convincing from Lee to make you want to do that scene? ZE: No, not really.

Just look at the postings by curpeter aka antoman and you won't need any further convincing from me.

She'll need a whole lot of convincing from DFLers before moving forward on anything like early voting.

When God reveals himself to you (like He did to me ), you need not to receive any other convincing from mortal men.

Every time I give him money, he always tells me he doesn't need it but accept it after a few convincing from my end.

Now wat the heck am I supposed to do but sit in vain! These r well educated ppl who needed some convincing from my end.

And proof is whatever a jury (or in some cases a judge or panel of judges) finds sufficiently convincing from the evidence.

I was obviously happy with the suggestion because it usually takes a lot of convincing from me for Randy to say yes to that place.

In 1% of cases convincing against is used

Well it's a total but it didn't look too convincing against the Essex attack.

OVER 5: ENG 18/0 Cook 15* Compton 3* Cook never really looks convincing against spin.

United didn't look so convincing against Fulham either, but they had a little degree of control on the game.

In truth, they were not at all convincing against Bolivia, and only won with the aid of a highly questionable penalty.

Maybe he's still a little rusty after a lay off but Patrice Evra didn't look too convincing against Barcelona last night.

DCTrojan: I don't have a strong feeling about this, but Shaw did look more convincing against Washington than Harris has.

Johnson was not convincing against Charlton and had a stinker at Burnley and it may be time for Danny Batth to get his chance.

In 1% of cases convincing without is used

The historical setting is convincing without the details being overbearing.

The way he delivered his message was very convincing without being condescending.

Goodrich's point becomes way less convincing without a good game or story to back it up.

If you are convincing without sounding overly patronizing, you might make some encouraging sales.

Preferably learn at least two martial arts (judo is excellent for break falls) - you don't have to be a black belt but must know enough to look convincing without injuring anybody.

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