Prepositions after "continuous"

continuous with, in, for, throughout or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases continuous with is used

It is continuous with the brain.

The pain was continuous with no pauses.

It was continuous with previous efforts.

C) the nuclear envelope is physically continuous with the endoplasmic reticulum.

The assumption is that the future of schooling will be continuous with its past.

Instead of using Future Continuous with these verbs, you must use Simple Future.

There is a sense in which words are continuous with earlier gestures, the shift in modality being unimportant.

It will be seen, for instance, that the second page iv volume is not chronologically continuous with the first.

Its lateral edge overlaps the choroid plexus, and is continuous with the epithelial covering of this structure.

Incorrect to reffer to the dorsum of the foot as the back as it is clearly continuous with the front of the leg.

In 12% of cases continuous in is used

The waveform is single-valued and continuous in pieces.

This training must be structured and continuous in nature.

The jewellery bears a distinct style that is prominent and continuous in every piece.

Through-composed A work that is continuous in texture, with no individual ' numbers '.

Everything in nature is continuous in the sense that continuity would not be possible.

Thus one figure is continuous in one way, the other in two; but the third, namely the solid, is so in every way.

His influence on poetry has been continuous in this twentieth century and has not only been confined to writers.

Consider the following and, at the same time, note the use that is made of the past continuous in these contexts.

The peaks of the Coast Range of Oregon are fairly continuous in that state, with elevations reaching about 1,200 meters.

In 8% of cases continuous for is used

Time really is not continuous for her.

The day and night combat was continuous for over 82 days.

CIA operations have been continuous for months and years.

Last cycle, my EWCM was continuous for few days right up to the day before I O-ed.

For your heart to benefit, the activity needs to be continuous for at least ten minutes.

Present Continuous for the Future: Form See notes on form in section on Present Continuous.

In fact, this is only a very small part of it, and it's continuous for a long distance both before and after that shown.

The dose of ultrasound is 2 watts/cm continuous for five minutes to the affected area, once daily for up to two treatments.

To be considered as affected by a disorder, the symptoms usually have to be continuous for several months, and in some cases up to one year.

This has been continuous for the past two months (Originally Posted by ohnostopgo) That really sucks, but I can understand his point of view.

In 4% of cases continuous throughout is used

Screening of patients was continuous throughout the study period of six months.

Continuous Activity - Direction is a continuous activity as it continuous throughout the life of organization.

It is not continuous throughout labour anyway, you get lots of time off inbetween the height of the contractions.

This in turn may support the sense of the mental self as something uninterrupted and continuous throughout the waking day.

The rains are usually restricted to specific times each day during the rainy season; they are not continuous throughout the day.

The sandstone unit is locally missing but generally ranges in thickness from 17 to 115 m and is continuous throughout most of the plains.

This aether was continuous throughout space and consisted of hard elastic particles which transmitted impulses without being displaced themselves.

The involvement of key policy makers and influencers is a fluid activity that must be continuous throughout all stages of programme implementation.

These generic forms of play were really continuous throughout adult learning, but what interested me was why adults switched, and under what conditions.

The energy output is continuous throughout the visual spectrum (much like sunlight) however the source is low in both the ultraviolet and infrared energy.

In 4% of cases continuous from is used

They are also continuous from the beginning to the end of the job.

The Saxon settlements were continuous from Roman times, and mingled with Romano-Celtic ones.

The body: feelings, perceptions, mind formations and consciousness, are considered as being continuous from birth.

The rains have been inconsistent, this year it was nearly continuous from may or June to October and then it dried up.

A test for Professor Vella's hypothesis would be to closely examine a section continuous from Waiauan to Tongaporutuan.

For crying out loud, they've got a cycle track that's nearly continuous from the historic center clear out to Miraflores.

The risk of mechanical failure or getting shot down was more or less continuous from the moment they entered enemy territory.

Though the spread of subjects in the first year is fairly continuous from the school curriculum, the method of teaching is different.

LORAN Long Range Navigation The plane has equipment for receiving special radio signals sent out continuous from transmitter stations.

In 3% of cases continuous at is used

But here in the rostral brain, you can see that the two are continuous at their bases.

By the way, the function that satisfies lim x? a f(x) = f(a) is said to be continuous at a.

The concept is built for mass produced technology and development can be continuous at reasonable costs.

We will write this as If this condition is not satisfied, we say that the function f is discontinuous at a.

This many pixels packed this close together - 326 per inch - make graphics and text look smooth and continuous at any size.

First, it must be continuous at, which it obviously is: Second, we should be able to derive the discontinuity in the field above.

