Prepositions after "contain"

contain in, within, on, by or between?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases contain in is used

This is contained in the Passthru project.

This exhortation is contained in Resolution 9.

God can not be contained in one faith traidtion.

Wilson was initially very positive about the political solution contained in the D.

The electron contained in it are called pi-bonding electrons which form the pi bond.

But some villages doubt whether the vice will be contained in the foreseeable future.

The scientific and technical information contained in this news release has been reviewed by Driffield Cameron, P.

In the services sector the loss in confidence was marked in the euro area but more contained in the EU as a whole.

Additional correspondences between the CSS2 Box Model and the XSL Area Model are contained in the following table.

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In 12% of cases contain within is used

Do NOT click the link(s) contained within these emails.

Hunter to pictures of the DDO from 1961 contained within Mr.

An apposite anecdote given the bile contained within this book.

As the tree branches, the information contained within the Nodes gets more specific.

If they were dogs, you could rightfully expect the owners to keep them contained within their properties.

For example, someone wanting to find out if a string is contained within a string might look up pregmatch.

The QueueFilter contained within the FlushQueueParams is used to specify which QueueEntry Elements to remove.

For any initiating moment to eventuate, I would have to assume that the end is contained within the beginning.

It contains within it the first three Commandments; love God alone, keep His Name holy and observe His Sabbath.

The shark is contained within a steel and glass vitrine three times longer than high and divided into three cubes.

In 5% of cases contain on is used

If the block is wholly contained on page 3, only page 3 is referenced.

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As a result, their purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by the retail experience and information contained on packaging.

With the invoices, I can tell you how many invoices are contained on the servers, what they contained and what significance it has.

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In 2% of cases contain by is used

Indeed, this justified the view of both the Treasury and the Bank of England that inflation was still a serious threat, to be contained by keeping interest rates high.

Conversely, deflationary tendencies could be contained by Federal Reserve credit-made available at market rates on high-quality collateral- without threatening currency convertibility.

I think those risks -- or perhaps the extreme tail risks -- have been contained by the ECB's actions, but I think there are certainly threats of greater volatility or some disturbances.

In 1% of cases contain between is used

Furthermore, a separate production of plastic dolls was found to contain between 4.

Declination -- of a body is the arc of the celestial meridian contained between the equinoctial and the body.

The Bank account statements are in pdf format, there are 159 pages, each page contains between 1 and 5 entries.

Most CFLs contain between 3-5mg of mercury, by comparison a typical thermometer has between 500 and 3,000mg of mercury.

The country contained between 250 and 400 ethnic groups (depending on the way they were defined ), speaking about 400 languages.

Health overflowing with proteins One cup of yogurt contains between 5-9 grams of complete protein that provides our body with all the necessary amino acids.

The Bearing Amplitude of a body is the arc of the horizon contained between the East point and the object when rising or between the West point and the object when setting.

In 1% of cases contain to is used

Previously these hotspots were contained to city centres but our 2011 data shows they are now spreading out to more rural areas within these regions.

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