Prepositions after "careful"

careful about, with, of, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases careful about is used

Careful about what you wish for.

We need to be careful about the.

We need to be careful about this.

That's one of the reasons that we will be so careful about the terms of reference.

If he was so careful about the other owners of creative rights, why not the photo.

A man with kids has to be extra careful about the people he brings in to his life.

Prabhu said that people must question their own faith, but must be careful about the way they ask the questions.

For those who are breaking out and getting rashes from OCM, you have to be really careful about the oil you use.

The only trouble with this is that you have to be consistent and careful about the spelling of the company names.

As I said, I helped him by creating some of his celebrity lenses, but I was very careful about the images I took.

In 25% of cases careful with is used

Careful with allergies, though.

Careful with anything galvanised.

Be careful with the apps you add.

Just as we should be careful with the priests, so we should be with the scientists.

We have to be careful with the local content bill, as it can not only be done by law.

Careful with the scraper as if its held wrong it could lead to scraping of the glass.

Even though the content is straightforward, you should be careful with the tone, as the other parts of the letter.

Be careful with the placement of roller banner stands and keep pathways to and from the stand as clear as possible.

On top of that, he is also expected to be careful with the basketball, and mind you, he's doing this all on the fly.

In 17% of cases careful of is used

Be careful of the hole, though.

Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin.

Careful of his 3 second silence.

Careful of her heels Sophie hurried across the cobblestones and up onto the pavement.

Be careful of the stress signs that affect your body, behavior, and mind in many ways.

Please do be careful of the mantra - don't throw away reject copies from your printer.

Be careful of the Pied Pipers of Gorezillaism- remember Hamlin- except it is happening to ignorant supposed adults.

One thing to be careful of is that if you use a variable rate mortgage your monthly payments can go up so you will.

Bee Pollen on the other hand is one you have to be a little more careful of, especially if you suffer from hayfever.

If you are interested in utilizing a keywords tracker or a keylogger, be careful of the programs that you do select.

In 14% of cases careful in is used

Be very careful in your research.

Look careful in the second image.

So be very careful in this choice.

Be careful in your choice -- it can be very easy to make an extremely costly mistake.

And governments should be careful in not reacting too fast to the Fukushima disaster.

You should be cautious and careful in the use of CAM products, including herbal teas.

However, you have to to be careful in your shopping process so that you will find the best deal for the investment.

People who a not favored in any way by the above factors should be very careful in the way the use their knee joint.

Obviously I do not adopt such a position lightly as life is precious and we need to be careful in this general area.

It's a fact that in time such a solution will become wide spread, but i expect people to be careful in the beginning.

In 3% of cases careful on is used

Be more careful on the way down.

Please be careful on those roads.

I will be careful on the vinegar.

Got to be really careful on your steps, as some of the rocks were slippery and steep.

Each driver must be very careful on our roads, because not many adhere to road rules.

Be careful on how you apply them, not too thick or they won't cling on as they should.

The recent baby formula episode is a good example of why Chinese people are especially careful on food consumption.

At the first landing they stopped and kissed; she was careful on the next landing, on the third more careful still.

So, I hope it's a wake-up call that may be, we should be a little bit more careful on our trade and fiscal deficits.

The Mass finished, the priest thanked us for attending and adjured us to be careful on our way down, and not to fall.

In 1% of cases careful around is used

You have to be careful around Dad.

Be very careful around school busses.

A reader has to be careful around Mr.

Maybe he'll want to be careful around people carrying umbrellas with pointy ends.

And Bree must be especially careful around her new love -- Detective Chuck Vance.

Whenever we went on a project, everyone was always careful around the audit staff.

No, my kids were taught that cops can too often be thugs with badges, and you can't be too careful around them.

Be careful around this time, however, because you may lapse into old habits of spending more than you've earned.

After reading this and watching the damage in Japan today, I think I'd going to be careful around the next supermoon.

In 1% of cases careful as is used

I have to be careful as a scientist.

So we have to be careful as well as swift.

You can not be too careful as to quality in sick diet.

She is very careful as to the manner in which she draws near to the talismanic hinau.

Be careful as the boiling juices are very hot and will pop up unexpectedly as you stir.

Most significantly, he should have been careful as a journalist to avoid factual errors.

But be careful as the IRS frowns on this, according to published statements it has made discouraging this practice.

Therefore, when one has reference to people wearing swastikas, one has to be a little careful as to who they really are.

Collect all 4 packages and take them back to Jizzy's club, but be careful as the thieves will continue to chase and attack you.

That said, we need to be careful as a collective group of fans, not to fall into the same trap as we have done in previous regimes.

In 1% of cases careful at is used

Be extra careful at crossroads.

Be very careful at intersections.

You have to be careful at all times.

Be as careful at the end as at the beginning And there will be no ruined enterprises.

If one remains as careful at the end as he was at the beginning, there will be no failure.

Help protect your teenager by: Stressing the need to concentrate and be careful at all times.

You reach it by walking along the rocks but be careful at high tide or when the sea is rough as it can inaccessible.

Be particularly careful at dusk, in the dark and in fog or mist, when it is more difficult to judge speed and distance.

Be particularly careful at dusk, at dawn, in the dark and in mist, when it is more difficult to judge speed and distance.

Be careful at the border crossing and even when leaving the cabin as there are thieves that will have your stuff in a shot.

In 1% of cases careful before is used

Lady be careful before commenting.

Be careful before accusing someone.

Be very, very careful before updating.

I just think that those in glass houses should be careful before throwing stones.

This is no different from asking people to be careful before crossing a busy road.

We must be very careful before compiling and presenting the facts in our cv format.

You can find many limo rental companies in London, so you have to be careful before selecting a limo hire company.

That's why your own route is valid and why you must be careful before comparing things that don't need a comparison.

Here are types that can be mistaken for being difficult and we need to be careful before considering them difficult.

It would be wise to be careful before initiating personal contact with anybody found on an internet meeting website.

In 1% of cases careful for is used

Be careful for these two traps.

Please be careful for yourself.

Be careful for placement of add.

B: Candidates must be careful for quota -- quota specify the time of the application.

You have to be really careful for this to work, and it's almost certainly not worth it.

You must be more careful for never touching the head skin with the GHD hair straightener.

Be careful for 3rd year TE Jermichael Finley to phase up a notch and be described as a redzone standard for Rodgers.

Be careful for the baseline, I guess the text is laying at the bottom line of the image (should be vertically centered).

We Should be Very Careful For Everything We Do on This Earth We Are going to judge it One By One Whether is Good By Bad.

A silly thing for the midfielder to do after such a bright opening, and he'll have to be careful for the next 70 minutes.

In 1% of cases careful to is used

Just be careful to not over cook it.

Careful to whom to donate is all I say.

Careful to not cut on supporting seams.

But he was very careful to whom he lent and was very strict in getting back the money.

Achaan Chah is careful to avoid letting any method of practice be confused with Dharma.

This means that one has to be careful to what they hear and take heed of what they see.

BE CAREFUL TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS LETTER! People are desperate, and will do almost annything to get some money.

When I bought new glass storage containers I got rid of the plastic and was careful to not overbuy on the new ones.

Because it is so genuinely radical, most leaders of the Religious Right are careful to distance themselves from it.

With the innovative devices used in their procedures, they can guarantee that they are careful to your fiber carpets.

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