Prepositions after "chinese"

chinese in, for, as, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases chinese in is used

So Taiwanese are Chinese in nature.

This is based on Chinese inheritance.

You are lucky to be Chinese in Singapore.

She has learned a lot about what life is like for them growing up Chinese in America.

Little did many aware that Malaysians are mostly Malays, Indians and Chinese in race.

The new Chinese in Jamaica are simply doing the same thing that those before him did.

In a nutshell, I am saying that we are able to do our roads through the help of the Chinese in two or three months.

Japan quickly followed suit and is now involved in assisting the Chinese in their efforts to develop their economy.

Malaysia upended the Chinese in pool play in Mumbai and China will be out for revenge for that shock loss in India.

In 9% of cases chinese for is used

This is probably Chinese for you hahaha.

She was studying Chinese for the semester.

Jacob u should not hate the Chinese for that.

Gung-ho - excessively enthusiastic or zealous From the Chinese for ' work together '.

By the way, many of us are praising the Chinese for their assistance to poor countries.

After jockeying with some angry Chinese for another cab, I managed to snag another cab.

The poll tax was dropped, but the passenger limit was raised to allow only one Chinese for every 500 tons of cargo.

Check with the Italians, Chinese for the Cheaper Machinery for the project and the cost and let us take from there.

Western politicians lecture the Turks on genocide recognition, and scold the Chinese for their human rights abuses.

He then shifted to the advanced studies class for post-graduate studies to study Chinese for a period of three years.

In 7% of cases chinese as is used

The Chinese as a people are: 1.

The Chinese as the world's leading economy.

The Swedes want every school to offer Chinese as an option.

About one-quarter of them reported Chinese as the language spoken most often at home.

I studied Chinese as a mature student and am sick to death of people being impressed.

I am prepared to give the Chinese as a people more credit for their smarts that he does.

These teachers can speak standard mandarin and all of them are qualified in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

This collection includes representative research papers on teaching Chinese as a foreign language, such as research.

Energy Secretary Chew, and others are having a huge impact towards a more positive image in terms of Chinese as a race.

Professor Zhao Yang, of the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Beijing University, China will deliver the Lecture.

In 6% of cases chinese with is used

Chinese with his transverse eyes.

I speak Chinese with my mother at home.

The trailer's in Chinese with no English.

The Executive Summary is already in Chinese with the other five translations pending.

Emilio Aguinaldo and Jose Rizal were Mestizos (mix of Chinese with Spanish and Malay).

A group of Chinese with suitcases and green and gold (until you fold) scarves said it all.

In fact, Changjiang Daily estimates that 90,000 of the 160,000 Chinese with residency in Spain come from Qingtian.

Mulroney had a private dream of becoming an American, and Harper may like to become Chinese with his pipeline deal.

Throughout, he chatted in Chinese with his partner, a young woman who watched him closely as if to learn the trade.

Here, the European and the Chinese with Japanese wives had to take a promise of allegiances to the Japanese Emperor.

In 6% of cases chinese to is used

I made him speak Chinese to me, it was great.

I make sure I speak proper English and Chinese to my kids.

Unless the UK can attract the Chinese to Blackpool of course.

Saxena says you can cook any dish from Continental and Chinese to Indian with Emu meat.

Chinese-speaking people just love it when tourists and travelers speak Chinese to them.

So we have no idea why people have linked the Chinese to this as it did not come from us.

One reason for that was when I spoke Chinese to Chinese people (in China ), they would only reply to me in English.

Our biggest investment we need in diet is one of persistency, an answer common in Chinese to most ' how ' questions.

One good thing happened because of south china sea dispute is it brought the real intentions of Chinese to lime light.

The large scale migration of the Chinese to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world began during the colonial period.

In 6% of cases chinese on is used

Chinese on the other hand is a race.

But i do not blame Chinese on this matter.

I would rather just study Chinese on my own now.

Kobe Simon: I think it's a bit rich to quote the Chinese on doing their bit for carbon.

It's now superb as a method of inputting Chinese on your smartphone--a lot better than.

I have had to deal with the Chinese on a very small level and they are hard to work with.

Learning the Chinese on how to ask a bus driver if his or her bus goes to this or that MRT stop can be a great tool.

Searching Aids All legal resources in Chinese on the web can be searched via browsers such as Netscape and Explorer.

My dad fought in China with the AVG 's, He always said Son someday YOU will have to fight the Chinese on our own soil.

It's separated out which creates problems for the rest of us in dealing with the Chinese on security policy questions.

In 6% of cases chinese from is used

I seriously hate Chinese from China.

I am a Chinese from South-East Asia.

The Chinese from Kaiping who went to the U.

And please bring in the Chinese from Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere, if need be.

As a result, 10 Bengalis and 6 Chinese from his crew were allured into French service.