Further, if you use a still camera on continuous at high speed, only the first frame is chosen by you- if the shutter lag is short enough.

The Continuous At Sea Deterrent, whereby at least one of the submarines is patrolling the UK's shores around the clock, would stop as a result.

To be a bit more precise, we say that a function is continuous at a point a when we can make the value of become close to f(a) by taking x close to a.

Because it has no converter, you can only use the MD-3 on continuous at sync speed (1/80) and higher; slower than that, and you need to use single-shot mode.

In 3% of cases continuous as is used

In winter the ice will be more continuous as the ice free areas freeze over.

If you want to make him just fall in love, possibly be continuous as a rock.

While it is believed lightning storms were extremely common on the primitive Earth, they were not continuous as the Miller/Urey experiment portrayed.

Also, it is useful to do keep in mind in which Hermes Birkin are one of the no more than an individuals with the theory to reside continuous as part.

Continuous as the stars that shine EyeReport, Middle East - Tunsia, Tataouine: It was really exciting to see that bit of history, culture and tradition.

The specific soccer area associated with America is actually 110??? 65, nonetheless in the united states it's 100 meters continuous as well as 53 as well as 1/3 meters broad.

MP recovery is continuous as opposed to HP recovery, where Warriors will need to rest in order to take advantage of their recovery skills (they might prefer to simply use HP potions).

A karanga must never be broken in terms of the women's voice, it must always remain continuous as the karanga weaves and binds together the hosts and visitors deceased and living (Edwards, 2002).

Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay; Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

In 3% of cases continuous on is used

Be sure you maintain your rate continuous on the eco-friendly.

There is only an immortality of the Spirit which continuous on in other Spirits.

You will be provided with a comprehensive in-house induction and continuous on the job training.

In fact, the praise for Lee Sang Woo has been continuous on the message board of the drama series.

Protests have been continuous on land, with an encampment at the fishing port of Henoko now in its ninth year.

Treatment of multiple from menstrual clean after the start, continuous on January, menstrual period deactivated.

That is, there exist numbers c and d in a, b such that: If a function is continuous on a closed interval, then by the extreme value theorem global maxima and minima exist.

In 2% of cases continuous of is used

Though Islam is continuous of Tawheed (monotheism ); it has taken a complete break from them.

India's staggering heritage comes from being one of the world's richest and most continuous of cultures.

The past continuous of any verb is composed of two parts: the past tense of the verb to be (was/were ), and the base of the main verb + ing.

After the birth of this son Abraham was tranquil; because he was 86 and now he wasn't worried about the continuous of his generation and a companion for his old age.

In other words, he managed to locate the current reforms in the wider context of equity and justice, as well as present them as largely continuous of previous postholder's intentions.

In 2% of cases continuous over is used

The term ' chronic ' implies that the exposure is continuous over an extended period i.

The skin however is continuous over the preoperculum and the other bones of the opercular series.

The ice was continuous over the entire peak and it was evident that the summit could not be reached without some considerable ice climbing.

Where groups of doors or window openings are of less distance than the width of the openings apart, lintels shall be made continuous over the series.

The relevant planning function here is the macro level intellectual comprehension that the applicability of accounting tautologies is itself continuous over time.

The walls received a 100mm layer of batt insulation between 150mm studs and 100mm noggins and a second layer of 50mm rigid insulation continuous over the noggins.

However in reality it is sufficient to know that the waveform is continuous over a period of at least a few seconds, or understand the effects of changing the signal.

In Baghdad especially where the violence has been continuous over the last nine years, I am equally aware that the barricades and checkpoints exist because of my country's war of choice.

In 2% of cases continuous rather is used

It will be continuous rather than sequential.

Radiation is continuous rather than atomic (or it is atomic).

This is the source of power input to the instrument, but it is a source of continuous rather than vibratory power.

Histograms Histograms are a special form of bar chart where the data represent continuous rather than discrete categories.

Usually, therefore, the errors will be continuous rather than discrete, and will affect all the qubits rather than a subset.

This means that the company needs to look at it as something that is continuous rather than something that can be done over a small period of time.

The review acknowledged that age acts as a continuous rather than dichotomous variable and that poorer outcomes associated with age also are likely to increase with increasing age.

For example a histogram could be used to present details of the average number of hours exercise carried out by people of different ages because age is a continuous rather than a discrete category.

In 2% of cases continuous to is used

After diner the train continuous to Tiruchirapalli at around: 22:00 p.

Evidence I had this while in the service and have been continuous to the present day.

