Prepositions after "contradict"

contradict by, in, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases contradict by is used

It is contradicted by voice of shame.

They are contradicted by family, friends, and strangers.

This claim, however, was contradicted by something that did not happen.

All these ideas have been contradicted by himself in some way or another during the years.

Her justification for blocking the release was contradicted by two career attorneys in the Office of General Counsel.

Musa's denial, however, was contradicted by banks statements produced in the Singapore High Court in a civil suit (Suit No.

The first post mortem on Kugan was contradicted by a second post mortem which found that Kugan was tortured while under police detention.

Why should the Jesus story not be considered one? finish by showing how none of what has previously been argued for is contradicted by what we do know (e.

As a researcher I have to trust what the subjects of my research tell me, unless their statements are contradicted by other eyewitnesses to the same event.

In 6% of cases contradict in is used

I prcis the points made by him, some of which are based on evidence not otherwise put before the Inquiry, but in respect of which no point was taken or fact contradicted in oral submission.

In 3% of cases contradict with is used

If the data observed contradicts with the estimation of the null hypothesis, it can be concluded that the null hypothesis is false, or the occurrence observed had a minimal significance level.

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