Prepositions after "consider"

consider in, as, by, for or before?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases consider in is used

These issues are considered in Chapter 4.

In any event, all joints must be considered in the design.

These initiatives will be considered in more detail below.

Similar measures are being either proposed or considered in the the EU and the US.

The subject of ' presentation ' has been already considered in our work On the Soul.

These are unlikely to be considered in the near future due to the available habitat.

A natural language is neither good nor bad considered in itself, for it is not designed or invented for a purpose.

And under laws being considered in certain jurisdictions, it would be illegal to attempt to hack the DRM software.

These are, considered in a general way, the presuppositions of the world-important decisions of the Council of Nice.

Secondly, they adapt to that decree attributes of the Deity, either different or considered in a different relation.

In 19% of cases consider as is used

They are considered as a school.

It can be considered as a privacy issue.

And the reasons can be considered as: 1.

Any major shift is always considered as an aberration or an exception to the rule.

If a local match can attract a few hundred spectators, it's considered as a success.

Attempt to consider as well as save at least 10 various on-line composing work planks.

An introduction to almonds Among the different types of nuts, almonds are considered as the most nutritious nuts.

Abundant investment in employees ' development is considered as another feature of co-ordinated market economies.

NB 6 copies is considered as a firm sale Damaged Return Books may be returned for replacement once they are faulty.

In 19% of cases consider by is used

Race is one of many factors considered by admissions officers.

They're also required to give reasons to be considered by a judge.

Her experience in public service should be considered by the Obama Administration.

Reading the rhythmic poetry of Guru Granth is considered by some as healing in itself.

The creative writing program, which does not confer an MFA, is considered by many to be the best in the country.

As an ethnic Avar, Suleimanov was considered by many Muslims to be an apostate and therefore deserving of death.

Buying a house jointly facilitates a larger loan as income of all the coowners would be considered by the lenders.

Coming in the wake of political oppression, democracy is considered by many to be synonymous with rights of citizens.

In 18% of cases consider for is used

Stop to consider for a moment what this means.

To be considered for an interview, please list.

Fraudulent cases are considered for prosecution.

Equity MFs can also be considered for generating tax-free income or capital gain.

There are 28 Nakshatras, however only 27 Nakshatras are considered for calculations.

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is being considered for future expansion.

Surgical measures: These are only considered for those rare cases of spasticity that defy all other treatments.

At the most basic level, jump ropes and mini trampolines are the most common items considered for home fitness.

Other cities that will be considered for the game are the current BCS sites - the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz.

To avoid any confusion, please make it clear if your email is not to be considered for publication or other use.

In 4% of cases consider before is used

He carefully considers before believing anything.

Here we list eight things to consider before having sex.

What are the factors people consider before visiting? 3.

However, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before hiring a limo service.

During my program, I have done things I'd never considered before and embraced every opportunity.

So there is a certain amount of responsibility that one needs to consider before agreeing to endorse.

You will find several stuff it is advisable to consider before making your final decision on one thing essential.

Something to consider before securing a payday loan is whether the money you are borrowing is for a real emergency.

All other options, like recycling, minimisation, prevention and re-use, must first be considered before the landfill option.

Several points must be carefully considered before examining the relationship between the process quality measured and outcomes.

In 3% of cases consider at is used

The work of everyday language can be considered at a higher level.

Those who are considered at risk will be contacted and given guidance about testing procedures.

Jurisprudence has been considered at various times and by different schools of thought as philosophy, history or science.

If a child has not been entered on the CCS e-return, no appeal will be considered at a later date in respect of that child.

We now have to decide whether we would like to make submissions, and this is something which we are considering at the moment.

When all variables were considered at the same time, only baseline symptom severity appeared to predict a poorer outcome in anxiety.

Which is an apt point considering at one point Mansoor whacked Sotelo in the face with his guitar, which the audience did find quite funny.

The actress Jane Rusell, considered at that time Hollywood's leading sex symbol, wore one of my designs, and Frank Sinatra called for an evening dress for his mum.

On the other hand, he's got a project to consider at SBS, working with the PD of the recent megahit drama War of Money, who can't reveal anything about the drama just yet.

In 3% of cases consider on is used

Each case should be considered on its merits.

Papers will also be considered on any related theme.

Non-standard applicants will be considered on an individual basis.

When and if corroboration exists that evidence can and should be considered on its merits.

