Prepositions after "blow"

blow in, through, out, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 13% of cases blow in is used

The answer is blowing in the wind.

The two exchange blows in the middle of the ring.

Everything else is thoughts blowing in the wind.

She was not crying yet so the lady (midwife I assumed) told me to rub her and blow in her face.

Jama Mohamed Askar -- Hargeisa The winds of unity are blowing in the Northern Somali territories.

I bet they had their little minds blown in the best possible way, and thus, it's a cherished memory.

To add to that, the gale was blowing in a covering of cloud and the surrounding mountains soon disappeared from view.

They usually live out at sea but can be blown inshore with Blue Bottles if there are a number of days of onshore winds.

A brittle wind had blown in overnight and brought with it some sharp temperatures and a few buckets of Lancashire drizzle.

In 10% of cases blow through is used

The wind blowing through the trees is music to our ears.

The wind in Seoul literally blew through me - not for the faint hearted.

To perform this, you close your mouth, pinch your nostrils closed and gently blow through your nose.

Only the whisper of winds blowing through the pine trees is broken occasionally by some singsong tweets.

A lovely, old elm tree in my backyard took a beating in the big typhoon that recently blew through Winnipeg.

As Vulnach fadfgbgfn2012 blew through the gardens of Oblivion, her colours formed a mystic kaleidoscope of light.

Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left.

More air must blow through them to help minimize the potency of the insecticide before people could sleep under them.

This will be a team capable of blowing through the National League and winning a World Series with the best lineup in baseball.

In 10% of cases blow out is used

This is all being blown out of proportion.

Enlightenment is all blown out of proportion.

How Was It Formed? Pumice is explosively blown out of volcanoes.

All because of a single developer's ' personal anecdote ' being blown out of proportion.

Conversely, as wind blows out of a high pressure cell, it also must cross isobars at right angles.

But again, it is a small step in the right direction, unfortulately largely blown out of proportion.

HTML5 is exciting, and it does have the potential to change the Web as we know it, but it also gets blown out of proportion.

There may still be disagreements, but because you're talking about money regularly, it's less likely to get blown out of proportion.

You know the scenario would have been blown out of all proportion pre the kick-off against Sunderland until the first goal went in and the criticism returned.

People of course sometimes have fears, they can be well founded fears, they can be irrational fears blown out of all proportion and they can become almost phobic as it were.

In 8% of cases blow to is used

We must have been blown to bits.

The same holds true for the shark, which gets blown to smithereens a few minutes later.

When our own people are being blown to bits in mosques, markets and schools, it is our war.

I would rather face a cannon knowing that I would be blown to pieces, then go over the falls again.

Carvalho's setback is the latest in a long line of injury blows to Chelsea's Barclays Premier League ambitions.

He and another boy were blown to pieces in their armoured truck by a roadside bomb, an improvised explosive device.

Since then, rules have been changed to reduce collisions on kickoffs and outlaw blows to the head, neck and shoulders.

However, in boxing, blows to the head are permissible and this places participants at risk of developing chronic brain injuries.

So does that make you lacking in strategic understanding and far too willing to accept further blows to the sector? I don't think so.

In 8% of cases blow from is used

Winds blow from high to low pressure.

If the wind is blowing from the dock, approach at a narrower angle.

But here in Ashulia there was a cool breeze of sort blowing from the east.

When the wind is blowing from a certain direction some of those fumes reach the town.

The weather at the start time saw a stiff breeze continuing to blow from the south and some choppy seas.

Such huge giant stars have low gravities and lose mass through powerful winds that blow from their surfaces.

If the wind is blowing from the dock, greater force is required to clear the dock and avoid colliding with other boats.

With a strong breeze blowing from the South West and the threat of showers, Maine Road started the match very much on the front foot.

The harmattan, a dry desert wind, blows from the northeast from December to March lowering the humidity and causing hot day and cool nights in the north.

In 8% of cases blow into is used

The Park's main sign was blown into the ground.

A nor'easter that blew into New York and Jersey today, brought with it rain and wet snow.

But no sooner than (sic) the soldiers tails disappeared in the horizon than ethnic tensions blow into the open?

Seems that if the firmware were blown into ROM on the GPU or indeed implemented as a sea of gates in the GPU, i.

Breath screening test The police officer will give you a small electronic device, and will ask you to blow into it.

The only thing which will makes you jump up and down is when any small splinter (dust) blows into your eyes and causes irritation.

An 18-month-old infant was hurled into the air and he fell-where? Onto his own mattress which had been blown into the branches of a tree.

It looked to me like people on the street were running while, in fact, the wind was blowing into their backs, pushing them to go faster and faster.

Where was I? Aye, the ball burst and didn? t we have to set it back together again but before we could, we had to get big John McEnroe to blow into it.

Ocarina For kids who love to hum and sing, there is nothing like this iPhone where they can blow into the phone's mike to create the wind instrument version.

In 7% of cases blow off is used

But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.

I'd not really certain she is just blowing off steam.

Of course I'd being overly dramatic -- the entire roof didn't blow off the warehouse.

The early European explorers who ventured onto upland areas were blown off their feet.

The letters had blown off the Stop-n-Shop sign and the weed-choked parking lot was empty, but it was the only gas station for miles.

