Prepositions after "bored"

"bored with" or "bored of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases bored with is used

I just got bored with the ocean.

We're bored with the KARDASHIANS.

Maybe I'd bored with the prospect.

But he is, if not on the side of the angels, at least horribly bored with the devils.

People are bored with the job but they keep on hanging on it because of the paycheck.

I was getting bored with the tedium of writing books, and the money wasn't that good.

Suppose, now, that you got bored with the area and decided to fly over to another island to see what is over there.

Bored with success, Gurgeh travels to the Empire of Azad, cruel and incredibly wealthy, to try their fabulous game.

Soon after this, Dorothea, perhaps bored with the novelty, started an affair with rich young William Long Kingsman.

The important thing to remember is that fowl are like people, in that they become bored with the same surroundings.

In 34% of cases bored of is used

I don't get bored of it either.

He would have soon bored of me.

And am i bored of it yet? Nope.

I didn't react the way people wanted me to over it, so they eventually got bored of it.

Eventually, bored of sitting and playing cards, her younger sisters started to join in.

Qiu got bored of it in a bit and she did a $15/hr massage with me!! Pics from her blog.

These sections are nice and fun and give you enough variety that you won't get bored of the game before finishing it.

He had grown bored of the usual test images and wanted something glossy, human, with a variety of contrasting shades.

Just like us they can get bored of the flavour, but still be a little hungry, and then devour another flavour easily.

Gary took the negative angle further, saying: ' I hate to say it, but I'd starting to feel a little bit bored of you.

In 4% of cases bored by is used

As for cricket, I'd bored by it.

Everyone else is pretty bored by school.

We all got bored by it after the novelty wore off.

Additionally, it has changeable faceplates, if youre feeling bored by a specific color.

We haven't all just suddenly become immune to advertising or bored by mainstream media.

What I'd finding, writing this essay, is that I'd actually quite bored by my own story.

Join online support forums: Many times you will end up dejected, depressed and bored by your weight reduction program.

Continue Reading The End Zone I was so bored by last Sunday's objectively thrilling Falcons-Saints game, I fell asleep.

If one is overwhelmed by the demands of the activity, or is underwhelmed and bored by these demands, flow will not occur.

When we get bored by seeing all the natural beauties we went to Munich to see the big cities and peoples and all the rush.

In 4% of cases bored in is used

But I very bored in the daytime.

Foodies don't get bored in Singapore.

I never feel bored in it, for my part.

I got bored in the garden and went down the street for a look to see what was happening.

It is now Day 12 and it is raining heavily and everyone is sitting bored in the shelter.

Generally if you get bored in New Zealand you probably will get bored anywhere else too.

Bored in the country, she starts a dalliance with pretty London wastrel Beaver (Rupert Graves) that leads to tragedy.

A slick, darkly funny and very surprising film, I enjoyed it end-to-end and was never disappointed or bored in the least.

How did time go so quickly? Last time I checked, it was morning and we were sitting around bored in Pastor Fred's office.

Some people get bored in relationships, get bored with the person, of routine, and those people are not meant to long term.

In 3% of cases bored at is used

I get so bored at home on my own.

Not for me, unless got bored at a.

She was getting bored at playschool.

I played WoW from Vanilla Beta till end Cata and honestly I got bored at the end of TBCE.

I can imagine myself getting bored at home and will probably crave being on stage laughs.

I was so bored at the QCA, I'd afraid, that I sneaked off to Caff Nero for coffee and cake.

No matter how much we like a certain fragrance, we all grow bored at some point of smelling the same each and every day.

I didn't feel bored at any point, and the author gave all the characters depth despite them being so superficial at first.

If you are getting bored at what you do and want to switch your job often then there is something very abnormal about your focus.

Maybe when he came home he talked about it until all his relatives got so bored at hearing the same old stories they shut him up.

In 3% of cases bored to is used

Bored to the point of hating the book.

But like you I am bored to death with it.

Even if its summer and i'd bored to death.

While seasons 1 and 2 of bored to death were very good, the third season is laugh free.

Hopefully the same thing will happen to Bored to Death, which also got the axe recently.

