Prepositions after "boost"

boost by, to, with, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases boost by is used

This trend was boosted by the financial crisis of recent years.

Boosted by major investments under the 2009 Recovery Act, the U.

John Lewis and Waitrose have been boosted by their Christmas ads.

The use of servers in Japan therefore will also have been boosted by growth in PC sales in 199C.

Peterborough were boosted by Grant McCann's early opener but had no answer to Zaha's tricks and pace.

Protection, Life Level and Vitality stats are most boosted by this and all other types of heavyweight armor.

Multi-million pound plans to expand Elstree Studios have been boosted by a 2 million loan towards the redevelopment.

Then, boosted by a red card to Collocini (after a terrible challenge on Suarez ), Liverpool spurn the inevitable late chance.

Making hay while the sun shines: Retailers were boosted by sales of summer clothes during the warm weather Manufacturing fell 0.

Agriculture's contribution to GDP peaked in 1973 and 1980, boosted by soaring commodity prices and record sheep and beef exports.

In 9% of cases boost to is used

With shoes and these insoles my height is boosted to about 5 ' 10.

The CMA Awards telecast gave a sales boost to several releases this week.

Whilst you start to age, the physique GHD Pink Straighteners body fat boosts to over 30%.

Then run iwconfig again and you should see the txpower boosted to 30 (thats the max i can get out of mine) Do note however that you can fry your chip doing so.

This move provides a huge to boost to the technology infrastructure of the university to enable better communication and collaboration between students, faculty and staff.

Nighat Daad, a self-proclaimed womens rights activitist and a specialist with the UN provided further boost to the young school girl thereby opening on her the doors for a plethora of Westernized (i.

AwebDesk Live Chat Software boosts to sales with understanding the concerns of customer and its encourages them for click on ' Purchase ' button instead of the changing all their purchasing decision.

In 7% of cases boost with is used

Therefore, your CPC should be boosted with this method.

The speaker audio quality lacks bass, as you might expect, but it provides a big sound and can be boosted with SRS enhancement with a couple of on-screen touches.

Our squad was boosted with a promise 2,000 dollars (3 million Tanzania shillings) reward for any medal winner pledged by former head of the Tanzanian army, General Mirisho Sarakikya.

In 3% of cases boost for is used

And demand will be boosted for years to come by new Chinese and Indian wealth.

The incident put Sheikh Sharif and Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmake, the then premier, on high alert that saw security boosted for the government ministers.

In 3% of cases boost in is used

Behaviour to women's trend might gradually boost in the States, however it was not before the mid-19th millennium which they trapped with The european union in really permitting.

In 2% of cases boost from is used

It drew enthusiasm and morale boosts from visits of leading Indian personalities.

In 2% of cases boost on is used

For this year we have been so privilege to have so many friends who are so wondeful and making the children feel so happy and more importantly they are being boosted on their self esteme.

It has developed very little over the last few years however there are numerous companies actually building and selling these devices so i presume they offer some sort of dBi boost on WiFi devices.

In 1% of cases boost up is used

One of the main reasons that might have boosted up Dr Cryme's win was his immense support to the society through socially active projects like donations to hospitals and general education of peers.

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