Prepositions after "contemptuous"

contemptuous of, to, towards, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases contemptuous of is used

It is demeaning and contemptuous of women.

He is deeply contemptuous of cocaine users.

Therefore, be contemptuous of every advantage.

When Hagar became pregnant with Abraham's baby she became contemptuous of Sarah.

This assertion was particularly insensitive to and contemptuous of the electorate.

TA is contemptuous of any kind of integrity or honesty and is a master manipulator.

And men who are impatient of frailty and contemptuous of weakness are, at the end of the day, inevitably evil.

They are usually traditional in their social outlook, contemptuous of welfare and more likely to be religious.

Lamont's statements are nothing less than contemptuous of the people that would be affected by such proposals.

As you note, personally, Nixon was not an environmentalist; in fact, he was contemptuous of environmentalists.

In 2% of cases contemptuous to is used

Let self glorification be something contemptuous to you.

I hope the stars will not be contemptuous to the Malawians.

Local and national media which were initially indifferent and even contemptuous to our efforts now support us magnificently.

Keep in mind that AP needs them too, but when all she's offering is her mythos/brand /persona as currency, thats ego run amok as well as contemptuous to the musicians.

So the sexualized violence against Dana Scully, while utterly contemptuous to me as a reused and smelly plot device, is very possibly accurate in all its gut-wrenching awfulness.

He says, I seek refuge with Allah against being contemptuous to the virtuous and pious Ulema and the other gentry, whether they are Muslims or Aryas or Christians or followers of any other religion.

In 2% of cases contemptuous towards is used

The whole tone of it is contemptuous towards the publishing industry in general and literature in particular.

Say what you like about Thurston Howell the III; he was never cruel or contemptuous towards the other castaways.

If, on the other hand, you are contemptuous towards another person, you will have to take the blame for whatever happens.

That wouldn't be anything to do with your disdain for her, would it? That wouldn't be why you can't remember ahything she said, would it? And yes, she was contemptuous towards Deveny.

In 1% of cases contemptuous about is used

Sad but well, serve me right for being so contemptuous about the distance.

In 1% of cases contemptuous at is used

I am a member of Generation Y myself, and I see the practical application of the practices she outlines, even if I feel slightly contemptuous at being called ' hard to please.

In 1% of cases contemptuous for is used

They care little for the former, and are notably contemptuous for the latter.

The regime is characterized by flawed public policy and federal government apathy, and an industry motivated solely by profit, contemptuous for the safety of their workers and the public.

Others are saying that John McCain appeared contemptuous for not looking at Barack Obama; especially when the Moderator (Jim Lehrer) had asked each of the candidates to address one another directly.

In 1% of cases contemptuous toward is used

How can a government be so mean and contemptuous toward the intellectual elite of our society? It is a true horror to see that.

I still think Romney's is a losing message, and a losing campaign, but not because it is mean-spirited and contemptuous toward the poor.

The pride of nationalism, however, trumpets its country's virtues and denies its deficiencies, while it is contemptuous toward the virtues of other countries.

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