Prepositions after "bore"

bore by, to, with, in or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases bore by is used

If you are bored by this movie you.

Unless you will not be bored by doing the same thing every day.

I'd sure there are other boring arguments that I look forward to being bored by.

Demi, Vino's most vocal naysayer on the panel, of course was bored by him again this week.

I'd so bored by this story, Labour spin doctor is rude about Tories, well I never, whatever next.

A 30 cm long iron rod with a hook at one end is pushed into the tunnel bored by the beetle while feeding.

You could blame people who were too lazy to read a newspaper, who were bored by the daily body counts, who switched channels at the mention of politics.

I do enjoy blog threads that are apparently so boring that some numpty has to spend their time posting to register the fact that someone else is bored by the thread.

In 15% of cases bore to is used

Spain are incredibly boring to watch that is undoubted.

I am stunned that anyone can find Spain boring to watch.

And the Lord struck the child that Uriah? s wife bore to David, and it became sick.

When not at their best, like most of this tournament, then it can be boring to watch.

So, on their repeated requests I decided to watch the movie and in the end I was bored to death.

Since the younger child was bored to death as there was ' no excitement ', she asked for interesting anecdotes from our life-story.

You could in fact make a life hobby from travelling around the southern part of the country just fishing and you will never be bored to death.

The bare fact of the matter, though, is that it was so damn boring to watch that the NCAA changed the rules of the game to stop people doing it.

When a team or individual becomes so accomplished, it can be boring to watch simply because there is a numbing inevitability about what will happen.

It doesn't matter if she smiles in private, when she's being paid to represent a film on the red carpet she can hardly even act like she's not bored to death.

In 12% of cases bore with is used

Then I got a bit bored with dance music and moved into live music.

Too be fair we had all become a little bored with the place but no one could really be bothered finding somewhere else.

Fursey's Terrace, Blackrock on October 19th after a long battle with illness that she bore with great dignity and courage.

Nevertheless, many bore with the trials and broke through the barriers, enabling them to draw near to the people whom they served.

About midway through, I got a bit bored with it, enthusiasm for these things tends to ebb and flow, but towards the end I got more into the story.

In 12% of cases bore in is used

They are bored in the relationship.

It's impossible to be bored in Vegas.

The excessive passing game of Spain was boring in 2010 and it is boring now.

Spain always seem to come out on top so they are not boring in any shape or form.

It's such a waste of potential to leave a genius level child bored in the back of the classroom.

Marilyn Volker says this isn't for someone who is bored in their sex life and looking to bump things up.

So what was the point of it all besides giving some children advanced classes so they weren't bored in school.

In 8% of cases bore out is used

Many of them are also bored out of their minds into delinquency.

Adrian Paul sounds positively bored out of his skull reading his lines.

These days he works at an hourly job, completely bored out of his mind and filled with regret.

I was excited by this story the first time I saw it a few years back, bored out of my skin by it last year, and quite amused this time round.

In 7% of cases bore on is used

Parents are struggling to afford the costs of entertaining their children who moan about being bored on average 2.

The saves that passed at a quicker pace bore on their heads buckets of bronze, which had been cast in most graceful shapes.

You can think of sex as just another way of expressing yourself if that's how it feels for you or you can think of it as something to do when you're bored on a Friday if that makes sense for you.

In 7% of cases bore into is used

Sometimes when the larval parasite leaves their snail host and is swimming around looking for the bird or fish it normally infests, they find a swimming human to bore into.

In 6% of cases bore of is used

My mom assured me I will be bored of weddings by the end of my 9-month stay here.

Are we bored of it? Well, the chances are that the new iPhone 5, rumoured to come out in September, will sell in its millions and Google and co will launch rivals that are equally impressive.

In 3% of cases bore through is used

These fascinating creatures had bony plates on their heads that, fed by numerous blood vessels, could become burning hot, allowing the animals to bore through ice at high speeds.

In 1% of cases bore throughout is used

Ulitmately I was a little bored throughout the second half which is a shame, I am sure if I had seen it in 1960 I would have loved it.

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