Canada -> Chinese Immigration Act again prevented Chinese from immigrating to Canada.

My cousin (Chinese from Hong Kong) took me to a very unusual one last year that is very old, but quite different.

I'd only half Chinese from my Hong Kong dad and British/Scottish from my mum but I consider myself an Hong Konger.

Perhaps he was trying to be Chinese from a western perspective and from this perspective did not like what he saw.

The closer bridge was bombed by the Americans during the Korean war to stop the Chinese from supplying the Koreans.

In 6% of cases chinese at is used

Olivia studied Chinese at Oxford University.

But we have to keep the Chinese at arms length.

Even the Ip Man series is purely Chinese at heart.

If you are from China, you need me very much as I'd studying Chinese at the university.

I met some great people from around the world, and learnt some Chinese at the same time.

They must have opened up data-links on their airborne radars with the Chinese at Kashgar.

But we did not see how we were going to decide this question by hurling it in that form at the Chinese at the moment.

I will be fascinated to get into a dialogue with the Chinese at the event about what they plan to do with their wealth.

Jun, 1971: he majored in Chinese at Hangzhou Education College, and was assigned to do job in Hangzhou Botanical Garden.

There is no shaky cam hyper editing in this movie She traded him into the Chinese at the time of the Hong Kong handover.

In 3% of cases chinese by is used

Chinese by origin is monosyllabic.

It becomes Chinese by adding the various spices.

Chinese by heritage is not aggressive in nature.

Next year it will be published in Spanish by Granta en espaol and Chinese by Granta China.

How a clan of Chinese Muslims remained Chinese by alienating themselves from their religion.

The article was written in Chinese by Echo Chow, Communications Officer of Oxfam Hong Kong,.

Sugihara was disturbed by his government's policy and the cruel treatment of the Chinese by the Japanese government.

The text was compiled by Dharmagupta??? in Ceylon 400AD, and translated in Chinese by Buddhayasas???? in 60 fascicles.

The Japanese later took revenge on the Chinese by killing all the Chinese men, women and children found in the village.

In 2% of cases chinese into is used

They might even provoke the Chinese into making further intrusions.

Well no surprised, 267 years of Manchu rule had made Chinese into barbarian.

It will not only attract more Chinese into sports but also create more top Chinese sports stars.

But I thought we were gearing up to make the Chinese into the enemy, rather than the Arabs/Muslims.

Hence they locked up the Chinese into new villages so that the CTs could not threaten their safety.

Eventually, the British had to relocate the Chinese into new villages that were cordoned with barbed wire.

CHINESE HELP The entry of the Chinese into Uganda's aquaculture comes in handy in boosting fish production.

Translated from Chinese into English by the Buddhist Text Translation Society, Dharma Realm Buddhist University.

The level of formal education and language of education--Chinese or English--divided the Chinese into broad categories.

China's presence has been specifically felt in the terms of investment made by the Chinese into this vibrant African economy.

In 1% of cases chinese during is used

He has now started accepting questions in Chinese during class.

It was translated into Chinese during the Wu dynasty (AD-220-80).

MR &; Co did more worst than Japanese did to the Chinese during WW.

He suddenly wanted to buy GM and salvage it to the Chinese during the auto crisis.

The McMahon line was not mentioned to the Chinese during the 1914 Simla convention.

The route most recently famous as the one used by the Allies to supply the Chinese during WW2.

The elevator attendants recite an introduction to the TV Tower in English and Chinese during the rapid 1/4-mile ascent.

Kaul to decided to take back the Thagla ridge from the Chinese during an ' Operation Leghorn ' which was to start on October 10.

James Leftie: 12 Apr 2012 2:10:03am The BER is like asking a Chinese during the Cultural Revolution whether they like the government.

In summary, around 6000-7000 fascicles of the sutras were transmitted to China and translated in Chinese during 2 nd century and 13 th century.

In 1% of cases chinese like is used

Chinese Like yellow Gold Rolex.

But sound very Chinese like surname.

Chinese like their markets and the stall-holders are friendly enough.

Chinese like being formally introduced to a person by another person.

Those traditionally weak events for Chinese like football and basketball.

An old Chinese man customer tells me the Chinese like this, My daughter's coming home for dinner.

In Korea, I did not need to say I was Chinese like how registration forms in Malaysia always reminds us of.

So what? My ancestors lived under Mughals and then the British and now I live under Chinese like the tibetans do.

For example, some delegates would not eat ducks ' tongues, a kind of food that a Chinese like myself find pretty normal.

One way to explain why the Chinese like free markets is that China's economy has become considerably less regulated since the 1970s.

In 1% of cases chinese of is used

PRC are Chinese of the same ancestral stock as all Chinese Singaporeans.

They are doing exactly what they accuse the Russians or Chinese of doing and they are no different.

