Prepositions after "connect"

"connect to" or "connect with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases connect to is used

We first connected to it on the 2.

This is connected to the next point.

Get connected to an Exciting career.

It connected to a small pile of components and instruments via a single thick wire.

We also used our laptops to connect to BrainPopJr, to learn about different habitats.

It's natural at that age that they feel connected to nature and it makes them happy.

So fellow Gooners, it's been a tough week for all Arsenal fans and everything and everyone connected to the club.

We had no problems setting up the RT-N66U and were quickly able to surf the web and connect to our other computers.

Sources connected to US open tennis hero confirmed that the 25-year-old Scot is already planning for his wedding.

These cylinders were in turn connected to an electrometer, a device for catching and measuring electrical charge.

In 43% of cases connect with is used

Connect with Stefanie on Twitter.

He just couldn't connect with them.

Help them connect with your message.

If some ' insecure ' people connect with others through Twitter, good luck to them.

Old and new Englishness abounds and it is not connected with racism or with Ukip.

This is also connected with the legend that Moses spent his last days in Kashmir.

But in least developed countries, structures that connect with and support SMFEs and their associations are weak.

Moreover, the philosophy of the neocons within the Bush administration has already been connected with fascism.

We are social, connect with us I am a postgraduate in English Literature and Sociology from Tribhuvan University.

The urban zoo offers a walk on the wild side and an opportunity to connect with nature in the middle of the city.

In 3% of cases connect by is used

They weren't connected by 2010.

It is also connected by waterway from Kaptai.

It has two vertices connected by E number of edges.

Each anther is usually made up of two lobes (antherlobes) connected by a connective.

These three adjoining palaces were connected by a series of covered ways and passages.

He raised a two-story H-shaped structure -- really two buildings connected by an arcade.

Port Royal and the Norman Manley International Airport are connected by this long sand spit to the rest of the island.

It's all connected by a set of principles, and discussing it, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of those principles.

The human brain is in two parts, or hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain, connected by a mass of nerve fibres.

The three areas are connected by a cable car, outdoor escalator which is the second longest in the world and Ocean Express.

In 2% of cases connect in is used

How is that connected in any way? Watch and find out.

You'll see evidence of App Connect in several areas of your phone.

A slogan that may work in one country might not connect in another.

The programme has helped me see how they are connected in maximising value creation.

The leadership is well connected in Tulsa an thesed guys have a real heart for the jobseeker.

When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts.

The batteries (detailed dimensions provided) must be connected in series and to an adjacent printed circuit board.

By some mystical flow, our prayers for the dead and their prayers for us connect in a constant flow of love and care.

The more parts of the brain you connect in a child's mind, the more creativity and insights that child will experience.

Adding storyteller point of view to Mrembo wordtree: Mrembo is now connected in the center of the map, as it should be.

In 1% of cases connect at is used

It wouldn't even connect at 25 metres.

Once again, it failed to connect at 25 metres.

Ideally, users connect at the full 11 Mbps rate.

And it's such a nice way to connect at the end of the day.

There is discussion of extending this up busy Harbor Blvd to connect at Anaheim to the ARTIC Streetcar line.

I also know that when there are times that you are not connected at the hip, the world continues to function just fine,.

It also allows them to connect at the same time with their long lost ancestors, as the tree is able to preserve people's memories and experiences.

According to a presentation by Anna Debenham at the Full Frontal Conference, teenagers in Britain are connected at home to 95%, but only 10% own a Smartphone.

When the suspects, many of them connected at the highest level in the society, were charged to court, most sceptical Nigerians said: it's all a ruse; government would soon find a way of freeing them.

In 1% of cases connect for is used

Camberwell is also really well connected for getting round London.

A lot of information needs to be connected for the ' now ' to provide a classical context.

All have boosted capacity since the outset, in part prompted by NHS Connecting for Health.

When i tried however i could not get it to work, it connects for a while but then just disconnects.

The NHS Connecting for Health Service Desk, run by Fujitsu, deals with technical issues that can not be resolved at local level.

Martinez passed 36 yards to a wide-open Bell for the Huskers ' first touchdown, and they later connected for a 30-yarder along the sideline.

On a couple of occasions Pelvas and West also connected for a one-two, only for the final pass to be intercepted or Pelvas straying marginally offside.

As well as central costs paid and recorded by NHS Connecting for Health, the total includes estimates of the local costs incurred in deploying the systems.

NHS Connecting for Health and Fujitsu recognise there have been problems with the operation of the Service Desk and are taking steps to improve performance.

In 1% of cases connect on is used

Punk goes back to the top and barely connects on the way down.

In the meantime, you can keep asking your friends to connect on www.

People connect on same language, sometimes same rituals, same cultures, sometimes accent.

Although i am a student of which i need to connect on internet and my local internet speed is 112.

My understanding is that all the computers were connected on a single, national, corporate network.

The ease of connecting on a computer however, also removed the life and soul of human conversation.

If someone wants to connect on Twitter, they're not going to take it personally if you don't follow them back.

Even Afghanistan is licensing its 3G spectrum which means people there will be connecting on mobile devices.

A wide-open Mulders connected on a fine cross from Reichelt, giving the Azkals live with just a few minutes left in the match.

This is a great way to seem transparent to the homeowner and a great way to showcase your personality if you can connect on a call.

In 1% of cases connect through is used

Seems like it would connect through WiFi to the net.

We tried to stay connected through Facebook for a couple of months.

Connect through Dashboard, find a place to go, turn up, get trained and off you go.

Erik Hersman writes: 2 out of every 3 internet users in Kenya connect through their mobile phone.

It's a western digital 80g FAT32 formatted drive in a simple enclosure connected through usb of course.

United/Lufthansa has a fight connecting through Frankfurt, Delta/Air France through Paris, and British Airways through London.

Regarding eye contact, you can not, of course, look at one person throughout the presentation, but you can connect through your eyes.

PC versions of XCOM will indeed connect through Steam and support Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud support, and other Steamworks features.

Now the world changes faster because we are more connected through information, so we can talk about history in real time, in some cases.

These activities is connected through a communication platform which function as a people driven facility made to share, and engage heads and hearts around how we can adapt to climate change.

In 1% of cases connect via is used

There are two ways to connect via Echo Link.

Two formats are available: RSS: connect via RSS.

Phone no given is 0845 4744213 which apparently connects via Skype to the 0161 number.

Maybe I'll use FaceTime more now that I don't have to worry about being connected via Wi-Fi.

Eurasia and North America were connected via land bridges and island chains across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The majority of the services that will replace the web will be connecting via APIs, whether they are public or private.

Even though I personally do a lot of connecting via email, I also think it's very important to do connecting in person.

To input the desired location, shoe is connected via USB to a custom application which uses google maps to set the destination.

When you hand over the transmission to the station connected via echo link, remember it takes approximately 8-10 seconds for the echo link to connect.

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