Prepositions after "bother"

"bother with" or "bother about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases bother with is used

She didn't bother with a hello.

I wouldn't even bother with the e90.

Don't bother with unnecessary matters.

Don't even bother with women taller than you; always game women your height or shorter.

Well I have used HDN and I can honestly say I have not had any bother with this company.

Not to mention the obvious, that the guy is too rich to be bothered with small change.

If you don't to bother with that, install Audiogalaxy - it allows you to stream your itunes collection to the Fire.

Currently using a 3GS, never bothered with the Iphone4, but it will still be compatible with IOS6, so still saleable.

I just think that if I lived under such a regime, I'd have a dreadful time trying to convince myself to even bother with it.

In 26% of cases bother about is used

They are simply not worth bothering about.

I am not bothered about the 13th amendment.

Our politicians are least bothered about it.

Honestly, no one was bothered about men losing their sleep over a bat and a ball.

But I've never unduly bothered about my surname or the people's expectations of me.

They will not bother about any type of strain or sacrifice to cure their beloved king.

The interesting part is that in this process, there was a threat to human life, but no one bothered about that.

With one of these ideas, you won't have to bother about creating a dinner that nobody desires to try to eat yet again.

People, it turned out to be, were more bothered about voting for pot than for their preferred Presidential candidate.

Sometimes, they even allocate a plot for you in a marshy area and you do the filling and nobody bothers about all these things.

In 18% of cases bother by is used

You could be bothered by coronary troubles.

You don't seem particularly bothered by it.

I can not let myself be bothered by these feelings.

Again -- less errors means less controls and we are less bothered by administrative demands.

Remember, if you have a lot of people to talk to, you won't be bothered by rejection as much.

I wasn't really bothered by the price and was more looking forward to the quality of the food.

Why the vanity? James Le Cuirot on October 13, 2011 07:18 I'd glad I'd not the other one who's been bothered by this.

As a Chelsea fan, im actually not that bothered by this match, all it showed me is that Chelsea is the superior side.

We also are not supposed to be bothered by what his high interest policies did to heavily indebted developing countries.

It may be that they are bothered by their symptoms, worried about their illness or limited in their day-to-day activities.

In 2% of cases bother to is used

I didn't bother to undercoat it first.

The powers that be hardly even bother to cloak their actions with a credible fiction of law anymore.

But he didn't bother to workshop what is - he says - the centrepiece of his policy with the President of Indonesia.

Because I needed it in a hurry I had to pay more for the privilege, and they didn't even bother to bloody talk to me.

Well, the only surprise is that he didn't bother to raise the issue of turning back the boats with the President of Indonesia.

But they are going to talk to Sri Lanka about implementing their turn back the boats policy to Sri Lanka; one they didn't bother to raise with the head of the Indonesian Government.

In 1% of cases bother for is used

You family supported your education so you never had to bother for any financial responsibilities.

The rest of Indian Muslim from Tamil Nado Andra or Malabar and other state did not bother for migrations.

My model is not that great -- I should have copied more edges so we had more of the top of the sphere, but I didn't bother for this example.

They never bothered for the same reason no one has revised the Greek and Norse mythologies to make them more consistent with modern knowledge.

This was the first referendum I have ever missed, I was working up the country and couldn't really be bothered for the reasons Andrew has stated.

In 1% of cases bother from is used

They want to be left alone, without any bother from anyone, to get on with the job of extracting money from gullible and sometimes vulnerable people.

In 1% of cases bother in is used

I didn't like the sound of things, so I didn't bother in the end.

Made in Jersey is gone from Fridays, but what do you care? The numbers show you never bothered in the first place, and if you did you know, the decision was two or three weeks too late.

In 1% of cases bother on is used

We are actually working but of course, these things bother on ethical things.

Yet we also have seen that some public officers will not, in a sane society, leave the high walls of prison let alone going close to where decisions bothering on public good are made.

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