Prepositions after "challenging"

"challenging for" or "challenging of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases challenging for is used

It was quite challenging for Mr.

Very very challenging for toddlers.

Too challenging for irie only board.

Poor organization can interrupt the day or make things more challenging for you.

It will be very challenging for people to receive the Message and the Messenger.

He said that it was not very challenging for him because of his prior knowledge.

It? s probably one of the best layouts of the year in terms of being challenging for the drivers and the cars.

The security threat in Jos was too challenging for a person like me who is physically challenged to cope with.

I am thinking around 40 to 41 and even that would be quite challenging for the thousands surviving just on SS.

The English classes that I have assisted in teaching seem to be very challenging for both teacher and student.

In 18% of cases challenging of is used

The most challenging of these is slavery.

This is the most challenging of the three.

Most challenging of all was the time frame.

They become more challenging of the business as their confidence and value grows.

Ghana's future depends on rational thinking and the challenging of mob mentality.

There are many ways to fully experience the Volcanic Mount Batur, the most challenging of which is to climb it.

This is the underlying rationale behind my often pugnacious challenging of these myths of abstract information.

ZigBee is a robust, global technology that works as promised and operates in the most challenging of environments.

Just when you think you have everything sorted, often you'll find yourself facing the most challenging of difficulties.

In 12% of cases challenging in is used

It's very challenging in that aspect.

But I do have something more challenging in mind.

Things got even more challenging in 2003 when my son was born.

The 4 to 6 are actually the most challenging in my opinion, and will determine a.

Perhaps more challenging in your case is the fact that you transacted on the internet.

But Mr Hannan accepts that developing the community dimension is more challenging in an.

Nevertheless, there remains a great deal of scope for the mass media to be much more challenging in these areas.

Rural and remote practice is one of the most challenging in terms of implementing caseload management strategies.

The classes may be more challenging in the material and information they present but it is just that, information.

The hurdles facing the project, to be sure, have always been high and have become more challenging in recent years.

In 6% of cases challenging to is used

This task may seem very challenging to most people.

However, those grades are very challenging to battery life.

How do you feel about this verse? It is very challenging to most of us, I expect.

Nothing, it appears, is more challenging to the souls of men than victory itself.

The uniqueness of the Indian demographic and usage is quite challenging to startups.

This observation is very challenging to any simplistic idea of how vision is achieved.

It's as challenging to an individual as any other job they would have chosen to take on.

Your teachings about Hearing God's Voice and The Holiness of God were very challenging to us.

But most important, it involves working on the task that's most challenging to you personally.

So my challenging to you now is: Come let us rob the market with your tools (money) and skills.

In 3% of cases challenging at is used

But pretty challenging at the same time.

But it was very challenging at the same time.

I'd finding it very challenging at the moment.

Stroller parking is more challenging at Disney's Animal Kingdom than at the other parks.

One thing that I find very challenging at school these days is ensuring he still has a healthy diet.

The lack of description and narration was rather challenging at times and confusing, which it seems was the intent.

Training through aches and pains was very challenging at times as I was still feeling the effects of my fall at Ironman Arizona.

He was both very special and very challenging at times, and his death has left an aching in our hearts, for part of us has died with him.

Liverpool are very much in a period of transition but with the right boss the club could challenging at the top again in a few years time.

In 3% of cases challenging on is used

It may be more challenging on your part.

Such positions are more challenging on a state-wide level.

I learn anything more challenging on different blogs everyday.

I learn something more challenging on distinct blogs everyday.

CP16 and CP17 shown here were the most challenging on this leg.

I study something more challenging on different blogs everyday.

I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.

I learn one thing more challenging on different blogs everyday.

I be taught one thing more challenging on different blogs everyday.

I understand some thing more challenging on diverse blogs everyday.

In 3% of cases challenging with is used

This section is very challenging with a lot of up hills and very hot weather.

Facebook made that slightly more challenging with the introduction of Timeline.

It is certainly more challenging with local servers in individual physician offices.

This became even more challenging with the dynamic nature of the content we provide.

This is crucial as the SWIFT requirements become more challenging with each annual release.

The next 4 sets should become quite challenging with a feeling of relief when switching legs.

As for my diet, well that was a bit more challenging with being on site all week at the shows.

The questions grow progressively more challenging with each correct answer earning a cash award.

The overall game play is more challenging with harder levels and is perfect to fans of the series.

In 2% of cases challenging about is used

Nothing too challenging about that.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about y our topic? The financial considerations.

What do you find most challenging about this work? It's probably the most challenging work I've ever done.

What has been most challenging about the project? When we got involved, the idea was only a scientific paper.