I myself am bored to death by tennis -- because I have never had the rules explained to me, or the point of the game.

I have the game on my droid, played it for half an hour and got bored to it, I don't really get all the fuss around it.

It is unfair to expect your friends, or even your family members, to stand around bored to tears on this important day.

We've recounted the adventures and amazed (and bored to death, probably) anyone that has been slightly willing to listen.

In 2% of cases bored after is used

I'd bored after a couple of songs.

I tried that and got bored after two days.

My own experience, I got bored after a week.

I get bored after thirty minutes, but there is a whole different story with sad movies.

I got bored after the first four paragraphs and admittedly have not read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, his family gets bored after a while and ventures out into the sea on their own.

So you stop and then they either insist on staying in the car or get bored after two minutes and want to keep going.

Some spend weeks in this place where I felt bored after 48 hours, just taking yoga classes, drinking and smoking pot.

Now what could be more fun than that? Well, fun as it was, believe it or not I began getting bored after a few years.

People that only race offline are more likely to get bored after a while than those that race online, but not always.

In 1% of cases bored during is used

I've never got bored during my classes.

I never got bored during the school holidays.

There is no need to get bored during holidays.

I might just watch AGD when I have nothing better to do and I'd bored during summer.

Brucie looked bored during Brown's dull statement on the draft Queen's Speech, read in a passionless monotone.

I'd the kind of person who used to get so bored during the meditation part of yoga class that I'd fall asleep.

Age appropriate friends are becoming harder to find - they're usually at school so he becoming very bored during the day.

These toys and gadgets will also give them something to get busy with if ever they get bored during long hours in your hotel room.

The fans never had a chance to get tired or bored during the concert from the special performances the SM artists prepared for them.

Our elf, EJ, left a note to our children that he had gotten bored during the night and wanted to paint, but he was unable to find paper.

In 1% of cases bored from is used

Then, they got bored from that.

I'd bored from all the studying.

Well, girls will never get bored from shopping.

Hehe, this happens once in while when dudes from both sides gets bored from usual hostility.

You will need to make your juicing varied Frank Gore Jersey in order to not become bored from it.

If an individual articles aren't interesting, then the actual reader will obtain bored from your writing.

Bored from a tough routine of domestic chores, many girls inevitably become involved in drugs, alcohol abuse and casual sex.

It's about a group of youth who get bored from just watching the flowers every day, so they decide to put on a blood revenge play.

Running in different places can help you stay motivated because you won't have the chance to get bored from seeing the same old scenery.

In 1% of cases bored on is used

We also get bored on the weekends.

Sometimes when I feel bored on DotA.

I guess I'd bored on a Friday afternoon.

Do this and you will not get bored on the plan which will leave you more likely to succeed.

No matter how old or young your kids are they won't get bored on a family vacation in Jamaica.

But I tend to get bored on traditional vacations unless they're coupled with something interesting.

Although Roo seemed bored on their first date, he turned up at the Diner with flowers and insisted he keep seeing her.

By nature, human being tends to get bored on things after some time, unless on things that he or she has real interest.

Bu the thing is, when she got bored on her doodling, she will turn to her sister or brother and do stuff to annoy them.

I thought Ronie was going to get bored on the trip but she swum in the lake where we were staying and had a fantastic time.

In 1% of cases bored out is used

Bored out of his mind, the Affton, Mo.

Bored out of my mind at Dome in iUtama.

The boyfriends look bored out of their minds.

These kids are so bored out of their skulls that they have become innovators and originators.

He looks bored out of his mind, so bored he'd happily be punched in the face just for variety.

As I am bored out of my wits getting marrooned in a hospital room again, I went out with them for coffee.

Not even to prove to people I can do this, more like I get bored out of doing the same damn thing over and over and over.

My children get bored out of their brain when the come shopping with me and lugging the groceries up the stairs is just awful.

Posted by: RC August 22, 2008, 11:53 pm 11:53 pm The suspense? I am so bored out of my gore about this Vp, it isn't even funny.

I'd very greatful, because I've been through about fifteen books in the past that either left me bored out of my mind or lost and.

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