Prepositions after "complete"

complete with, without, in, by or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases complete with is used

Complete with a heart-shaped spot.

Complete with dramatic black bars.

Complete with over 100 new features.

Imagine a Tanzanian sumo wrestler, complete with the sheet wrapped over the groin.

Complete with an authentic (yes, that word again) 2012-2013 real-life PNG overlay.

I have since reported it to MicroSoft, complete with the website and phone number.

Yet this is how this world is meant to be because it is but a part that will only be complete with the Aakhirah.

Can you guess who this is? Dangerous, Complete with Food Beard Yep, that's Dangerous, complete with facial food.

Hederos ' own? Gripe? turns out to be a brief pastoral piano interlude complete with the sound of running water.

Yet Father Wojtyla's old room looks as if he only recently walked out, complete with the furniture he once used.

In 15% of cases complete without is used

No top ten is complete without Van.

No game was complete without a fight.

One is not complete without the other.

A trip to Paris will not be complete without a trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Now, let's make a video; the Nigerian music scene isn't complete without videos.

No visit to Kingston would be complete without a cruise of The Thousand Islands.

Exports are worth more than 40 million to the US economy and a night at the movies isn't complete without it.

No mention of distortion in tape recorders would be complete without a note about the practical implications.

No visit to Nmes would be complete without a trip to the Pont du Gard, just 20km or so northeast of the city.

S Pen stylus The Note 2 wouldn't be complete without a stylus for writing the eponymous old-school reminders.

In 4% of cases complete in is used

CXC/GCE O/L -- complete in 4yrs 2.

Each moment is complete in itself.

Our salvation is complete in Christ.

A lot of people were upset thinking that Part II was going to be complete in itself.

We keep the intensity high the whole time and the workout is complete in 45 minutes.

The cooking process is complete in 15 mere minutes, at which point you cool the mix.

It is hoped the steam-engine-sized computer will be complete in time for the 150th anniversary of Babbage's death.

Confirmation for those baptised as adults only makes sense if you don't believe invitation is complete in baptism.

The Divine testimony concerning Him was complete in the threefold voice from Heaven (Matt 3:17, 17:5; John 12:28).

Some being more developed than others, but always only a part of the Sanskrit grammar, which is complete in itself.

In 2% of cases complete by is used

They are complete by themselves.

This list is not complete by any means.

Still all the hearings were complete by 2004.

He says, success or failure of photovoltaic industry is complete by policy decision.

All five phases of the project are expected to be complete by June 2013, Quinn said.

The deal is subject to FSA approval but is expected to be complete by the end of 2013.

Tomas Rosicky eventually put Arsenal in front before the rout was complete by a quick fire double by Theo Walcott.

Work on the road between Dodoma and Manyara started in June 2010 and is expected to be complete by September 2013.

The freshly composed pieces probably date chiefly from the late 1730s; the work was complete by 1744 at the latest.

In your application, always speak as if your thesis is complete, or will be complete by the time they will need you.

In 1% of cases complete at is used

Our remedy was complete at Calvary.

This is NOT complete at the site yet.

The adoption is complete at salvation.

If you neglect the phenomenal level, then you are not complete at the inner truth level.

Our first guests arrived at GGO in late summer of 1995 (it was 95% complete at the time).

If their chores are not complete at the end of the week, they do not receive their allowance.

A dependable loan company will just charge a lot more if it's not repaid in complete at the finish of the loan term.

Depending on the extent of initial injury, the recovery process may be complete at any time in those first four years.

In the case of an ostrich, although its maturation is complete at the age of three, it lives for thirty to forty years.

He states categorically on page 69-70 in his Awa'il al-Maqalat that the ' ismah of the Prophet is complete at all times.

In 1% of cases complete for is used

Let assume it is complete for now.

No diet is complete for any animal at any age.

Funding is complete for the mines and the mill.

Of the 400 consumers selected, only 216 questionnaires were returned in a complete form.

This is lengthy and detailed stuff and most likely wont be complete for another month or so.

This party quest is complete for the Mark of Narician, a pendant, for other jobs than mages.

No trip to Boracay is quite complete for me without ordering at least one of their fruit + milk combination shake.

It has been proved, for example, that dominating set is complete for W 1, and hence exceedingly unlikely to be FPT.

She makes you feel complete for a reason, so try to remember your time together and separate that from the time apart.

The data should have every necessary or normal part or component or step which makes it complete for its intended use.

In 1% of cases complete of is used

It enables humans adore the absolute complete of music.

It enables humans adore absolutely the complete of music.

Smoothies taste terrific and are chock complete of good issues.

It had been an unforgettable 80 minutes, the most complete of the tournament so far.

For the reason that feet are complete of sweat glands, url=http: **29;23431;TOOLONG.

The greatest of time is the time taken by the existence of the complete of all atoms.

Returns submitted will be subjected to verification by GRA on the accuracy and complete of the items on the returns.

My only negative comment is that I expected the bridge connection to be as complete of an email system as on my 9930.

The auto complete of commonly given answers made me laugh: And this one is a screen shot from a very, very long time ago.

But not nearly as COMPLETE of a team as Oregon! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Oregon put up 40 on that great Def BAMA.

In 1% of cases complete on is used

Work is complete on Malm and Freiberg.

Get your complete on high of your customer's mind.

Your ns2 installation is complete on your Ubuntu 12.

It is likely that the judgment would be reserved once the hearing is complete on Tuesday.

No discussion is complete on weapons of Shri Krishna, if we do not mention the Sudarshan Chakra.

Firstly you need to instruct your solicitor to NOT COMPLETE on the purchase without your permission.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Production is complete on Guy Ritchie's sequel to 2010's Sherlock Holmes movie.

A decade-long effort to fundraise and rehabilitate the line between NYA and Winthrop will be complete on Monday, Nov.

Because a divorcee means a person who can't tolerate, respect his/her partner if he/she is not complete on his/her desire.

Significant work is complete on this legislation and I am submitting a further Memorandum to the Government on it this week.

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