Prepositions after "classify"

"classify as" or "classify into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases classify as is used

This is in no way to be classified as food.

The country is classified as a full democracy.

In fact, religion should be classified as a mental.

Leather is classified as a generalist set and is the cheapest armour set, offering no set bonuses.

A 65% increase in the National Debt in less than four years can certainly be classified as a bubble.

The climate of Tochigi may be classified as a humid temperate zone with broad variations in temperature.

Two Democratic polls have been released lately in this district that all four pundits I track classify as a toss-up.

Certainly videos like the latest one can be classified as a science fiction and as such, can be low-cost experiment.

This type of prickly pear is still found along coastal areas of New South Wales, and is classified as a noxious weed.

In 18% of cases classify into is used

These were broadly classified into 4 sections i.

Mutual funds are classified into more than 30 categories.

The Hadith has also been classified into Sahih, Hasan and Daif.

In fact, they were so diverse that they are currently classified into 3 distinct families.

The five have been classified into three groups -- the physical, the subtle and the causal.

The number of these processes have been broadly classified into three called Dosh: Kaph, Pitta, and Vata.

As far as the Hanunoo are concerned, human beings can be classified into two categories: Mangyan and non- Mangyan.

Based on the usage purpose, the industry can be classified into -- general-purpose machines and special-purpose machines.

Based on how the metal is shaped, the industry can be classified into -- metal cutting machines and metal forming machines.

Yogis we have studied can be classified into three categories: The professional hatha yogis: trained to master their organism.

In 13% of cases classify in is used

Women were classified in two groups.

Credit Schemes Credit Schemes of HSBC may be classified in two groups.

Supervisors Supervisors and foremen/women have generally been classified in skill level B.

General contractors in construction are classified in unit group 0711 Construction managers.

Each instruction can be classified in various ways such as the time of execution, pipelining and internal state.

Most others have been classified in skill level B in recognition of the wide range of entry routes that are possible.

Renovation contractors and home building contractors are classified in unit group 0712 Home building and renovation managers.

These instruments are classified in three main sections: the brass wind section, the wood wind section and the percussion section.

A somatoform disorder can only be so classified in the absence of an adequate physical explanation (World Health Organization, 1992).

In 8% of cases classify by is used

Organic compounds are classified by the functional groups they contain.

Morgan Riskmetrics data set, these points are classified by currency, asset class, and time.

Hezbollah, founded in Lebanon in 1982, is classified by the United States government as an international terrorist organization.

Antidepressants are generally classified by the properties of the chemical composition and the way they act upon the human body.

Because it is assumed that all individuals are middle-aged male WASPS, people who don't look like them are classified by the way they differ.

Run by Scholastic, this campaign aims to give students the ability to identify, develop and enhance ' The Six Core Strengths ' as classified by Dr Perry.

Cons below a summary of contacts classified by the indicator in Klout platform marketing Flowtow social networks, a method very pioneer for your emarketing campaigns.

In 5% of cases classify according is used

Stories are classified according to statistical methods and major topics of interest.

Goods do not however have to be classified according to all possible descriptions or uses.

Volcano activity Volcanoes are classified according to their state of activity, which changes as magma rises towards the surface.

Made up of arches, loops and whorls, a fingerprint is classified according to one of eight basic patterns which can not be permanently obliterated or removed by the owner.

Managers with a management specialty, such as human resource management, are classified according to specialty in major group 01-05 Specialized middle management occupations.

All other managers are classified according to the type of business managed within major group 07-09 Middle management occupations in trades, transportation, production and utilities.

In 5% of cases classify under is used

The activities classified under this sector involve either the sale of goods or the rendering of services.

IV A considerable amount of opposition to the League of Nations movement may be classified under the heading of Objections from precedent and prepossession.

Forstercooperia; (By Roman Yevseyev) Indricotheres were hyracodont rhinos, classified under the subfamily Indricotheriinae, and their fossils are found in Central Asia.

In 4% of cases classify with is used

A person should not be classified with such oppressive and depriving term.

Apprentices Apprentices are classified within the groups for tradesmen/women.

Similarly, interns, residents and articling students are classified with their respective professional groups.

However, senior managers with a specialist responsibility would be classified with senior management in major group 00 Senior management occupations.

The main change in classification that has occurred is that African apes are no longer classified with Asian apes and are considered to be much closer to humans than Asian apes.

In 3% of cases classify to is used

For example an apprentice carpenter is classified to the appropriate trade group, unit group 7271 Carpenters.

That is, a plumbing contractor is classified to unit group 7203 Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades.

Supervisors and foremen/women Supervisors are classified to separate unit groups for supervisors where they exist.

Classification rules Managers Managers are usually classified to the broad occupational category 0 Management Occupations.

These jobs are not to be confused with formal apprenticeships and are not classified as tradesmen/women but are classified to unit group 7611 Construction trades helpers and labourers.

In 1% of cases classify among is used

Shortly after, the state government, which was classified among the states in category ' A ', based on the level of devastation, had received the sum of #500million in the interim.

In 1% of cases classify from is used

The cause of death was classified from the point of view of possible prevention.

ALIsurfaces? depending on the risk attributes, certain geographic areas can be classified from low to high risk.

In 1% of cases classify within is used

Apprentices Apprentices are classified within the groups for tradesmen/women.

Octopuses are classified within the invertebrates in the mollusk family, and many mollusks, like clams, have no brain.

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