The addition or removal of each bank to or from the list will be considered on its own facts.

This one is worth considering on a limited budget, without really compromising on the performance.

I really means the fort on the prairies which could at various times refer to just about any fort considered on the prairies.

These are considered on a case-by-case basis and an extra charge will be incurred based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed.

The patient should check with the doctor immediately if any of the following occur: Cytoxan is considered only for the most severe cases of MG when other therapies have failed.

After all, how does one talk about the dead without reliving the loss? This is a question, among others, that we're urged to consider on this year's World Suicide Prevention Day.

In 1% of cases consider about is used

But there are some important footnotes to consider about Myanmar.

One thing I admit I haven't considered about becoming a Farmer is how dangerous it is.

The first thing to consider about retirement in Thailand is actually being allowed to do it.

In 1% of cases consider among is used

And yet it was considered among the smoothest.

The Ivorians are considered among the best brother pairings currently in football.

Instead, it's considered among the worst to live in because of chronic air pollution.

Two home games against teams far from being considered among the group's strongest yielded only two points.

Wines produced in the Bordeaux wine region of southwest France are generally considered among the very best in the world.

Australian Paralympic Committee CEO, Jason Hellwig says that Freney can now be considered among Australia's sporting greats.

These books capped his career with a return to his roots and are considered among the best American biographies ever written.

This is the main cricket venue especially in summer and is considered among the most beautiful sporting venues anywhere within Australia.

In the design of reconfigurable logic was considered among other things the amount of internal instructions and type of instructions provide maximum performance.

It seems hard today to believe that a musical such as Carousel was considered among the 1961 kitchen sink drama embued chattering classes to be sentimental rubbish.

In 1% of cases consider from is used

Now THOSE I would consider from a business perspective.

One more set of scriptures for you to consider from the Psalms.

Considering from what I know Bentley never made station wagons.

The problem is that you can not just put a layer of security and governance on the cloud, it must be considered from a level of architecture planning.

In 1% of cases consider of is used

Your preferred cause appeared to be in the web the easiest thing to consider of.

Man from another point of view can also be considered of three aspects: such as body, soul and spirit.

Postpartum depression used to be considered of as a make imagine dysfunction plus had been typically discriminated in.

The promise contained in the Deuteronomy 18:15 and Deuteronomy 18:18 verses of this chapter has long been considered of the first importance in the controversies between the Christians and Jews.

In 1% of cases consider to is used

Points To Consider To Jailbreak iPad 3 5.

Women are not considered to be qualified to sit on the Board.

I would consider to loan money from bank if possible and invest RM50,000 in business.

Having carefully considered to normal part upon Generic Cialis Generic Cialis the current appellate disposition.

Ebay is considered to by the internet version of Walmart, So all of there customers are looking for a bargain when there shopping on Ebay.

I am afraid, considering to what extend I respect Pat Lang's wisdom and experience, this was the first time, I begged to differ with him.

GS: This was just passed in Trinidad? JP: This was passed within the last two years, under what they considered to an Equal Opportunity Act.

By the time you get to high school boys do not do home economics, traditional Boys ' Schools do not teach French -- the romance languages are considered to be effeminate.

Power consumption: IB consumes about 17-18W less at load compared to SB and if you consider to it completes workloads faster than SB, it? s quite a bit more power efficient than SB.

In 1% of cases consider under is used

More than 58 percent of coral reefs are considered under threat from human activities.

The department will advise you if your request can not be considered under the minister's public interest powers.

Students seeking admission via the Maori student quota Students who wish to be considered under the Maori quota must apply to enrol via UC Enrolments by 5 December 2012.

In this section structure of the economy of the Assembly has been considered under contribution of the sector to employment, income level of the incidence of poverty in the Municipality.

In 1% of cases consider with is used

Not all items of incoming mail must be considered with reference to other papers.

There are also many complex issues to be considered with the administration of Trusts which not dealt with correctly, may.

And to my amazement, the points that it try to convey was quite relevant considering with regards to our current social standing in the youthful community.

An individual choice to consider with the help of blinds you will not need looked at is always to film all of them utilizing a further eye-port procedure, for instance up and down window blinds.

Meanwhile, he began to consider with himself from whence his misfortune proceeded; and after mature reflection, he no longer doubted that it was owing to his having put his lamp out of his sight.

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