Once the front is through, the cold winds blowing off the Great Lakes Friday night and Saturday will lead to some lake-effect snow showers.

That made clear, there was also no reason, no justification, for a public officer to blow off the lid in an ordinary American's filthy English slang.

Because once someone has heard enough of these, they are going to start sounding familiar, and they will feel (justifiably!) like they can blow off the warnings.

Following that opening match in the so-called ' City of Sails ', Italy's bid for quarter-final qualification was blown off course by a 25-16 defeat to Argentina.

Your windows are not likely to blow out, but if a piece of something blows off another building, even if it's the house next door to you, it could come right through the window.

In 7% of cases blow on is used

Because the FICA monies were blown on special interest's pet projects.

It involves using a torch to melt and shape the glass instead of blowing on it.

The Head Gasket blew on mine after 16,000 miles and Peugeot won ’ t pay out on the warranty.

It requires setting the judgmental mind aside and just blowing on those winds of crazy freedom.

Step 5 Blow to reappear Blow on the coin while releasing your thumb to make the missing piece magically reappear.

The cost of the historic hurricane is about one-half as much as Barack Obama blew on green energy boondoggles in one year.

She waited about twenty seconds, letting the anticipation in Helen rise, before crashing two further blows on more or less the same area, low on the bottom.

Presenter: I want to know why? Jay: I'll let you look again, you take this card, there's a card in my left pocket, the number on it, is this your card? Blow on it.

You don't have to check which way the wind is blowing on any given day, or the atmospheric radiation every day, as a new daily task, just to keep tabs on the annual dose.

If a person is playful and brave, or just plain stupid, they can tease the Siafu by blowing on the trails of ants and watching them burst into activity, pincers held high, looking for prey.

In 3% of cases blow at is used

But it's like Old Faithful -- it both sucks and blows at the same time.

So no wonder we have terrorism, whether it is southern or northern origin, where it comes from, but the fuse blows at some point.

Then I was put in a dangerous situation as both headlamps blew at the same time (told by garage it was unusual for both to blow ), whilst driving late at night in Feb this year on the motorway.

Figure 12 Figure 13 Figure 14 Form III Strengthening the kidney and tonifying the eyes Lip-rounding: Pout the mouth, with the tip of the tongue rolling up slightly, as if blowing at a flute.

Ride your bike directly into the wind at 10 mph and the local wind is still 10 mph, but your feel the apparent wind on your face blowing at 20 mph since you have added your motion to the picture.

In 3% of cases blow by is used

Tasia The best part was getting blown by the wind up on the hill.

Issue by issue, blow by blow The debate was hugely compelling television and it was impossible to turn away even for a moment.

Researchers have found evidence of glass blowing by the first European settlers to North America in the early sixteen hundreds.

In 2% of cases blow with is used

The explanation: (So, when the? Horn? is blown with a single blast.

TO ONE UNNAMED II A misty rain comes blowing with a wind from the east, And wheels faintly thunder beyond Hibiscus Pool.

When Ste got sick of being his secret boyfriend-come-punch-bag, Brendan moved on to trading blows with his favourite foe Foxy.

As the dark moon's luster manifests itself onto the swaying grass, the night's rhythm could also be heard blowing with the wind.

In 2% of cases blow up is used

Exposed to the severe low pressure, his hand blew up to twice its normal size and hurt like hell.

The reality was they needed dummies to jump out of a plane carrying a large load of C4 to blow up some hill in Vietnam.

The towering action sequences would look stellar when blown up to such a high resolution, and we hope healthy in darkened London screening rooms.

In 2% of cases blow over is used

A full moon and a scattering of stars lit a clear sky, with a cool breeze blowing over the water.

But there is an environment of our own which we rarely encounter on account of the flood of social air that blows over us.

In 2% of cases blow for is used

Long before the whistle blew for Mount Holly I was standing near the vestibule door, my suitcases beside me.

In 2% of cases blow across is used

The only way it disappeared was by being blown across the desert.

This wind has blown across airlines and swept through airports, bringing irreversible change.

Wind power The winds that blow across the UK can be harnessed by turbines to provide electricity.

In 1% of cases blow of is used

No regard for the poor guys who will blow of the back of the trash trucks.

Other suggestions that came forth were: the beating of drums; the ringing of the bell like the Christians; the light of fire like the Zoroastrians; blowing of the horn like the Jews.

In 1% of cases blow past is used

Gold blew past $1635, $1650 and $1660 as called.

I felt as if a cool breeze had just blown past me.

Mario is stunned at how overrated the guy who just blew past him is.

A personal note: the other day I was biking home when a woman cyclist on a fast bike blew past me.

In 1% of cases blow throughout is used

Kennedy in November 1960 was like a breath of fresh air blowing throughout the entire land.

Holdingford and BOLD dealt and withstood countless crunching blows throughout Thursday's Class AA state quarterfinal football clash at St.

In 1% of cases blow toward is used

If the wind is blowing toward the dock, it is best to approach from a wider angle.

This method is extremely important if you use a convection air oven because the heat fan usually sits directly in the center of the back oven wall and blows toward the center where the food is.

In 1% of cases blow upon is used

East, west, north, and south, strong winds were blowing upon the doomed city.

In 1% of cases blow about is used

I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.

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