During their freshman year, we asked the students in our study what they found most challenging about college writing.

Benji Holzman: What do you find most challenging about your faith? Neville Zammit: What I find most challenging I think.

Don't worry about it, there isn't anything too challenging about inserting a tampon, you won't even feel it after you get it in.

As to what is challenging about flash, well, you have to move and/or surprise the reader and there's only a certain amount of room.

Q: WHAT 'S MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT GROWING A VEGETARIAN FOODS BUSINESS? For Field Roast, business is close to doubling every year for the last few years.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic? Connecting to the people, getting their attentions, getting them to take me seriously.

In 2% of cases challenging as is used

That's not nearly so challenging as what it actually is.

This is usually very challenging as the internet service I have isn't very good.

This is all the more challenging as the crisis has also exposed weaknesses in our existing tools.

But being a Governor or a Mayor is in large part more challenging as the population size and GNP get larger.

Caitlin finds boxing very challenging as well as rewarding, and that is something she likes about doing boxing.

Taking things moment by moment and day by day is a spiritual practice that only gets more challenging as a mother.

This has become more and more challenging as the software are continuously being improved and enhanced by the administrators.

The last part of the climb (after Kem Orked) was more challenging as the incline suddenly became quite steep with many exposed tree roots.

It's easy to prepare for a job in HR if you're just starting out, but a Human Resource job does become more challenging as the years go by.

Putting stats out of 99 allows for a great deal more variation and to make the game more challenging as well as improving player development.

In 2% of cases challenging by is used

You can make the game more challenging by trying to solve out the puzzles within less number of turns.

Pointing out such complexity is deemed heresy by some and incomprehensible or too challenging by others.

If you time this on a stopwatch, you can make it more challenging by trying to beat your previous best each time.

Solve the single most challenging problem we face and most of the rest will become less challenging by definition.

The solution to the issues at hand aren't easy, and have been made more challenging by those we elect to solve them.

This exercise can be made more challenging by standing on a firm pillow or foam mat while you move the leg with tubing.

The walk was a fairly difficult one, continuously up and down hill and proving even more challenging by the wet conditions.

You had long long nights at work, you fell behind in your study schedule, and you realized that the rest of the GMAT actually was pretty challenging by itself.

Leno's situation had been made more challenging by the contract he had squeezed out of NBC in exchange for his agreement to forsake ABC and instead test prime time.

Mercedes? task will be made all the more challenging by Michael Schumacher? s ten-place grid penalty, his reward for taking out Toro Rosso? s Jean-Eric Vergne in Singapore.

In 1% of cases challenging because is used

Of course, driving here is more challenging because of the narrow roads and numerous obstacles.

It was ' S ' - shaped and quite challenging because of a big ' Hole ' at the confluence of two channels.

What is your global growth strategy? While the environment is a lot more challenging because of the global economy, it certainly has not gone off the cliff.

The lack of preparedness during this season, the season in which driving believes to be more challenging because of the wet and snowy roads can lead to road misadventures.

Local and foreign economists and policy makers examined the new Brazilian approach to development, which is now made more challenging because of the expected return of global recessionary conditions.

In 1% of cases challenging due is used

It was very challenging due to how steep the pebbly slopes were.

The final assault was even more challenging due to the strong wind and poor visibility.

Whereas some of the vistas were slightly less challenging due to the limited foreground objects.

Certain hills were very challenging due to (Julie) my asthma but views from the top outweighed this.

However, this task becomes more challenging due to wide geographical dispersion of this target population.

This is quite challenging due to the dynamic nature of these devices and also the overall cost associated with them.

Clearly these changes are far from trivial and are likely to become even more challenging due to the impacts of climate change.

Veggies certainly are a tiny challenging due to the fact numerous fresh fruits usually do not taste great when they are blended with fresh vegetables.

While initially this style of yoga can seem quite boring, passive, or soft, yin practice can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses.

In some places, the banks were almost nonexistent and apparently this next section is one of the most challenging due to the need for reshaping and bank work.

In 1% of cases challenging from is used

The songs composed are very challenging from every aspect -- musically and also lyrically.

So it was my job to caution our people that the aviation industry is very challenging from purely financial parameters.

That's more challenging from the standpoint of both muscular work and neural drive -- you really do have to focus on acceleration to overcome the resistance, and that does make a real difference.

In 1% of cases challenging over is used

Waking in the night with my son has been very challenging over the past year and a bit.

It is important that the exercises focus on increasing leg strength and improving balance, and that they get more challenging over time.

Nearing the end of the race my tyres started to get hot providing a challenging over steering drive but added to the weekend's entertainment for the crowd.

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