Prepositions after "commit"

commit to, by, in, against or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases commit to is used

Commit to not making any of them.

You commit to standing your ground.

Everyone is committed to staying.

We therefore hope the NSCB will continue to be committed to the spirit of METAGORA.

And it's driving the WWE mad as they want Chris to sign a new deal and commit to them.

Both are committed to sustainability, regardless of difference in size as companies.

The Barwa Real Estate Company alone had two billion committed to the construction of a beach resort near Tripoli.

A pattern of biased evaluation therefore will occur even in people who are absolutely committed to gender equity.

Qualitative inquiry is for the researcher who is willing to do the following: Commit to extensive time in the field.

For better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do us part, I believe in that, I am committed to that.

In 13% of cases commit by is used

The Crime was committed by a black man.

It is true that most recorded crime is committed by men.

Just as crimes get committed by Chinese visiting the West.

It may be fraud committed by the judicial officers themselves or by their employee.

Gender also plays a role in the types of violence committed by people with mental disorders.

PETALING JAYA: A commission is badly needed to check the abuses committed by police personnel.

We should also make him realize that his revelation can be more serious sin than the one committed by the Mu'min.

However, when the types of crime committed by people with mental disorders are examined, violence is not at the top.

Here X and Y are jointly liable with B to C as having knowingly become parties to the breach of trust committed by B.

In 5% of cases commit in is used

Offence committed in Magistrate's presence 64.

Atrocities were committed in the English Civil War.

Committed in the promotion of women entrepreneurs, Mrs.

We need to be fully committed in life and to pay particular attention to those in need.

Everyone will experience this phase so as to expiate one of the sins commited in this life.

Real liberation can never be achieved through this kind of violence committed in the name of ' liberation ' by both sides.

Even at the tribunals of justice here on earth, the penalty of death is imposed upon some crimes which are committed in an instant.

Even with the alleged smaller numbers of the Ghanaian army, it is worth noting that most crimes committed in the country are resolved.

The Ghanaian electorate were not happy with the NPP for the mistakes it committed in government, hence its rejection in the 2008 polls.

In 3% of cases commit against is used

Fouls are offences that are committed against an opposition player.

I've also read about the terrible atrocities committed against people with albinism.

The betrayal that the dems committed against Reagan on TEFRA still makes my blood boil.

The nation has been shocked by the horrendous acts of rape and violence committed against our women.

The last government disintegrated due to the injustice and atrocity committed against certain groups.

The Allied powers made empty promises to both investigate and prosecute all crimes committed against the Armenians.

No honest Somali would deny or dispute that atrocities were committed against the northerners by the dictatorial regime.

Many many intolerant acts committed against Muslim are retaliation for what the foul-mouthed haters like Choudary spew out.

The man retired April 2011 but PDP asked him to stay on to cover some of the atrocities the party committed against the nation.

So far it has miserably failed in this regard despite the presence of conclusive evidence of the crimes committed against the people.

In 1% of cases commit at is used

CONTRARY TO LAW, and committed at nighttime, which facilitated its commission.

He gets a crown tattooed on his back because the crime was committed at a Burger King.

For example, it will soon be able to tell people how they can pre-register their interest, without having to commit at that time to buy shares.

Killer drones, presidents behaving like Mafia dons, and a host of lesser outrages committed at all levels of government appear in the moral vacuum you get when.

In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity it is important for everyone to be committed at his or her proper level, working to overcome the prevalence of particular interests.

If Zardari and his core allies MQM and ANP could sense something about their wrong doings then they can easily imagine the crime they are committing at stake of overseas pakistanis.

According to Mukuralinda, the judge ignored that there would be implications for crimes Ingabire may have committed at a later stage -- another reason the prosecution based on to appeal.

In 1% of cases commit during is used

If the violent conduct is committed during a stoppage of play, the restart is not changed.

He has already been implicated in war crimes committed during his term in office, notably in connection with the 1973 Chilean coup.

You must put all the sins you have committed during childhood behind and embark as a new person with a different outlook on a new life.

A dropped ball where the ball was when play is stopped is the correct restart if the violent conduct is committed during play and off the field.

Mittal's promise was made at the height of the hopes that Bosnia was heading in the right direction, towards a reckoning with the legacy of atrocities committed during the nineties.

The feelings of hostility are fuelled by the feeling in China that Japan has not sufficiently acknowledged the 1937 Nanjing massacre and the atrocities committed during World War II.

Amnesty International has previously questioned the fairness of trials before the SICT, which was established to try Saddam Hussain and others accused of crimes committed during his rule.

In 1% of cases commit for is used

Dean was committed for trial and appeared before Justice Windeyer in the Supreme Court in April 1895.

We should stop violence towards other innocent species on this planet, which we are commiting for food and medicine.

The enemies to knowledge were weaving conspiracies of throwing the Pakhtuns into darkness of ignorance while the soldiers of Bacha Khan were committed for thwarting their evil agenda.

In 1% of cases commit on is used

Offence committed on a journey 183.

We are investigating fraud committed on a company.

The alleged offence was committed on Nov 9 at a police station in Prai.

The offence of extortion committed on a may be inquired into or tried either by X or Y.

It looks like coupon fraud was committed on television, in prime time, as a ratings-grabber.

Nor is jurisdiction confined to offenses committed on that state's territory or against its overseas facilities.

But what about the fraud committed on the company and fraud committed on shareholders? This causes economic offence.

It makes your blood boil, when you visit these historical sites and see what atrocities have been committed on Indians.

Apparently, the Penans had made the long-trip downriver to Marudi and even Miri, trying to make police reports against the crimes committed on their children.

There's only one thing which is regrettable that is he missed to be convoked by the International Court for interrogation on the crime he committed on his own people.

In 1% of cases commit with is used

Also he must make up for it by speaking well of the person in proportion to the Ghiba he has committed with regard to this person.

All unrighteousness is sin; all reigning sin, nay, every actual sin, committed with design, and not repented of, shuts out of the kingdom of heaven.

The only thing it does is make clear that libel committed with the use of information and communications technologies would now be penalized slightly more severely.

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