Prepositions after "conceal"

"conceal from" or "conceal in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases conceal from is used

These notes purport to be dated 27 November 2000 but were concealed from me till after 27 April 2004.

Ione no longer concealed from Glaucus the attachment she felt for him, and their talk was only of their love.

The ornaments worn all the time at home can be worn provided they are concealed from the sight of na-mahrams and their husband.

King, Head of the Western Hemisphere Division, was also informed, but all the details were deliberately concealed from officials of Operation JMWAVE.

In 19% of cases conceal in is used

Cleverly concealed in the glove box of his car.

While sorting through the clothing she found the body of the baby concealed in the shoe box.

Cuthbert from hostile forces, it was sent off-world and concealed in London's British Museum.

Her form was concealed in many wrappers of the same simple manufacture, and her face was shut forever from the gaze of men.

The counterfeit Fatima advanced towards him, with his hand all the time on a dagger, concealed in his girdle under his gown.

Why then are they concealed in such a deliberate and sinister technique? I was just 11 when I saw this movie for the first time.

Wolfe often shows a photograph of a mountain backdrop bathed in magic-hours light, with a body of water in the foreground reflecting the mountains and concealed in shadow.

In 14% of cases conceal by is used

From May 1945, Irish newspapers began to carry a roll of honour of Irish military personnel whose deaths had been concealed by the censors.

This personal encounter exposed me to the other side of Saraki that tended to get concealed by the divisiveness and rancor of partisan politics.

I wait with eager anticipation as the treasures concealed by picnic baskets are finally revealed and laid out on table or blanket ready to be handed around.

The nosimon is a three-wheeled, motorized affair, with a flat wooden trailer at the back that is usually concealed by large loads of vegetables, wares, or Bangladeshi families.

The farther extremity of the room was concealed by a curtain, and the oblong window in the roof admitted the rays of the moon, mingling sadly with the single lamp which burned in the apartment.

In 9% of cases conceal under is used

I found in him, on the contrary, an extreme mistrustfulness concealed under a mask of naivete, and an intelligence of considerable range.

Since then, the mummy has been on show to visitors at the Cairo Museum, with his head and neck uncovered and the rest of body concealed under a cloth.

This means that even if a property is physically intact, its integrity is questionable if its significant features are concealed under modern construction.

The young girl who was minding the shop followed him and saw him go into a house in Cook-street, where he was found by Constable Ahearne concealed under a bed.

In 7% of cases conceal behind is used

This is also referred to models where the cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture.

The WC cistern is concealed behind a wall or inside bathroom furniture and the pan protrudes from the wall, above the floor.

The frame assembly comprises printed wiring boards, on which the electronics are mounted and is concealed behind an infrared-transparent bezel.

In 3% of cases conceal on is used

Concealed on the south side of Sumba Island in eastern Indonesia, it is not a place you go to by chance, but somewhere you have to make an active effort to reach.

In 1% of cases conceal with is used

Revenge is concealed with Him for the future, sealed up in.

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