Prepositions after "cognizant"

cognizant of, about, for, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 95% of cases cognizant of is used

Be cognizant of their symptoms.

Baker has been very cognizant of.

I'd very cognizant of that as well.

Professional development We are cognizant of the need to further develop ourselves.

Nevertheless you have to be cognizant of the reason/s of actually disagreeing about.

We're very cognizant of that, and we know that, ultimately, we can make a difference.

With all the extra eyes on the football team one would think these guys would be more cognizant of their actions.

Rather the descriptions are that of becoming more immediately cognizant of the awareness they had always enjoyed.

By being careful and monitoring your blood sugar levels, taking your insulin, and being cognizant of the various.

You need to be cognizant of the fact that leftists shut down your shops (Jean Quan, Menino, the Chancelor of UCB.

In 1% of cases cognizant about is used

The problem is, many of the useful idiots who support them on the sidelines aren't fully cognizant about their intentions.

When I think about joining a new network, I'd very cognizant about whether it will add value (quality) to my social media strategy.

Personally, I'd always cognizant about the fact that what goes on social media not only stays on social media but stays there forever.

Chances are good that other OEMs will be more cognizant about paying those royalties to Apple as well, which has a very good chance of driving up Android device costs across the board.

In 1% of cases cognizant for is used

Many of them woke up and were cognizant for the first time in 40 years.

But not difficult, only at several stages you have to be cognizant for the slippery stones.

As if a spell had been lifted, all 4 are fully cognizant for the first time since the initial explosion.

We in Africa are cognizant for the longstanding Indian contributions made to the development of the continent in spite of the country? s own development challenges.

Also, this article is cognizant for me because the thoughts have been which is better: -to be an ATR or to take a position with a vindictive principal who will excess you in a year or two any way.

In 1% of cases cognizant to is used

So again, Good Luck! I am cognizant to what you wrote and yes its quite obvious that Tao of Turtle island are the same beings.

This fluidity also requires that we, as a nation, are cognizant to the threats we face and are prepared to protect against them.

Coming back to Malaysia's anti-corruption framework, We have been cognizant to the threats posed by corruption and corrupt behavior since the earliest days of the Federation.

The international community must be cognizant to this fact and come forward to help Pakistan and diplomatically push Kabul to end their patronisation if they seriously want peace in.

In 1% of cases cognizant with is used

I would be too if I weren't cognizant with the details of it all.

Only try and do them if you are cognizant with layouts, fonts etc, otherwise get someone to do them for you.

He probably had an aversion to white hair because he was not cognizant with those Ahadith which cite the virtues of white hair or, 3.

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