Prepositions after "compose"

compose of, by, for, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases compose of is used

The bench is composed of: a) Mr.

They are composed of all religions.

The fact finding mission composed of Mr.

The CNC is composed of the following from the LGU, the chair which is the Mayor, Dr.

Metallic solids are composed of atoms that have some weakly bound valence electrons.

Such bodies are primarily composed of sovereign states and are established by treaty.

The legislative assembly is composed of two chambers - an elected elder's chamber, and a house of representatives.

Our methodology is composed of a homegrown database, a centralized logging facility, and a hacked operating system.

After the elections our Senate will be composed of the sons and daughters of former senators and brother and sister.

The Legislative Branch is the bicameral congress composed of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In 11% of cases compose by is used

All is composed by the same essence.

Another factor in its favor its that it was composed by Suju members so.

We are composed by spheres and their rotations are unique for all creations.

Every note of this film's haunting melody -- composed by Henry Mancini -- is brilliant.

The visor is enhanced on the inner side by a stylish motif composed by the La Martina logo.

It was composed by a royal commission council and approved by the Danish king Christian 7 th.

I have taken the Reuters chart composed by Scott Barber and drawn a couple of trendlines and overlaid a chart of the S &P; 500 to illustrate.

The music for this piece was composed by Lorcn Mac Mathna and the words were taken from the mediaeval Irish manuscript, The Book of Leinster.

If you like classic rock ' n ' roll, blues and rockabilly you will find your groove with MUG! Come and enjoy original music composed by Maurice Ulmer.

In 3% of cases compose for is used

This could be crucial in case you are composing for any particular area of interest.

The film is produced by Abhijeet Bhosale and has music by Benedict Taylor (who has composed for The Girl in Yellow Boots in the past).

With this in mind, this playlist has been put together of some of the more unusual and interesting pieces of music composed for film from all corners of the globe, i.

Although spurious in almost every respect, the veracity of the biography composed for the saint remained in the main unchallenged until Professor O Riain reexamined it.

Andrial, a farmer, explained that the specific tunes that sound like bird tweets are actually a portion of the lullabies that every mother composes for her newborn child.

The quartet enthusiastically performs works which in almost all cases originally composed for their instruments and initiates the creation of new works in collaboration with composers.

In 3% of cases compose in is used

I needed to compose in my head what I wanted to say and ensure I got my facts correct.

The lives appear to have been composed in the context of a power struggle between dioceses in the twelfth century.

I don't experience the same terror of the blank page when I'd composing in Gmail as I do when I'd composing in Word.

Guru Granth was composed in poetry perhaps to both prevent alterations or adulterations, and to reach out to human heart.

The definitions of the Tome were composed in a way that it could be interpreted by different persons, each in his own way.

By way of example if a chunk of audio is composed in the slight tonality with lots of dim and sad chords, the audience can feel this.

Additionally, it provides understanding as to what an organization ought to search for while searching for a peice composing in order to watts.

I had always felt that to compose in the English language in order to earn cheap accolades in the West is the worst possible form of greed and narcissism.

In 1% of cases compose as is used

The painting is intended to show a view of a man with a guitar composed as a series of simultaneous glances.

In 1% of cases compose from is used

The unfortunate and benighted Greek was chanting a mad, disconnected song, composed from snatches of hymns and sacred odes, all jarringly woven together.

In 1% of cases compose on is used

Reams of poetry and volumes of composition have been composed on it.

You'll encounter a user that can act up the phrase that's composed on a piece of paper as you move the individuals will be in-control over estimating the word.

A century and a quarter later, Holbrook Jackson's Anatomy of Bibliomania, a wonderful and astonishingly erudite compendium of booklore, composed on the model of Burton's Anatomy, was even longer.

In 1% of cases compose to is used

If the world was predominately Pagan (for example) then they would probably compose to the glorification of Christ.

In 1% of cases compose with is used

And since she has quite a diverse range, it's great to compose with her and experiment with various styles and textures.

Clive Langer, who co-wrote Shipbuilding with Elvis Costello, is once again composing with Enrico (alias Steve Allen) his writing partner.

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