Zhou stated he realized UK must support India as member of Commonwealth but did not have to charge Chinese of aggression.

At the time when his fleet first arrived in this area, there were already Chinese of the ' Mohammedan ' faith living there.

Its presence in OC is entirely consistent with its presence elsewhere in the later writings: one remembers the lions and Chinese of PI.

In 1% of cases chinese against is used

In Asia, they pit Filipinos and Chinese against each other.

He did not mislead overwhelmingly majoritye Chinese against the miniscular Malays.

The Chinese against the Russians, the Americans against the Soviets, and on it goes.

Why the mainland doesn't gobble up little Taiwan defines the Chinese against the Chinese.

I have heard claims, however, that the Tibetan people sided with the Chinese against the elitist theocracy of the monks.

It's you who insists on turning it into a Chinese against Malays issue! Your imaginary Chinese boyfriend must be upset with you now.

Racial riots in the 1960s, pitting the Chinese against the local Malays, still loom large in the memory of the 33-year-old island-state.

The Taiping rebels drew their power from the poor and the disenfranchised, unleashing the ethnic rage of millions of Chinese against their Manchu rulers.

Those who helped finance the Chinese against the invading Japanese army were on Japan's Most Wanted list, including Tay Koh Yat and Wong Chin Yoke, both interred at Bukit Brown.

In 1% of cases chinese out is used

The Japanese quickly drove the Chinese out of Korea and captured Port Arthur.

Nobody had heard of this 4 Corps; it was an adhoc creation to kick the Chinese out.

Its continuous high rate of economic growth has lifted over 500 million Chinese out of absolute poverty.

At your end I want you to start applying pressure and push the Chinese out of field artillery range of Thimpu.

Zhang's daughter feels wrong, no other had Chinese out of the Price Bureau of the gate, they shouted the thief.

Economic growth has lifted millions of Chinese out of poverty, but it's brought heavy pollution, food safety problems and a culture of materialism.

The goal of Anglo French Oligarchy is to force Chinese out of the Island and setup their military bases to watch on Chinese oil shipping movements.

But in 1944 the Soviets succeeded in chasing the Chinese out of the northern part of Sinkiang and declared a puppet state, the Eastern Turkestan Republic.

That was the end of Nehru's grandiose plans to throw the Chinese out and the beginning of the most harrowing experience for the hapless 7 Brigade and India.

Do you realize that when Dalvi's brigade arrived near the Namkha Chu river after forced marches, he was ordered to throw the Chinese out of the Thagla ridge.

In 1% of cases chinese through is used

Meanwhile, Spain was courting the Chinese through trade.

Last time I talked to him he was learning Chinese through audio tapes.

You fail to mention the wealth of the Chinese through bribery and corruption.

I, too, studied Chinese through college, and I credit that fact with the fear.

Yahoo which is now 35% Chinese through Alibaba is vey eager to publish about Govt.

Our main curriculum is ACE but we do keep up with Singapore math and Chinese through the years.

The US had long given away any interest in Moon landings but it was the Chinese through their Agency -- the CNSA -- who were the challengers.

They understand that Pakatan is a coalition and DAP is part of that coalition, but talk of political power for the Chinese through DAP is making them uncomfortable.

In 1% of cases chinese after is used

When the Brits beheaded the Chinese after drugging them with Opium, the Chinese got fed up too.

I got a nice postcard from the Old Chinese after sending him a picture; yes, you'll love him too.

Also, I'd not sure of American military forces ' views on the Chinese after the surrender of Japan.

I think she also internalized the fact that she is Not Chinese after our big trip to China last year.

Westerners only managed to dehumanise African people and if the Chinese after their liberation have come to our assistance Westerners must shut up.

This style of tea preparation, abandoned by the Chinese after the Song Dynasty, was perfected and elevated by the Japanese, and remains the basis of their tea ceremony.

Another 13 companies and individual farmers are competing against the Chinese after submitting final expressions of interest to the West Australian government to farm all or part of the new area.

In 1% of cases chinese about is used

You might like to ask the Chinese about that.

Still, there's something uniquely Chinese about the experience.

The sentiments of many Chinese about Japan are deeply distrustful.

Additionally, the Ambassador will continue conversations with the Chinese about how to.

Its ally, the racist Chinese component MCA, tries to scare the Chinese about the Malays.

However at the same time, there are disagreements among Chinese about the future of the G20.

Rather than simply trying to second guess the Americans and the Chinese about the South China Sea or North Asia.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had been there, talking with the Chinese about currency reform, among other things.

There has been discussion even from the Chinese about well, it's a strategy of containment, and the answer to that is no, it's not.

Many Americans, for example--the folks who are lecturing Chinese about their working conditions--work two or more jobs to make ends meet, despite being paid well more than minimum wage.

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