The very definition of something as a sign involves reducing the continuous to the discrete.

Either way, I feel entirely validated within continuous to gauge other people if they work with a cell phone whilst traveling.

By varying the frequency from continuous to intermittent, the amount of heat applied can likewise be controlled by the physiotherapist.

In his proposed language changes, McClenahan said Waukesha should say that return flow of diverted water be continuous to Lake Michigan during certain rain storms.

It is the basic intuition of mathematics; the discrete can not be reduced to the continuous, nor the continuous to the discrete (Brouwer 1907, 8) / (Brouwer 1975, 17).

Counseling being a profession and a process that is continuous to some extend requires a therapist to perform some roles in the provision of the counseling services to clients.

There have been the volume of issues to demeanour out for, all of which will support we emanate either or not or not the chateau has unequivocally great ' qi ' or physical nature continuous to it.

In 2% of cases continuous through is used

It is one of the big ideas of the Bible - a central thread that runs continuous through the Old Testament and into the New Testament.

Inside a fixed interest rate mortgage, interest rates are set at first from the mortgage phrase also it continues to be continuous through the mortgage time period.

In 1% of cases continuous across is used

There is an old row of apple trees along the road, continuous across current property lines.

Magnetic Boundary Conditions Figure Boundary between medium1 and medium 2 The normal component of B is continuous across the boundary between two adjacent media.

In our original investigation into electrostatic boundary conditions in a vacuum, we found that the electric field is discontinuous across a layer of surface charge.

It is safe to conclude that these strata were once continuous across the chasm, and that the canyon must have been cut into these very widespread and remarkably uniform layers.

In 1% of cases continuous up is used

Such a continuous UP state made the synaptic weights too weak to maintain the persistent network activity (asterisks in the rightmost panels).

At this juncture it is necessary to understand that the plan and development of Abuja which commenced from first phase is continuous up to the final phase.

Present Perfect Tense for Continuing Situation We use the Present Perfect Tense to talk about something which started in the past and continuous up to the present.

In 1% of cases continuous without is used

I have taken 60 on continuous without an issue.

In meditation our effort is to keep the flow of thought continuous without break or pause.

It is ever present as substratum -- awareness, continuous without any break in life and death,.

By the notion of paying for the past in the future, the past becomes the determiner of the future, making them continuous without an intervening present.

Dry or no tears while crying For new born baby less than 1 month sleeping more than 3-4 hours continuous without waking for feeding is not a good symptom.

In 1% of cases continuous till is used

This tradition is continuous till date.

So I hope this trend continuous till the end and after pcp.

Bernama news on MAS is continuous till the announcement of the revised biz plan to be announced.

In 1% of cases continuous since is used

Potash production, however, has been continuous since 1962.

In 1% of cases continuous like is used

Best wishes, Adam The LearnEnglish Team We sometimes use the present continuous like this.

If you would like cause him to just fall in love, often be continuous like a rock and roll.

That which is steady, continuous like the flow of oil, is austerity, meditation and absorption.

Thought process is so continuous like obsessive that I couldn't break free from it and think afresh.

It is an incessant movement of the finite towards the Infinite, a flow which is continuous like the movement of waters in a river.

Strobe (or flash) lighting is not continuous like the other lights I have talked about here, rather it bursts out a huge amount of light in a fraction of a second.

In 1% of cases continuous during is used

The flow does not have to be continuous during the menstruation period.

Also, arab rule in the Iberian Peninsula was not continuous during those 780 years.

So, the communication between them and us has been direct and continuous during the last three years.

This means that your private health insurance will be considered to have been continuous during this period.

There are many other audio recordings of this historic moment that are continuous during this segment, including the audio on the video clip.

It all continuous during September about 2007 whenever i Inexpensive ugg boot Swimming wear went around to your trait certainly not mass fast We talk about.

In 1% of cases continuous between is used

Established thinking on the arrangement of woody tissues in trees suggested they were continuous between the branch and trunk.

But communication was continuous between these various nests of the banished which kept growing with the rise of the revolutionary tide.

In 1% of cases continuous around is used

For example, the storm tracks are more continuous around the Earth.

It is continuous around the genu of the corpus callosum with the supracallosal gyrus.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where there is little land, the storm track is fairly continuous around the Earth.

The littoral sediment movement was assumed to be essentially continuous around Christchurch Bay, but, in fact, a littoral drift sub-cell boundary (i.

Since the middle of the atmosphere by weight is always somewhere, the waves are continuous around the globe; that is, there are no places where the waves stop.

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